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Eerie Descent 10:59 Wed Aug 8
Manuel Pellegrini
On the team:

""We have good players, technical players. We need to improve our defending but we need creating players because for me, the best way to defend is to keep the ball. We bought Wilshere, Anderson and Yarmolenko to do that."

On the Liverpool game:

"But we will go there and try to play. We are not trying to change our style of play depending on who we play against, so I hope the fans enjoy a good display."

I haven't heard this sort of chat from a West Ham manager since... Zola, with the difference being that the man we have in charge has consistently produced teams to play that way and has actually achieved in the game at a consistently high level.

It should also put to bed the constant talk about a 'defensive midfielder', he clearly see's it differently to needing some headless chicken like Behrami in the middle.

Every West Ham fan should be absolutely buzzing about the coming season. We're going to get turned over in some games, the opening game probably being one, the team will need time to gel but we need to back the manager until he gets it right, which he will do before too long.

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VirginiaHam 1:56 Thu Aug 9
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
If this bloke signs, what will you moaners have left to moan about? Empty lives would be an intelligent guess.


This would be a brilliant signing.

jakehammer 11:47 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
i had to add that i haven't felt this excited about West Ham since Johnny Lyall was the boss.
fwiw,i think that declan will surprise us all at DM. i think he will grow into the job. that boy will do alright imo.

in El Pel we trust.

jakehammer 11:33 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
eerie 10.59 wed.

i make you right eerie, well said chap.. this season looks to be the beeez kneez. i cant wait for it, which is something i couldn't say since the porn barons first arrived.
spot on mate.

Trevor B 8:16 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Great points from both of you, if only!

Lato 8:10 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
ironsofcanada 8:01 Wed Aug 8

And that season could have been so much better if it were not for some outrageous refereeing decisions.

Schweinstiger pushing Randolph out the way at OT and Martial equalising.

The 12 yard wall and the penalty that never was at Stamford Bridge.

The phantom offside goal scored against Arsenal at the Boleyn by Lanzini.

The ridiculous sending off of Kouyate at home to Palace.


ironsofcanada 8:01 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Trevor B 7:35 Wed Aug 8

I think that is part of it but our away record was also really good against those teams that year.

Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool - big wins right at the beginning and draws against some others away. The 1-4 against Spurs was only loss, I think.

Crazy year when you look back on it, the FA Cup run was not easy either.

Trevor B 7:35 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
TBF ioc we always seemed to have a better chance having a go at the bigger teams at the Boleyn, we obviously don't have that advantage.

ironsofcanada 7:34 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
For what it is worth, unlike Bilic's first year I don't think we are going to surprise a lot of big teams, if we look to take them head on.

I do think we will win more of the games we should win with this manager and there are a lot less big six teams than there are non-big six teams.

Mex Martillo 6:58 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Great words from the man
Cannot wait for this season

Texas Iron 6:54 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Would have liked Thiago M aia at 20million a steal...
Give Noble...Rice...Obiang competition ...
And if he performed well in the Prem...value could reach 50million plus...
But respect Pellegrini's judgement...obviously...
All other signings Impressive...

Texas Iron 6:47 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
A breath of fresh air and professionalism ...at last...
7th - 10th is our target zone for this season...
May take some time to get going as we don't have an easy start.
.Pool...Arsenal...Man U... Chelsea early on...

AKA ERNIE 6:46 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
bob no arguing just discussing or is that not allowed now if you disagree

AKA ERNIE 6:45 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
jaan we've spent 100m and no dm there's your answer

Lato 6:37 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
I just want us to play the West Ham way as we did under Lyall, Harry and Slav in his first season.

No fecking parking the bus ala BFS and Moyes and hoping for the best and damage limitation. Feckin go for it, we may even catch a few teams by surprise

I am hoping for at least 8th and two good cup runs.


Hammer and Pickle 6:19 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Pellegrini has already said his priority has been midfielders who can stay on the ball. This ought to explain how funds have been spent and a classic “rock” of a CM hasn’t been brought in. So far, I’m pretty happy with that.

White Pony 5:38 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini

Where have I said we need a defensive midfielder? Good luck finding an example...

Also, Pellegrini may still want to sign one.

We're all just discussing it, stop projecting things.

Trevor B 5:34 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
TBF it does look like a DM was probably way down on his list, but perhaps the ones he did want are not currently available or too expensive, hence why we are looking at the likes of Sanchez as cover.

Jaan Kenbrovin 5:32 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
How do you know the manager doesn’t want a defensive midfielder, Ernie?

We have been linked with plenty all summer and apparently have bids in for a couple at the moment.

Bob De Niro 5:29 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Ern - You forgot to add in 'pl winning' manager. Very important that to cement your argument.

Bob De Niro 5:28 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
VirginiaHam 4:08 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini

''We haven't even played 1 PL game and the moaning is non-stop''

The fuck you talking about?? What non-stop moaning?

AKA ERNIE 5:25 Wed Aug 8
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Jesus wept indeed listening to you and others banging on about must have a dm when the manager disagress

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