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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Last Gasp 8:01 Sat Sep 1
Does the way we played today make you realise how much we are missing this guy?

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w4hammer 1:14 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
exactly what i i was thinking. On paper anderson was/is his replacement however i havent seen anything like whats required from him..
I still think maddison was the player we should have bought- essentially a no 10 who plays a bit deeper- thats lanzini's role and we are sorely missing someone who can find space, break a tackle and pass to a fellow west ham player

El Scorchio 12:40 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
Heard this at the game yesterday a few times too.

After spending 100 million quid we shouldn’t HAVE to be missing him. There should be plenty enough quality in the squad to be easily making do without him.

Sven Roeder 12:22 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
At the end of June he posted on Twitter that contrary to English media reports ruling him out for the season that his surgery went well and he hopes to be playing at the beginning of 2019.
He hasn’t posted since apart from farewelling Kouyate

JayeMPee 12:17 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
Any news about when the lad will be back?

Kaiser Zoso 10:14 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
and Antonio should see us safely into the Championship in record time.

Kaiser Zoso 10:13 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
Yes, Lanzini

4-5-1 with

Anderson Lanzini Wilshere Snodgrass

Hermit Road 10:10 Sun Sep 2
Re: Lanzini
I don’t think any individual is the answer. We are disjointed and I don’t think we are as fit as the teams we are playing against.

twoleftfeet 8:23 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
When’s Carroll back?

factory seconds 8:16 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
we were shit without lanzini under bilic
we were shit without lanzini under moyes
we were shit without lanzini under pellegrini

bloke should have the balon d'or.

nychammer 8:08 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
He was good in spots. Improved latterly in the season. Hence the injury gods had to intervene I suppose.

Northern Sold 8:05 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
.... was he that great last season then... I had him in my FFL team last season and he done average for me... no wonder I came bottom of our work league

nychammer 8:03 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
Of course. Just another stroke of bad luck that plagues this club. Won’t be the same player again.

Bungo 8:03 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
I just had an interweb search to see how he's doing.

Hammer and Pickle 8:01 Sat Sep 1
Re: Lanzini
It did cross my mind.

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