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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

camel-with-3-humps 6:45 Sat Sep 1
Bring back Moyes
If you could wave a magic wand and have Moyesy back would you? Yes.

Given £100m, he’d be doing way better than the old fraud.

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Swiss. 5:03 Sun Jun 28
Re: Bring back Moyes
Man's a forward looking genius. Already has us an 11 goal a season Championship striker in Jordan Hugill in the waiting.

simon.s 1:34 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
He’ll be able to continue with this shit brand of football for the rest of the season, with zero discontent from the stands.

wd40 1:20 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
Players look at him and see a bloke who has done nothing in his footballing career playing or management.
Not a great sight when you turn up for training each day and while the players should have more about themselves and pride most are weak and need strong leadership.

Sven Roeder 11:58 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
Moyes will be fine
2 stints with us after his work with Sunderland which ended his career as an option for ANY other club. Still has another year on his contract too doesn’t he?
Plus the bung for helping out his old club Preston by convincing the Dildoes to waste £10m on the Championship journeyman Jordan Hugill.

chedylan 2 11:43 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
Camel again

moyes had a window to get another striker and didn't, you can't blame pellegrini for a transfer window after he left.

gph 2:20 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
I'm not a great expert on porn movies, but I'm guessing they rarely have more than one, er, striker...

factory seconds 12:57 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
"we tried to plug away at the game and hang in there"

that was the cunt's whole gameplan.

geoffpikey 12:50 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
Freshness and zest... sounds like he's comparing us to a toilet.

He's correct on that score.

It's funny Avram just mentioned: I was wondering earlier if Moyes' record was actually worse. Thanks for confirming.

HairyHammer 12:42 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
Houdini could not inspire the players we have they are not good enough and constantly fuck up.
Moyes is awful I agree but not nearly as awful as the squad we have.

simon.s 12:24 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
We really deserve relegation bringing this clown back for a second stint.

happygilmore 12:16 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
I've never seen anyone worse than Avram, or so I thought

Breaking that record would be some achievement.

Imagine being the owners sacking him because he is not good enough for us, then suddenly re-appointing him as a great solution.

wansteadman 12:14 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
In my eyes we’ve put one decent performance together, Southampton away where we actually played two up front. Haller and Antonio played really well together but Moyes immediately went back to one up front in the next game.
He looks like he’s trying to 0-0 us to safety which isn’t working. For fuck sake have a go and go down fighting if we have to.
Feeling like the Sunderland job where they slipped out without a fight and Moyes gave up

Full Claret Jacket 12:13 Sun Jun 21
Re: Bring back Moyes
As is being proven an utter disastrous decision to offer him a contract. Nobody else was interested in this fraud of a manager. Maybe nobody else wants to work with our owners.
He clearly believes he is better than he is and his players just aren't playing for him. I still can't get over the dodgy deal with his old club to pay silly money for Hugill.

Johnson 11:57 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
Avram Grant managed 47 games for West Ham. Won 15 games. Drew 12. Lost 20.

David Moyes is on 44 games managed for West Ham. Won 12. Drawn 12. Lost 20.

3 games to get 3 wins just to match Avram’s record.

goose 11:47 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
He’s had the squad to work with since January.
He’s know since then about strikers.
It’s his job to motivate them.
8 points from 11 games.
Even the car crash under Pellegrini delivered better.

Toe Rag 11:31 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
Fishing season is off to a good start I see.

camel-with-3-humps 11:29 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes

- He’s inherited a team without a striker, or battlers, by the atrocious Pellegrini
- Moyes has got the team working harder and better defensively
- There are still plenty more games to avoid the drop
- He saved us once and can do it again

goose 10:43 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
No other club on the fucking planet would have given Moyes a job except us.

I cannot fathom what was going on in their heads.

factory seconds 10:39 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
that zest is actually formaldehyde.

Bernie 10:37 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
4-6-0 at home in a relegation battle for our lives.

Go one zip down and bring a RB on


What on EARTH were Gold and Sullivan thinking?

happygilmore 10:32 Sat Jun 20
Re: Bring back Moyes
camel-with-3-humps 12:50 Tue Dec 31
Re: Bring back Moyes

time to stop digging

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