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RichyP 12:28 Tue Aug 28
Ticket Exchange Fees!
I can't make the Wolves game, I mate had said he'd take my ticket but has just sent me a txt saying he can't make it now. Decided to stick it up on ticket exchange this morning as the game is listed as sold Out.

My seat is classed as £45 for the Wolves match on ticket exchange but all I will get back is £26.11 after the club or whoever it is running the ticket exchange has taken their fee.

Fucking £18.89 in fees on a £45 ticket? That's a whopping 42% fee charge on the price of the ticket.

Daylight robbery springs to mind!

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El Scorchio 12:51 Tue Aug 28
Re: Ticket Exchange Fees!
Economics I suppose! It wouldn't make sense for them to resell it for less than the price of a match day ticket. Otherwise people wouldn't buy them and just wait to pounce on cheaper unwanted season ticket seats.

If you don't like that,then you definitely won't like how much the mark up would be if it was for Chelsea or Spurs at home...

I've never really given it much thought as to what they resell my seat for if I can't go, to be honest!

RichyP 12:45 Tue Aug 28
Re: Ticket Exchange Fees!
El Scorchio 12:38 Tue Aug 28

Fair point, I was just looking at what they are selling my ticket for which is £45. My ST is £599 so 1/19 is £31.53

to buy it off me for £26.11 and re-sell it for £45 which is 42% flip is a bit sharp if you ask me.

Trevor B 12:43 Tue Aug 28
Re: Ticket Exchange Fees!
If they gave you 45 notes for your ST for one game then loads of people would buy STs and flog them every game for a nice profit over the season. Engage brain.

El Scorchio 12:38 Tue Aug 28
Re: Ticket Exchange Fees!
Richy- I think it's because they treat all games as 1/19 of your season ticket value with what they give you.

For example mine at 499 is 26 for a game like yours. Sure they upsell the ticket to single game prices and take the profit but I guess that's their prerogative once they have it back.

Were you expecting to get more money for it or are you annoyed they are selling it at single match ticket prices? Can't really see what they are doing wrong here.

Northern Sold 12:30 Tue Aug 28
Re: Ticket Exchange Fees!
Lucky to get that fella... my MATES can't shift theirs for FREE... be thankful for small mercies...

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