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only1billybonds 7:30 Thu Aug 9
Phone (techie) help.
Right chaps. An old dinosaur (me) would like some help please. I have a SD card in my phone with loads of photo's,music etc and all this stuff is also in my phone's memory. If i delete something from phone it gets swipped from the SD card as well. Am i right in thinking that if i take the card out,delete stuff from phone then re insert the card all will be well. Is this correct.?

*knob wiping has taken place.

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Mike Oxsaw 8:41 Thu Aug 9
Re: Phone (techie) help.
Sorry I couldn't be any help me old china.

A lot of this stuff is virtually instinctive to me so I've actually stopped actually thinking about how it's done.

Plus, my mobile of choice is an original Motorola Razr3, a phone which can only dream of doing anything other than making calls.

only1billybonds 8:30 Thu Aug 9
Re: Phone (techie) help.
Fuck it i give up. Unmounted memory card and it took anything that was replicated on phone off too.

Mike Oxsaw 7:50 Thu Aug 9
Re: Phone (techie) help.
Sounds like the phone is reporting what's on the card as also in it's own memory. Check by taking the card out then searching for the files again.

On some phones the set-up has an option to delete files from either, or both locations at the same time, so you could look for such a setting (fuck knows where, though - depends on your phone*)

* - if you've got an iPhone, you just have to talk to it to tell it what you want it to do. It may look like it hasn't done what you ask, and even seem exactly the same as before**, but you have to trust it to have done so, because it's an Apple, and Apple products ALWAYS know best what you want.

** - in fact on the later models, you just have to look like you're about to think you want to do something, and, wow! It knows!!!

only1billybonds 7:38 Thu Aug 9
Re: Phone (techie) help.
Dunno whats going on. Like i said anything i deleted from phone comes off memory card at same time. So to clarify,i should dis mount sd card then start deleting from phone?

And thanks.

Mike Oxsaw 7:35 Thu Aug 9
Re: Phone (techie) help.
Should be no issue, even with the card in the phone, so long as you double check that you are only deleting from the phone's memory - but taking the card out makes doubly-sure that you only delete the stuff on the phone.

If you haven't got the music easily available elsewhere, consider getting another SD card and copying everything on the first card to the new one, as a back-up.

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