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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

arsene york-hunt 8:43 Sat Sep 1
The London Stadium...
...a great day out for the supporters of every shit team in the PL

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Gavros 10:08 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
If it ever gets built.

simon.s 10:02 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
See Everton were taking the piss out of the stadium on twatter yesterday. Their new gaff will be decent.

Johnson 9:31 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...

stewie griffin 9:24 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...

E3 9:16 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
Can someone please issue a BIT of good news is there ANY possibility of a glimmer of light at the end of this long dark tunnel we seem to be utterly and totally fading away.

Johnson 8:53 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
NONE of this will happen while 52k STs are sold, not that 12.5k of them are bothering to show up mind.

goose 8:30 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
Can’t you just knock the ends down and make them closer? Might look awful but I don’t really give a shit what it looks like as long as the atmosphere is decent.
Safe standing behind each goal, bingo it’s 100 times better.

Lily Hammer 2:02 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
Three promises were made.

1. More fans.

2. Affordable ticket prices.

3. The fans would be as close to the pitch as at Upton Park, or it would be a “dealbreaker” and they would not go ahead.

Though points 1 & 2 have been delivered, they were not enough to sell the idea to the fans. Only when point 3 was later promised did the fans reluctantly back the move.

When asked recently why that promise was made and subsequently broken, Gold said the original architects/engineers got it wrong, but by the time this was realised, the Boleyn Ground had already been sold.

So the unforgivable betrayal was selling the ground before being 100% certain that they could deliver on such an important promise.

Shame on you Sullivan, Gold and Brady. Shame. You will never be forgiven until you fix us a REAL FOOTBALL STADIUM.

More chance of me growing a third bollock.

Yarmouth 12:40 Fri Sep 14
Re: The London Stadium...
An athletics stadium or an event stadium.

Went there to see the stones in the summer -Atmosphere - brilliant.

Went to see us vs Wolves last time out - Atmosphere - fucking, utter, garbage.

wanstead_hammer 10:32 Thu Sep 13
Re: The London Stadium...
Fuckin lying shitbags. They've sooner they fuck off or are forced out, the better.
Or as norman said on the Martin Samuel thread earlier, we'll ave to give it a go down the wimbledon route.
The scummy Fagins make me sick.

Sir Alf 10:27 Thu Sep 13
Re: The London Stadium...
Being bottom of the league certainly opens us up to ridicule and criticism but this article from the Mirror has some uncomfortable home truths.


The little stat about Pellegrini only winning 20 of 60 games in China was something I was not aware of.

We're fvcked every which way aren't we? Stadium is a joke like the team. The both reflect our owners.

60 years following the team. This is the lowest I have felt about us. Even when we were relegated ( a few times ) we still had our identity.

Sullivan and Gold will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. I know our last billionaire owners went bust. Be nice to see the current ones go the same way.

theaxeman 9:12 Thu Sep 13
Re: The London Stadium...
Fuck me we have been absolutely had over by these 3 shizters! Who would have believed that could happen? I honestly think they were in cahoots with tottenham to put pressure on the fans to accept the move. Its an unmitigated disaster and will never be resolved. Nobody who goes could ever be surprised by those figures.

harold 5:34 Thu Sep 13
Re: The London Stadium...
West Ham rented Green Street House and grounds in the Municipal Borough of East Ham from the Roman Catholic Church from around 1912.[citation needed] Green Street House was known locally as Boleyn Castle because of its imposing nature and an association with Anne Boleyn, who had either stayed at or, as some believe, owned the house. Hence the ground became known as the Boleyn Ground. The ground was also often referred to as Upton Park, after the Upton Park, London area where it is located.

In August 1944, a V-1 flying bomb fell on the south-west corner of the pitch. This forced West Ham to play its matches at other grounds while repairs were undertaken, but it did not affect performances as West Ham managed nine consecutive victories. Upon their return to the ground in December 1944, they lost 1–0 to Tottenham Hotspur.

The stadium was subject to considerable redevelopment from the early 1990s until its closure:
1993: South Bank was replaced by a 9,000 seat, two-tier stand named in honour of former captain Bobby Moore, who had died earlier that year. The stand incorporated executive boxes as well as a digital clock.
1995: North Bank was replaced by a 6,000 seat, two-tier stand named the "Centenary Stand" later renamed the "Sir Trevor Brooking Stand". The East Stand Lower was also made all seater.
2001: West Stand was replaced by a 15,000 seat, two-tier stand named the "Dr. Martens Stand". The stand incorporated executive boxes on two levels as well as the West Ham United Hotel.

There were plans to increase the capacity to approximately 40,500 through the building of a new larger East Stand, that would have used the spare space created when the Doctor Martens stand was built further West than the old West Stand. However, these plans never came to fruition

boleynkid 8:24 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
Harold 1:37

Have been told by a very reliable source that it would have been over 45,000. East Stand to be basically the same as the West Stand and the corners filled in.

ornchurch ammer 3:52 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
Tell you what Bostick the players aren't as out of breath and tired looking as the fans are after walking there. No wonder there is mo atmosphere.

harold 1:37 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
kid, 12.12,
It wasn't 45k, but more like 41.5k.

Bostick Pockets 1:30 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
I blame the stadium. The players are unhappy that the support isn't close enough so they can hear being told "mark him you cunt", "Call yourself West Ham you cunt', "you're fucking shit", "Get out of my club you cunt!" etc

I reckon the stadium might also have been built on an incline because sometimes our players struggle when playing up-hill, usually after about twenty minutes, out of breath and looking tired.

HAMMERNH 1:26 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
So UP held 36,000 and in reality we are averaging 42,000 at the London Stadium. So we have gone through all this and torn the guts out of the club for 6,000?!!!!!

neilalex 12:54 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
Any optimism regarding us acquiring the stadium and doing anything with it is pretty unfounded in my opinion. Even if it was capable of being transformed there is no way that they would spend the money to do it. It simply wouldn't make financial sense.

Their valuation of the club will be based on the belief that we have a fit for purpose stadium at minimal cost. In essence part of the cost of building a new stadium will be factored into the valuation of the club. Therefore anyone acquiring the club would have to pay for the existing stadium, then knock it down and build a new one, since the cost of redesigning it would probably be similar. It just ain't gonna happen.

Mike Oxsaw 12:47 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
Johnson 9:04 Tue Sep 11

I accept that, but seem to recall that he was adamant that the stadium would be specifically designed from the off to prevent it becoming a football stadium after the games.

Even if he knew fuck all about football in general, I assume he knew the local geography and that if the stadium was in an area lacking in professional premiership standard clubs, he wouldn't have wasted his time coming up with that clause.

I also suspect that, had, say, West London offered up a suitable winning venue for the Olympics, post-games conversion to a football stadium would have been a must-have (to ensure continued use).

simon.s 12:23 Wed Sep 12
Re: The London Stadium...
Let’s not kid ourselves.

If the owners had the option to buy it tomorrow, would they spend the wedge needed to make it look anything like a proper football stadium?

It’s the reason they took it on in the first place because it was the cheap option.

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