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scott_d 10:46 Fri Aug 10
Have the board delivered?
If we consider this transfer window the start of a new era under our current owners, would you be satisfied with them continuing to lead us?

In terms of transfer activity, I cannot fault them this summer.

We have done exactly what I hope most of us would have asked for by bringing in some real quality players in the positions we needed cover/strengthening but also by doing it quietly.

Obviously you can't control everything that leaks into the media but they were not releasing statements every day with updates or promises about signings and I don't recall hearing DG spouting off on talkSPORT. They just got on with it - which must have been hard considering their past record.

They appear to have trusted and supported Pellegrini with these signings too. Our net spend ended up at roughly £100m (give or take £5m)and that is the kind of money we need to spend to really push on to the level that they have been promising since the move.

We kept our best players and we didn't sell anyone that the majority of us felt would have been needed this season. No-one was too bothered about losing probably our biggest sale - Kouyate - for instance.

To be honest, this is the transfer window we should have had 2 years ago when we moved into the new stadium. It would have saved so much shit that they have put us through.

It is such a contrast to previous summers that it doesn't feel like these are the same owners.

All is not forgotten, there are still some issues with the stadium that we hope they can address but for once we don't go into a new season on a downer and I am actually looking forward to it.

Good work D&S.

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Admiral Lard 12:17 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
The most important factor is the new manager, if MP can pull them all together our ambition should be top 6....

In reality if the squad is anything less than top 8, £100M will be up in smoke.

For me, this is the clearest possible signal the Davids are preparing to sell. If a Paul Allen level buyer is to come in we need to be showing this kind of ambition at the very least.

chav_corner 10:50 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
They have improved by spending this window what should have been spent previously.There are still many issues to be resolved over the Stadium.I will never forgive them for engineering the the split in the fanbase I love so much.

HairyHammer 10:38 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
I will answer this question in 10 games or so.

one iron 10:12 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
Don't be fooled by the board, its called small profit quick returns,sell a club in top ten, you get more money then a team in bottom five,board will make huge profit when selling the club in two years,what about the lies you was all feed,dont forget leopards don't change spots.

Willtell 6:07 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
I think it’s highly probable that WH made a big profit again and the club has pretty much wiped out the debts.

Then I expect Tripp Smith has helped them borrow loads of money to pay off the up front payments which on our spend will probably be around £40m.

I also think Burnley game had an effect on them but not as much as another season in the relegation zone did. They want to pass on a legacy to their kids and a relegated WH would have ended their dream.

normannomates 2:40 Sat Aug 11
Re: Have the board delivered?
jack flash

that Burnley game shook them to the core..have no doubt about that.

they HAD to act on what they falsely promised previously.

they still need to act on the Stafium..and retify those lies..and then see if they dont do their usual trick in the next 3 or so transfer windows..

they have form for spending when the shit hits the fan...and spend fuck all for the next few yrs to recoup.

cant trust these fuckers one fuckin inch

After8 10:01 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
No they have not. They sold a bunch of players in January and didn't invest which risked our league status. All they have done is moved the money around.

The stadium is crap too.

jack flash 9:50 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
I doubt that the protests forced the board to spend big this window though it might have been a factor

Considering what was promised, this is the sort of spending we should have been expecting from the day we moved into the LS & what should be the norm in future windows

Many of the other sides have been spending big throughout successive windows in this league so from that point of view this window has been good though not exceptional

However, the board must take great credit for appointing a top class manager & backing him to employ his own recruitment man & backing him with the funds to buy the players he wants

This window we not had to endure the constant leaks regarding players we have no intention of splashing out for, which is a marked improvement!

E3 9:06 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
I think they have finally delivered well done for the protests last season. I just hope we the fans do our best to get behind the team and show the rest what support we can give. My only disappointment regarding the transfers is that when I heard we were linked to Yerry Mina I was hoping we'd get him and gutted he went to toffee men as I think he is a top top player. However I reckon we should be happy as we needed a load in and its all quality.

RBshorty 8:55 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
Yeah........Only 2 season too late. Don’t expect this to be the norm from now. Next time this will happen will be some time in the summer 2020. Still want the SPIVS gone.

Keep dreaming 8:02 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
The board has delivered.
They have given away the control of player management to a world class manager, and given him funds to move in/out players.

The rest is Pelle's acheivement

Mex Martillo 7:50 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
So far so good
Let’s see how the season goes

Barty 7:39 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
We got outspent by the mighty Fulham !


Darby_ 7:02 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
As others have said, it's really just the money that they didn't spend during the last couple of windows.

They spent it now so they wouldn't have any more uncomfortable Burnley-like experiences.

Side of Ham 4:39 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
Yes you can deal, the manager has had to do a complete overhaul due to a lack of any really decent investment since the PL began, they've gobbed off but still only spent what those around have.

If the team doesn't perform it will be down to having to make too many changes and for them to gel quickly. We've still had to take punts on many of our signings as i'd say only one reputable player has taken the jump on board the rest we're grateful for the opportunity to come to the PL at an established club that has shown very little ambition to be near the top.......so far.

dealcanvey 4:34 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
if the team does not perform this season you cannot blame the owners.

The manager/squad is more than good enough to be in the top 10.

Side of Ham 4:31 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
Surely we are at 'dispatched' stage? Nothing been seen as of yet to judge their (finally) new product on.

PS. We're still 'customers' so i doubt they will ever 'deliver'

terry-h 2:25 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
A round of grateful applause for the ginger jock who kept us up so we could now enjoy this window.

If not applause then a slow handclap to send him onto his next job.

VirginiaHam 2:12 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
Had we had this window in 2016/7 would we still have Paye, and if yes, where would we be now? Next level?

If he board did not trust Bilic with a substantial transfer budget (as appears) he should never been appointed. With that said...........

This year we have had a substantial budget; we have a manager of substance to go with it and he seems to have signed most of his targets. We have almost an entire new team, and they are all improvements on what we had. Add, Pellegrini spent 6 months assessing the squad before he got here, so you'd imagine plenty of thought went in to his transfer targets.

Have the board delivered? What is the board's remit?

If the board's remit is to give the transfer budget to experts, let them spend it and get transfers over the line then yes, they have delivered.

Forgot........STFU and don't leak our transfer moves to the market. There have been few leaks his year, and now we know where they came from.

Russ of the BML 12:22 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
"To be honest, this is the transfer window we should have had 2 years ago when we moved into the new stadium. It would have saved so much shit that they have put us through."

Spot on. That's why we got the ump. And you just know that without the mini revolution I am quite sure that meagre and 'just about enough' spending would have continued.

As I said the other day. These owners will always try and get a decent outcome with as minimal spend as possible. They are in essence jumped up market traders. Always looking to coin in as much as possible whilst coining out as little as possible. It's basic economics.

But there comes a time when that is no longer good enough. Especially when we are receiving over £100m a year from Sky. That's why I disagree that this won't continue. I think all clubs in the PL should now be spending all or at least most of what they are given by Sky on transfers.

Profit should then come from tickets sales, shirt sales, merch, corporate etc etc.

I hope the owners have finally realised this. Sky want the best teams with the best players and so they are paying the clubs so this can be achieved. For clubs to pocket this dosh I think is scandalous.

I mean, how the fuck can Levy justify getting over £100m from Sky and not buying one player. Scandal.

But anyway, I digress, our owners still need to be watched carefully as they will if allowed slip back to the old barrow boy ways. But for now, I believe they need to be commended highly for finally doing what they promised.

El Scorchio 12:20 Fri Aug 10
Re: Have the board delivered?
In terms of transfer business this summer, yes.

They still have a long way to go to make up for a lot of other things

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