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bruuuno 11:26 Fri Aug 24
Anyone have it or have kids with it? what is the medication like?

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munkyfunk 9:54 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Glad your off the olanzapine. Some of these mh drugs are evil
I’ve a close family member on rispiridone and sertraline and wish we could get him off.

Alfs 6:28 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
AOI - Have you thought about educating yourself about mental illness, or are you happy to live in ignorance?

Westham67 4:20 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Oh ok you mean in general

Westham67 4:20 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Moi ?

icwhs 4:12 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Back in the day, you were just a horrible little cunt..

Bit like today really.

Westham67 3:22 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
AOI Even in the dark nights of the Winter I'd be over the park playing football at the weekends

In the summer we "Played out" every night and went and "Knocked" for our mates to see if they were playing out as well

Any Old Iron 2:59 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Made up bollocks. A catch-all title that encompasses all sorts of fairly normal human traits in children.
The fact that there was no such thing when I was a kid 50 years ago says it all. But kids then who had excess energy just went out and played. And those who couldn’t concentrate just got punished.
Simpler times then.

Westham67 2:45 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Obviously, parents love their kids and want the best for them.

Having taken anti -psychotic meds Olanzapine to be exact during my episode with. Bad Aids. I would think very carefully and get a second or third option before I put my kids on anything that changes their brain chemistry.

The easy way out for the Doctors is to prescribe meds and they are doing you no favours

chim chim cha boo 1:04 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
I think I might hav

Noah 12:22 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Never going to be the same now Malcolm’s dead.

Mickey Rat 12:01 Mon Aug 27
Re: adhd
Bloody hell a mostly adult reasonable debate on who, how refreshing! :-)

lowermarshhammer 10:22 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
Stubborn 7.14

Good points well put.

Mother of a kid in my daughter's class wore it as a badge of honour.

Poor kid was doomed from birth.

Barty 9:06 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
the dex is only used if Ritalin (Methylphenidate) has been tried and doesn´t work properly.

I wouldn´t give these drugs to my kids though. Let them wait until 18 at least imo

Barty 9:03 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
My mate has it.

He get´s dex amphetamine to treat it from his doctor.

It works very well btw he says

chiff 8:51 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
Both stubbo and gbh make good points. In my grandsonsn's case he had a very good diet with as little sugary drinks, E numbers and colours. At nineteen he still follows this diet, though they call it clean eating today.

bruuuno 7:21 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
Orwell - hyperactivity is just one spectrum of the disorder.

penners28 7:19 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
When i was younger it was naughty kids, now its adhd....

gph 7:18 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
"Maybe people didn't pump their kids full of sugar 30/40/50yrs ago."

*remembers sugar sandwiches*

Try 60/70 years ago.

Stubbo 7:14 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
Mu understanding is that there is a genuine condition, but also that not infrequently there are cases where those proposed to have said condition are products of their home environment (lack of discipline/structure/routine, disrupted and unstable homelife etc) .

The trouble with behavioral conditions is the root cause isn't always identified (especially with some of those kids marked on the "spectrum") where some parents are looking to have their kid classified to gain assistance, and an excuse for the way things have panned out, without first looking to see if what they're doing at home could have any influence (kids that have been marked as having behavioural conditions who don't know if they're coming or going, they're moved between parents, grandparents, different houses, etc etc week to week, left to their own devices and the way they are is a means to gain attention or focus etc).

It's a tricky subject for sure.

orwells tragedy 6:57 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
Maybe people didn't pump their kids full of sugar 30/40/50yrs ago.

bruuuno 6:43 Sun Aug 26
Re: adhd
It’s likely that it did Sidney, but people just suffered their whole lives instead of being given treatment to help them.

In the same way that ptsd didn’t exist after the Second World War yet thousands of veterans turned to drink and isolated themselves from their families and society

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