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Alfs 7:31 Tue Aug 7
Sky Broadband
I'm thinking of switching over from Virgin. Does anyone have experience of Sky, particularly customer service?

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FatboyChelseaScum 9:29 Sat Aug 11
Re: Sky Broadband
When I phone Sky customer services I ask to get put through to the indian call centre because I can't understand the Scottish and Geordie call centre workers.

Alfs 4:01 Sat Aug 11
Re: Sky Broadband
I've decided to go with Plusnet as it appears that they're not draconian in banning dodgy stream sites, and buy a Freeview box, saving £25 per month.

Thanks for all of the input.

Claret Badger 2:49 Sat Aug 11
Re: Sky Broadband

SKY just seems to work - just slowly

BT is just for cunts

kirok1 1:24 Fri Aug 10
Re: Sky Broadband
Had BT and spent forever ringing them about issues with speed etc. They even had me unscrewing and checking things via the test port or whatever it is on the line box.
Useless. Junction box had issues every time there was heavy rain and they deemed 120 Kbps as ok when the service was supposed to be 8Mbps. Told me I could leave but wouldn’t get any better service as it’s the same line. Quite sarcastic actually.
Went to Sky and immediately things improved.
Been with them since and only had minor issues. Usually turning off and turning on again works fine. That’s only around two or three times a year.
Been on the fibre version for a couple of years and had no major issues. When they blocked streaming and torrent sites, I got a VPN and had no issues since.
But each to their own.

zico 1:14 Fri Aug 10
Re: Sky Broadband
I have just had a bit of luck with BT. Called couple of days ago to enquire about the second price rise of the year and was put through to Retentions who didn't pick up. Live chatted again today to ask why I hadn't been called back and once through to the billing team a mysterious order appeared on my account, which was Superfast Broadband and Weekend Calls (same as I already have) for £21.99 per month - I currently pay £38.35. No idea where the order came from but BT are honouring it so even with the price rise in September it will still only cost £24.49 instead of £38.35. Weird and bizarre but pleasing!!!!!

fraser 9:45 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
But don't BT block everything.
EE Have good reviews

REALGSA 9:39 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Go to BT

DukeofDevo 8:09 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband

DukeofDevo 8:09 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Ive got the full month with sky: Sky Q, Broadband, Phone.

Had problems with broadband Feb 17 and the sorted it by fitting a new junction box also said I could upgrade to fibre for an extra £1 a month.

Virgin doing the full package now for £89 a month for the first year! Which would save me a few quid a month. I don't think virgin offer much in the way of 4K though.

I do like the sky platform so I'm a bit conflicted is it all about saving a few quid. Time for a 'cancellation' conversation with someone at Sky I think.

ooooh Morley Morley 7:48 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Sky are shit top to bottom. We had some problems with our Sky Q connecting around the house and the geezer on the phone said it can't be the equipment its got to be my broadband I need to get that looked as its not good enough.

I then told him I had SKY broadband and he got quite flustered... basically he was right the broadband was the problem as the wifi was too shit to cope with the Sky Q. Have since moved to EE and it has been tits out so far.

Lee Trundle 6:03 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
If you want decent customer service, then I'd recommend Plusnet. The times things have gone wrong (like when I bought a baby monitor that operated at 2.4Ghz), and I've contacted them, they've been brilliant. Plus their call centre is in the UK.

I could have got my broadband with Vodafone as I have my mobile with them, but they are bar far (along with Barclays) the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Another plus with Plusnet, is that they seems not to give a shit about what I'm downloading/streaming.

Trevor B 5:57 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Here's a little tip Biggs, if you are going to have a pop at someone for being 'thick' then it's probably a good idea to be able to spell. Or perhaps enroll yourself in some sort of remedial English class at a school that has more ramps than stairs, where you'd fit in nicely. Good luck.

Biggie Biggs 5:52 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Trevor B 5:44 Wed Aug 8

I think your too thick to understand what i'm saying so i think i'll just leave it

Trevor B 5:44 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
That's not the question that was even asked though? Weird.

Biggie Biggs 5:43 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Trevor B 5:04 Wed Aug 8

No, because that would mean that everyone agreed about what was the best broadband

Buster 5:29 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
I'd never move from Virgin for broadband.

Trevor B 5:04 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Well, if all the answers were the same it would be a bit pointless asking more than one person, wouldn't it?

Biggie Biggs 4:55 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
You could ask 100 people and you would get 100 different answers.

Trevor B 4:33 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
I moved from Sky broadband to Virgin when I last moved house, I was so far away from the junction box that the speed Sky were giving me was less than 10mbps. moved to Virgin and now get 200mbps. Kept Sky Q though.

Gentile 4:28 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband
Moved from Virgin to Sky and was very worried about BB speeds.

They have been great and 40MB speed is more than quick enough to meet my housholds needs.

Virgin box, tv etc is simply dog shit. Sky pisses all over it, and i was with Virgin for years.

Dr Moose 12:22 Wed Aug 8
Re: Sky Broadband

You need to check what speeds Sky offer in your area. You could be jumping to a slower service. They will all say speeds up to blah, so if you complained they will point this out that its up to not that they will deliver that speed so be careful before switching.

I have Sky fibre and currently get between 20 - 22mb.

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