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Mr Anon 3:15 Mon Aug 13
Got to admire a man's enthusiasm that celebrates a goal against us like he just won the world cup.

When haw the last time we had a manager with an ounce of enthusiasm? Pardew I guess

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Mex Martillo 3:10 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
Klopp was right
Ramos is a cunt
That was no accident, Ramos injures to many players, cheats to much. All just a coincidence, yeh right.

Russ of the BML 1:45 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
Mex Martillo 8:50 Wed Aug 15

Klopp called Ramos 'brutal' and inferred that he deliberately crocked Salah and Karrius in the CL final. That would grate with me too.

Ramos was merely pointing out that out of 7 finals Klopp has lost 6. Just stating a fact.

Mex Martillo 8:50 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
I see Ramos has criticized Klopp
What a complete cunt Ramos is, cannot believe the press even publish what the driveling cunt says. Biggest cunt in football.

normannomates 3:27 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp

no problem my friend

bods just having a laugh at his expense..thats all it is/


jakehammer 3:00 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
norman, you're probably right mate. i was probably a bit strong in my comments, but i like him and reckon him to be a bit of a character.
anyway, some of the previous comments did make me giggle a bit. we've got some comical characters on these forums to be honest.lol

normannomates 2:43 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp

whingeing?.. bad losers.?
.yes of course..its ingrained in every football supporter up and down the land.

Herr Hampstead is fair game tbf

BRANDED 1:27 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
What was that knob highlighting pose all about?

gph 1:17 Wed Aug 15
Re: Klopp
Liverpool will be well pissed off when he joins the Mormons.

The TEETH are a membership requirement

jakehammer 11:50 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
fwiw, i think a lot of this badmouthing of klopp is nothing less than the whinging of a bunch of bad losers.
Hands up all of you who if perfectly honest would have had him at West Ham for the last 2 seasons?,
i know i would have jumped at the chance. he would have got us playing better football than we've ever done for years. we might not have won anything of note, but on the other hand the football would have been something special imo.
still it really makes no difference as i expect we'll do alright in the longterm with EL PEL.

normannomates 10:42 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Deano 12.44

brushing his big white teeth
fucking brilliant

claret on my shirt 10:32 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
My weekend was ruined by the scousers and now you want me to say how great it is their manager celebrates so well on the side line. FUCK OFF

BubblesCyprus 6:57 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
read an article on Klopp ages ago in 442 magazine wheN he was at Durtmund like the cut of his jib and enthusiasm. Top bloke be at Real or similar in a few years time IMO

El Scorchio 6:44 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Don't think anyone's claimed he's not a good manager.

Just that several people have said they think he's a cunt.

Telford Iron 6:38 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Fotrunes ..WHOMAIL me your number pls !
Need to have a catch up mate.

boltkunt 6:21 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Haha, some of the posts on here are fucking unreal.

A manager celebrating his team scoring shocker.

To say the bloke isn't a decent manager is just laughable.

Russ of the BML 6:18 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
My issue is not him celebrating its the celebration itself. His teeth grit so much they go wonky and he stands there in so much spasm he almost shakes. He resembles a stroke victim. Its not good TV.

Fortunes Hiding 5:17 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
I think he's ok.

If we're complaining about him celebrating too much, isn't that what mourinho accused Conte of last season, and he sounded like a twat?

crystal falace 4:16 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Admittedly my view may be some what tainted because of my absolute despise for those horrid scouse cunts.

But I just think he's a complete fraud seems to act up to the cameras and try to be the centre of attention.

Turns into a miserable moaning prick when things aren't going their way "the grass was too dry" against West Brom last season.

Complete Charlatan

factory seconds 3:41 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
bilic was authentic. always ran over to his mates to celebrate like any of us would.

klopp is a giant spastic clown with aspergers.

-[Rasta]- 12:50 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
like him, you can see the players enjoy playing under a happy manager

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:29 Tue Aug 14
Re: Klopp
Sorry, Russ, my mistake.

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