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Keep dreaming 6:45 Sat Sep 1
Players rating
Fabianski 8 motm
Fredericks 1
Diop 5
Balbuena 2
Cresswell 1
Wilshere 0
Sanchez 1 (lost 4 points for giving away point)
Obang 4
Yarmolenko 1
Antonio 1
Arnie 1
Cicha 0

Pelle 0

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Iron2010 1:25 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
You need to look beyond the one error Bolt.

Eerie Descent 1:09 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
Athletico Easthamico 12:44 Mon Sep 3

You are becoming absolutely desperate for him to be shit, but he's not, and it's consuming you. Give it up.

boltkunt 12:54 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating



Iron2010 12:53 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
Fab, Balb, Sanchez and Diop were our best players by some way.

The Ghost of Braderz 9:37 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
If you're giving a player 0, 1 or 2, I really recommend you choose another sport to watch as it really is pathetic to suggest such a rating. We didn't lose 18-0.

Fabianski - 8
Fredericks - 6
Diop - 7
Balbuena - 7
Cresswell - 5
Wilshire - 5
Sanchez - 5
Antonio - 5
Anderson - 6
Snodgrass - 5
Arnautovic - 6

Yarmalenko - 6
Chica - 6
Obiang - 7

camel-with-3-humps 12:47 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
Antonio is the interesting one. Terrible reviews here.

Personally, reckon with a good coach and a run of fitness, he’s a good player. He was magnificent at one point.

Athletico Easthamico 12:44 Mon Sep 3
Re: Players rating
Fabianski at fault for the winner.

If it was rifled across him then fair enough but he was beaten at his near post and didn't even move.

The Wolves keeper pulled of some big saves but Fab was found wanting when it mattered.

Fifth Column 1:40 Sun Sep 2
Re: Players rating
Diop was outstanding as was Fabianski.

LeroysBoots 1:04 Sun Sep 2
Re: Players rating
I dont actually think Arnie was fit today

We needed him desperately...hence why he played

Yday by all accounts he was out

chelmsfordhammer 9:27 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
FAB 8 another good game
Fredericks- 2 absolute shit, its no good having pace if you don't use it to take on your man and his passing is awful
Diop- 8 , this lads going to be some player
Baluena-7 solid game
Cresswell- 5 as much to blame for the goal as sanchez because he shouldn't have been giving him the ball
Sanchez- 6 good game until the fuck up
Anderson- 5 poor game , gave the ball away too many times
Wilshere- 5 i think his main problem is noone wanted the ball when he was looking for a pass
Snodgrass- 4 poor game gave the ball way too many times
Antonio- 2 what has happened to this bloke, he gets worse each season
Arnie-3 love the bloke but he was terrible today.
Yalmanenko- 4 didn't change the game at all
Hernandez-4 as above
obiang- 4 as above.

All in all a shit performance with nobody willing to take a defender on and too many players hiding instead of wanting the ball

Mace66 9:16 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
For me, Arnie is way off being a top striker.

claretandbluedagger 8:09 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Arnautovic being scored very generously on here. Even the 1 is pushing it. Embarrassing.

franksfat&slow&wank 8:04 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
The 2 centre halfs and keeper the rest shit

Keep dreaming 7:56 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Leroy, Fair enough

the exile 7:56 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Fabianski - 8. Some superb saves, couldn't be blamed for the goal.
Fredericks - 2. Very disappointing, generally inept. Willing to get forward - not always quite so willing to get back in any hurry.
Balbuena - 6. Very good, proactive defender, except when he lost Jimenez in the 2nd half.
Diop - 8. Immense. Growing into the role and looking more confident. He's going to be a beast of a player, which is something I remember saying when we first went in for him.
Cresswell - 5. Decent - put a shift in, just wasn't often on the same wavelength as his team-mates.
Sanchez - 4. Looked decent until the error.
Wilshire - 3. Didn't do much wrong, but didn't do much right either. Needs to impose himself much more. The only thing I'll say in his defence is that so much of our play goes down the flanks that he is often bypassed, but he needs to do more to make himself available inside.
Antonio - 3. Made an effort at times but simply looks a shadow of the player he was 2 years ago.
Anderson - 5. Decent at times but wasted on the wing most of the time. Didn't we all, to a man, think he was much better in the central role against Arsenal? Couldn't Pellegrini see that? We badly needed someone just behind Arnie in the No 10 role.
Snodgrass - 4. Another one who just wasn't at the races.
Arnie - 5. A very poor first half, often came too deep looking for the ball and was often poor in possession. looked more urgent in the 2nd half but to little effect.
Obiang - 5. Decent but couldn't do much in the general malaise.
Yarmolenko - 5. As above.
Chicha - 5. Linked up briefly with Arnie but didn't have long enough to make much of an impression.
Pellegrini - 1. Badly needs to get this lot organised and playing to their potential.

White Pony 7:25 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Yeah medway I agree Sanchez played well until he lost us the game. Where do we go from here in midfield? This is why we pay Pellers big bucks, but he's not earning them yet.

No movement, no clue, zero INTENSITY. None of them look like they give a fuck.

medwayhammer1 7:21 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Fabianski, Diop and Sanchez until THAT fuck up! Oh and thought Obiang did ok. The rest of em can fuck right off...Wiltshire and Fredericks especialy.

White Pony 7:18 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Antonio gets a minus score from me. I'm not over-reacting when I say that is the most shameful display in the shirt from any player for a very very long time. Hope he never plays for us again.

White Pony 7:15 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Diop was our best player by far. I'd score him a 7, Fabianski a 6 and the rest of them can fuck right off.

LeroysBoots 7:13 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
Diop 5...areyou on fucking drugs ?

The kid was farcand away our best outfield player....7.5

Takashi Miike 7:05 Sat Sep 1
Re: Players rating
sidney, wilshere doesn't cut it. good player for the final third where he has zero responsibility but tracking players, tackling or putting a shift in? no, he's not interested. get Noble or Rice back in or both but th gooner reject can fuck off

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