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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Regkrump 1:39 Thu Aug 16
Paranormal / ghosthunts
What do you all think??? I got talked into a ghosthunt in felixstowe with Ceendee paranormal investigators.I was a skeptic but the evidence on that night changed my whole view. So much so I'm spending Halloween night in Harwich Essex on one of their events, apparently it really haunted and has been on telly, so let me know all your opinions.

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Steven P 5:47 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Chislehurst caves scary??? Jesus Christ! I live up the road so have been quite a few times, what part is scary? Turning the lights out and banging a drum?

Mike Oxsaw 5:41 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Swiss. 5:19 Wed Aug 22

You'd need to create a position inferior to yours in the organisation.

I strongly suspect that's not possible but just trying to do so would probably force the King of Sweden to create a new category in the Nobel Prize Awards.

Swiss. 5:19 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

I might need a lab assistant. You interested?

Mike Oxsaw 5:11 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Swiss. 5:03 Wed Aug 22

The EU would probably hand out a quarter of a million quid, no questions asked, if you rang them up and just told them that's exactly what you plan to do.



Swiss. 5:03 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

It's an area worth researching.

gph 1:42 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Dogs are often the first to realise rodents have moved in.

However, their communication skills are poor, and their owners sometimes think they are saying "there's a ghost!"

kirok1 12:49 Wed Aug 22
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Swiss - there is a certain similarity, according to research, between the chemicals in old stone and mortar and those in recording tape.
Mentioned here on wiki.

Nothing proven but you could say the same of virology and the water pump situation for John Snow. No proof of virology but clear proof of causality.

Not proven doesn’t mean not true. It just means there’s a lack of evidence.

Swiss. 4:38 Tue Aug 21
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

Yes nothing supernatural but science/paranormal.

cholo 4:35 Tue Aug 21
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

Psuedoscientific claim.

Swiss. 4:34 Tue Aug 21
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
This is one of my favourites. Worth a watch:


Swiss. 4:27 Tue Aug 21
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
There are arguments that building especially those made of old brick or stone can store images. Especially those of a recurring event or maybe a dramatic event.

retro 1:42 Tue Aug 21
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Come on people.The only thing that exists are spirits.Everything else is illusion.

A hologram is essentially a 3D projection of an image on a 2D surface made up of dots , but you, and the entire universe might also be holographic. Traditional physics describes spacetime as a four-dimensional structure in the form of smooth curves. However, quantum physics says that when you get up close to the fabric of the universe, it's actually made up of tiny grains that look an awful lot like the dots of a hologram. What's more, if you try to combine Einstein's relativistic and quantum descriptions of spacetime, you always end up a dimension short. Mathematically speaking, the universe is actually a three-dimensional projection existing on a two-dimensional plane.

kirok1 8:35 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Swiss. 6:05 Mon Aug 20

Undoubtedly true.
But on the flip side, still a strange vid. And given the bastard thing under my tv recognises me any time I walk by, I’ll give it a little more slack than only being able to see a hatstand...

In the end, as I mentioned, it’s kind of a faith thing. Or at least a willingness to believe.

After my dad died, I’d happily have seen a signal in virtually anything. But still haven’t seen anything likely to be one.
Doesn’t mean I still don’t hope so to do.

Nurse Ratched 8:03 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Ha! Good observation.

cholo 7:57 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
Scooby Doo is one of the great cartoons, because it taught children that anything supposedly supernatural is just some con artist trying to scam people.

Nurse Ratched 7:29 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

Dogs are stupid.

Mike Oxsaw 7:19 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
My cat used to seemingly "watch someone or something move around the room". Chances are it was a small fly/mosquito that he could hear/see but I couldn't.

Roby 6:07 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
I'm sure most people who own dogs will realise that they bark and go crazy at empty corners of rooms etc and things we as humans can't see.

Whether that is ghosts or not I don't know.

Some people are just more tuned into that paranormal stuff and can sense things.

And as for ouija boards, fuck that shit. Heard too many weird things.

Swiss. 6:05 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

Was interesting until i saw this comment

"I worked as a developer with the kinect xbox 360 camera. It's designed to interpret anything as a human form, because the ideal expectation of the Kinect is to be pointed at a human controller in a otherwise empty room. Whilst developing with it, the kinect would frequently map in chairs, furniture etc as human figures. The kinect system is so imprecise, it can even be convinced that a hat stand wearing a coat is a human, so long as the arms of the coat can be moved a bit. The report that the arm is "moving very fast and working on the patient" is just the system trying and failing miserably to see a human where there isn't one."

So not so impressive really

Swiss. 6:00 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts

You must seen plenty of ghosts then.

Willtell 4:45 Mon Aug 20
Re: Paranormal / ghosthunts
They don't exist except in deranged minds. End of story...

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