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Lee Trundle 10:03 Wed Aug 15

Anyone seen collyrob around?

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Pub Bigot 5:53 Sat Sep 8
Re: Celtic
I like the idea behind the Irn Bru cup.

Only watched Norn Iron through drunken eyes lose to Serbia, but a few grounds I want to hop around over there.

steveiron64 4:49 Sat Sep 8
Re: Celtic
Anybody been to a game in NI? Crusaders are one of the 'top' teams and they are 0-4 to Scot First Div side Queen of the South after half an hour!

steveiron64 4:27 Sat Sep 8
Re: Celtic
Scottish football is fairly puke although I follow Stranraer.

Dunfermline pushing for promotion to the Scottish Premier currently 0-0 with ...... Boreham Wood in the (bizarre) Scottish Challenge Cup, featuring Irish, Welsh and National League sides the year.

only1billybonds 10:30 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Shane Mcgowan is about as Irish as me. And i was born in fucking Limehouse.

Sven Roeder 10:21 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
More Dougal from Father Ted then.

collyrob 10:10 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
I’m Only gone 30 ye cunt, fucking Shane mcgowan😂

Pub Bigot 10:03 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Scratch that, Willo Flood with the charisma of Bob Geldof.

Pub Bigot 9:58 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
I always think you're a cross between Shane McGowan and Martin O'Neill, Colly, but carry yourself like Conor McGregor.

collyrob 9:55 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
If my Aunty has bollocks pal.

West ham have a brilliant fan base. No doubting that son.

Pub Bigot 9:49 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
They have a half-empty ground when they play less glamorous sides anyway, SH.

I think we're one of the few clubs who at the core still get good numbers despite being fucking shit.

Am I right in thinking that in 04/05, during a lucky campaign to get a play-off place we were averaging 27,000, which is cracking all things considered.

swindon hammer 8:43 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Not saying Celtic doesn't have a good atmosphere for old firm games and big European nights but you are calling their fans the greatest in the world when for most of its history their club has only known success.

If Celtic suddenly had 25 years of shit with no trophies, no European football and battling relegation most years they would have a half empty stadium with a shit toxic atmosphere.

It's a lot easier to make noise and turn up every week when you are winning trophies and scoring lots of goals.

Far Cough 6:43 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic

collyrob 6:06 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
I don’t really get your point. Does it take away from the fantastic atmosphere because they’re successful? What about other successful clubs who have a shit atmosphere?

swindon hammer 5:23 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic

1. What's your opinion of Celtic closing the top tiers of Celtic Park during the Ronny Delia era even though they were still winning the league? Doesn't scream to me to having the best fans on the world.

2. Taking into account the first question, how loyal and loud would Celtic Park and the Celtic fans be if for the past 25 years they had to witness the lack of success and the constantly shit football that the West Ham supporters have endured?

You need to put your "best supporters in the world" in the context of how much they have suffered over the years. Being loud and loyal is not something you prove when you are constantly winning trophies and playing big teams in Europe most seasons.

istabraq 4:50 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
like yourself

BulphanIron 4:30 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
collyrob 4:00 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Fair few bitters in here. If you’re being honest with yourselves, you’d love to have the noise and passion that Celtic have, at the London stadium.

Noise wise, yeah...but the incessant obsession with Rangers, nah...we're not that bad even with Tottenham...

Sven Roeder 4:18 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
The Scottish league is like a u15’s team playing against a bunch of u10 teams.
Utterly pointless and about the same standard.

As said Celtic fans come along to watch them win all the time. Wow! Remarkable stuff
That said I do like Brendan ‘Liverpool 0 West Ham 3’ Rodgers and his amazing teeth.
Best Liverpool manager ever

Pub Bigot 4:11 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
If safe standing comes in the London will have an atmosphere.

It's Celtic's trump card over all other clubs as the Green Brigade gimps use it as a soapbox for their political leanings.

Not sure it's so great when St Mirran, Dumbarton or Inverness show up.

collyrob 4:00 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Fair few bitters in here. If you’re being honest with yourselves, you’d love to have the noise and passion that Celtic have, at the London stadium.

Side of Ham 3:45 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Celtic have the best fans in the world?

The most times they actually lose games is when they qualify for Europe! They only have to give their team their actual support through a game twice a season if they are not in Europe the rest is a jolly up, that's not support, that's watching their team cruise to victory.


lowermarshhammer 1:31 Thu Sep 6
Re: Celtic
Both sides of the fence in that footballing city are populated by fucking bampot radges. They should just play each other every Saturday (instead of once a month...) and get on with it.

Like the ugly couple drawn to each other at the end of the night, they deserve each other.

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