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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Sydney_Iron 9:36 Tue Aug 14
BFS warns Pellegrini
FMOB, so he should play hoofball???? and respect the point, do fuck off Sam....

Sam Allardyce says an attacking approach won’t work at West Ham – and has warned Manuel Pellegrini he will not be given too much time to get things right at the London Stadium.


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ludo21 2:56 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
BFS. Remind me is he the manager who lost 9-1 to Man City in a League cup semi final.... how fucking dare he give 'advice' to our new manager.

Electric Retro-pants 2:35 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Thought that he actually said that we can't defend like that against teams that press. Fair enough. Don't agree with us not giving him time, as mentioned already it took Klopp some time to get his high press drummed into them.
BTW was impressed that we tried (in spells) to pass our way out of trouble, however did anyone else think we were doing statues again. Pool were moving everywhere off the ball, we were not making space to give better options to pass, hence got the ball nicked off us too much.

Fortunes Hiding 1:33 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
7 out of 40, or 7 out of 30?

We won't be too far from 7.

gph 1:20 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
The only reason to pay any attention to this bloke is to take the piss when he gets it wrong.

*hopes he has got this wrong*

White Pony 1:04 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Didn't see much wrong with anything he said tbh, and I absolutely detest the bloke.

camel-with-3-humps 12:59 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Because Lilly Hammer, if you have only picked up, say, seven points out if 40 - your season is fucked.

Dr Moose 12:01 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Don't worry, he'll be masterminding Cardiff's survival when they sack Colin!!

Lily Hammer 11:33 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Why can't we have 10 games for a new manager and lots of new players to gel?

camel-with-3-humps 11:11 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
At home to Bournemouth after spending £100m? Too fucking right it’s a must win.

If we lose, confidence will drain and before you know it, after a tough opening, it’s West Ham Groundhog Day as we all wake up to yet another relegation fight.

Pelle has a great record, I like him, but he’s looked naive in the first game. Must improve - and fast. We can’t wait 10 games for the team to gel.

Pub Bigot 11:07 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
He had one good half a season in the charge of us, 14/15. Decided to tinker and shoehorn and it went to shit.

Will never be forgiven for Forest in the cup.

Fat fucking cunt.

jimbo2. 11:01 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Some of what BFS says is true & he is a pundit so is paid to give controversial views (as they all do). Surely we need to be prepared to adapt our game a little for some of the more difficult games & have a “plan B”?

threesixty 11:01 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
I think the plan to beat the press is attacking midfielders with more control of the ball.

It’s a bit like when Liverpool played Real in the CL final. For all the pressing and speed that Liverpool did, real have great ball control and eventually you can soak it up.

Liverpool are the best team at it we will face. But I get where MP is going. If you can pass the ball around comfortably in their half they can press all day but all they will be doing is opening up the pitch for our attackers.

It may take us a while to get to this level but I think it’s possible. A lot of mid to upper level Spanish teams play this way. I think it’s technical players before “enforcers” with MP.

RBshorty 10:51 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
The only surprise is “Arry” hasn’t stuck his oar into any of our business.

Sir Alf 10:42 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Ag, ag !

We will know after 5 games if progress is being made and 10 games how the season will go but after 1 game and a handful of pre-season games, the same problem Bilic, Moyes and even BFS had persists IMHO. Its just an opinion and may well be proved to be the ramblings of an old egotistical twat :-)

Mr Anon 10:41 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Bournemouth a must win? Think some people think it's the second to last game rather than the second game.

Can't believe how reactionary supporters are now, no wonder everyone and there dogs are on pills to even them out

Edmonton Hammer 10:39 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Who cares what he says he is an egotistical deluded bitter twat

Eerie Descent 10:34 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Early days?

ONE game?

-[Rasta]- 10:34 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
dead on LH

Sir Alf 10:29 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Agree Camel. Bournemouth will be a better test but seems to me ( early days I realise ) that MP is yet to solve the ongoing problem that has persisted since before we went down and BFS services were brought in.

We cannot handle teams that press, are mobile/pacey going forward and give us little time on the ball. Liverpool are the best at it but a lot of teams play that way. It is of course linked to mine and many's call for central midfield to be upgraded to address it which it hasn't unless Sanchez exceeds expectations.

Moyes and Bilic were forced into 3 at the back to help. Moyes got us fit too which helped and realised Arfur should not play as a full back. MP has supposedly been watching us for 7 months? He believes his system of better possession, the whole team defending better can overcome it? I hope so but suspect ultimately that another transfer window or two will be necessary.

I was hoping we would steer comfortably clear of relegation worries this season. The fixture list for the 10 first games may mean I have to wait for that but like I say its only game 2 on Saturday and hopefully the Liverpool game will shorten MP and his team's learning curve.

Lily Hammer 10:26 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
Bournemouth is NOT a must win. Klopp didn't get Liverpool playing like that by their second game. It took a whole season before they fully got to grips with what he was after. There were plenty of Liverpool fans saying he should be sacked because of his defensive failings early on, though. I bet they feel clever right now.

Darby_ 10:19 Wed Aug 15
Re: BFS warns Pellegrini
You’ll be reserving judgment until two games into the season?

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