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Gazza_AZ 8:04 Sun Aug 26
Alright Manuel - I'm all in
I have watched a few matches this weekend. Including our game against Arsenal.
An Arsenal that is also in a rebuild mode. Desperate to make changes to "get away" from the winning Wenger culture. A strange team, making uncharacteristic mistakes early, but ultimately with the experience, class and pride to get a first win of the season at home against a West Ham team that still looks like they are on the training ground.

Yes we look naive in defence, yes we struggled to find partnerships and our passing looks forced and not natural.
BUT I have seen our players using both feet, maintaining possession and running into the spaces, sublime first touches (and some bad ones), a common purpose and a flow in transition - that is going to be a joy to watch - when and IF we ever get it going.
When Arnautovic starts to get those first time snapshots on target and Chicharito is 3 yards from the GK (where he always should be) and when we can start to win close games with the 2 or the 3 instead of the 1. I will be here watching.

I was reflecting upon the David Moyes "Build a fortress and let them come" style that he attempted to instill. Yes, I thought Defensive Mettle that is an important quality. BUT with Moyes and with Big Sam, it came at a cost.
Personally I was so happy that we did not hire Rafa Benitez. As I write, Newcastle is tying Chelsea - in a game for the ages (NOT).

Benitez has Newcastle playing with a "Build a fortress - and let them come" mentality. Undoubtedly Newcastle, playing this way will be in the Prem for many years to come. But how much is that ticket - how much FUN is involved in cheering for your team - to kick Eden Hazard, and then be physical everywhere. Creating no chances, except long hoofs forward. I have watched Benitez institute this philosophy previously.
Benitez turned the Liverpool team for the ages into a schoolboy outfit - with Michael Owen chasing scraps - and won the European Cup playing that way.
Sam Allardyce - established that style at Bolton, and tried to remake West Ham in that image. He was successful - we did win promotion, we have remained in the Premiership ever since. And I am still grateful to Big Sam - for his contribution.
However, I do not want to watch football played like that any more. Goodbye to Allardyce, goodbye to Moyes, on to the next level.

I have also this weekend, seen Watford play Crystal Palace, with another of my choices for a West Ham manager. Roy Hodgson. He has stolen James Tomkins from us, and appears to have applied some coaching and turned young James into a decent Premiership DC in a consistent partnership - in a team that plays the ball and uses speed and skill to create chances.

The Hodgson approach - yes that would have done me. BUT no the ownership - wanting to get both some International standing and proven Premiership management selected Manuel Pellegrine to build the future West Ham.

Three games into a season with a bad front-loaded schedule for us - and we haven't won a game. Our defence that isn't established from a personnel perspective, hasn't looked comfortable or committed at times, is a problem. Diop cannot cross the ball beyond the penalty spot from the edge of his own six yard box. Did I mention schoolboy earlier- I would sit a 12 year old for that....Professional footballer. Sorry didn't intend to rant about the defensive frailties (but failed in my intention). But the overall shape. The style of play - that snake-like counter-attack. I counted 5 West Ham players running into the Arsenal Box. YES
sign me up Manuel I am in.

I am all in, we need to get that Iron Monstrosity rocking - the crowds performance in the Bournemouth game was below a 4/10. We expected our defence to flounder - we expected to concede goals - and it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our crowd needs to be provided an opportunity to cheer our boys home to victory - and then they need to do it... Thats their F*cking job.
Buy a Ticket - check
Attend game - check
Sit in seat - check
Cheer like a crazy MF when the boys are winning... lose a lead and need a lift.... are attacking on the counter.

There I said my piece. Haven't read the game comments about the Arse - may not even later....


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Gazza_AZ 6:57 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in

Sadly you are wrong. But if you had said that I had never watched a West Ham game at the Stadium you would be right. I was there for the Olympics - man a good time had by all. My memories of the Stadium are still very good. And the AZ is a clue as to where in the US I now live.


Westham67 3:48 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Same as I was happy with our performance on Saturday

Banjo 2:45 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Gazza,great post mate.I'm with you, all in.

I.want.that.one 2:00 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Tomkins is injury prone

bruuuno 12:40 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Mental cunt

Eerie Descent 12:35 Mon Aug 27
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Good stuff Gazza, I enjoyed your post and am fully on board as well.

Vexed 10:47 Sun Aug 26
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in

WHUDeano 10:38 Sun Aug 26
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
Some ok points, but I'd bet all the money in the world that you have probably never been to the Olympic Stadium & you probably live somewhere in North America.

factory seconds 10:30 Sun Aug 26
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
since our match i watched brighton politely bend over for a delicate tickle from the red scouse and rafa's toon park his buffet car in their own box for 89 minutes.

what's worse is that the big club WANKER commentators absolutely laud the also rans for playing like that. how brave and organised they are "if they play like that every week they'll have no trouble with relegation" like that's the be all and end all of the sport. as long as they still hand over the three points.

we had a proper go at the goon and the result was in the air for ninety minutes. give me that every week and maybe we can have a bit of pride in the club for the first time since we flushed our home down the toilet bowl.

Jaan Kenbrovin 10:21 Sun Aug 26
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
I gave up at the mention of Roy Hodgson.

He never bought Tomkins and is no different in approach to the likes of Benitez, Allardyce and Moyes. They lump balls in the boxfrom deep or wide areas for Benteke and only have one real creative player in Zaha.

In all honesty, I couldn't give a fuck about what tactics we deploy so long as they are successfully utilising the potential of our players ability. If that's using Bonds or Dicks to kick people, or lumps up front to knock stuff down, I don't care, so long as it works. (although both those I mentioned were very good on the ball too)

I'd like us to be dominating teams in the most stylish way possible, but you have to learn to walk before you can run. We aren't good enough to go like for like with the the top six, so I'd expect some tactics to best counter our lack of ability against much better sides.

Mike Oxsaw 9:40 Sun Aug 26
Re: Alright Manuel - I'm all in
What's needed is a jolly good March.

And preferably, also all the months leading up to then.

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