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Thames Ironworks 11:46 Thu Aug 9
Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
What the f*ck is this sh*t on my TV!!!

Just clocked the missus watching this series on the box with a load of ageing Z list celebs getting wet over a load of Greek fellas half their age.

Now put the boot on the other foot with fellas ogling younger women and they'd be an outcry.

I pay my license for this crap.

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Alfs 1:55 Fri Aug 10
Re: Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
I quite enjoyed the two eps I watched. I'd happily shag four of them.

Sven Roeder 1:03 Fri Aug 10
Re: Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
I’d be interested to know the national stats for marriages between one black and one white partner.
If you believed tv advertising its at least one in three

I was watching Family Guy on one of the minor ITV channels the other night.
Occurred to me that apart from the World Cup I don’t watch anything on ITV1.
This programme reinforces why

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:40 Fri Aug 10
Re: Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
You're right.

All programmes written, produced or directed by women are expressly aimed at women. This is apparently OK, because women are allowed to take revenge on today's men for imagined crimes against women by their grandparents.

Men know the BBC will only commission programmes that pander to women's interests, diversity, feminism etc. So, essentially, programmes written, produced and directed by men will be the same as women's ones except with maybe a bit less man-hate. Unless the men are gay, in which case see above.

Almost all advertisements now feature stupid, crass, white men being ridiculed in some way. Often by their smart, sophisticated black wife and kids.

Any Old Iron 12:14 Fri Aug 10
Re: Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
The real problem is that most programmes these days on the main channels are now made specifically for women, particularly in prime-time. It's no surprise that these shows get such low viewing figures.
Currently watching Quacks, which is very funny. Which makes a change.

HairyHammer 11:51 Thu Aug 9
Re: Our Shirley Valentine Summer.
Once the ouzo stops flowing and the Holiday is over and they bring them back to Blighty, they soon realise that they are no different to an Englishman and in many way's probably worse.

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