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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

happygilmore 1:18 Sun Sep 2
Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
the MoTD description of our performance today.

Harsh? or the truth?

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WorldCupWilly 7:59 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
4 games played and we're 12 points behind Watford!

13 Brentford Rd 4:19 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
We miss Carroll and Reid.

BubblesCyprus 3:45 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
IMO fairly accurate horrible 90 minutes viewing,

Admiral Lard 3:34 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
from my vantage point 3 near the corner flag (as close as it gets to the players) it seemed the lack or urgency was palpable.

Mark Noble, warming up right in front of me, wore a very worried expression and kept looking anxiously into the stands (Burnley?)

this must come down to the management team

zico 2:11 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Alex V 12:45 Sun Sep 2

Sure he is outpaced but he is also hardly in full sprint mode to get back. I'm not picking on Cresswell as I actually like the guy as a player but I just felt that it was a half hearted attempt as was a lot all over the pitch. In fact I sympathise with Cresswell a bit as you have Anderson, Yarmolenko and Antonio who just seem to meander about up front a lot of the time leaving us well open.

E3 1:18 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Truth no effort, bottle or skill. Wankers.

nychammer 12:57 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
We’ve never recovered from losing our first 4 let alone first 8 games, which is a real possibility. Thanks for spending the money DS, but I think you’ll find it’s just another costly error of judgement and that in reality we are really staring down the barrel this time.

mongo 12:52 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Pretty awful to be fair.

There is no pace or power in the centre of midfield at all. Wilshere is shot to pieces, even Noble is quicker and fitter than him. Snodgrass tries but is just useless and again has no pace at all. Fredericks was terrible yesterday and couldn't pass for shit. Antonio was simply pathetic.

Thought Diop, Balbuena and Fabianski were decent but they were left so exposed by the rest of the side that eventually Wolves were bound to score.

Pellegrini needs to find a midfield combo that works and quick. But to be honest I don't think we have the players. We needed to buy a dominating ball winning midfielder but we didn't. And on top of that we sold the closest thing we had to one in Kouyate.

We're left to find a winning combo out of finished players like Noble & Wilshere, a centre back in Rice, and trash like Sanchez, Snodgrass and Obiang.

Alex V 12:45 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
zico 12:40 Sun Sep 2

Don't you think Cresswell was just outpaced? I think it has nothing to do with awareness or effort - Traore is just a lot faster than Cresswell. Amazed to see so much being made of this.

Lertie Button 12:43 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Said by proper pros who actually won trophies.

I'm not angry or disappointed anymore, they have finally done it I'm just plain bored by the whole shambles and I honestly can't care anymore

zico 12:40 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
It's nothing to do with confidence. As many have said there are enough new players here where confidence shouldn't have been an issue. You don't need to be confident to run around a little, to show some effort and to stick a foot in. Some of the defending has been embarrassing and Shearer had it spot on with the clip of the goal when Cresswell was 5 yards ahead of the fella but ended up 10 yards behind. Ok the guy is quick but we either seem to have players with no danger awareness whatsoever or plyers who just can't be arsed.

El Scorchio 12:36 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
I agree. For the supposed standard of most of our players, the performances are simply not good enough.

I expect far better from all of them. By far the worst culprits are Anderson and Wilshere. They look like league 1 quality players. Just embarrassing to watch. Anderson has lost the clown haircut but he’s still playing like one.

w4hammer 12:35 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
i think southampton at home when we beat them last year was the last tine I saw a side who just really couldnt wait to get off the park.

Its like theyve never played football before - if we put more than three or four passes togther in any positive phase im a fucking chinaman.

we are brittle and everyone is looking to get rid of the ball as quickly a they can.. said it since liverpool- not a single leader on the park and I think we are right royally fucked

dicksie3 12:29 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
He was absolutely spot-on.

Some of those lazy cunt players should be fucking ashamed of themselves with the so-called effort they're putting-in. Most of our players are on huge money too.

They'll get dog shit abuse soon if it carries on any longer. There was quite a bit dished-out yesterday but it'll get worse. The booing was deserved too. It was an absolutely pathetic display.

Sven Roeder 12:26 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
We are the only team in the country with nil points.
While that continues we will have it piled on us every minute of every game.
Will be the first thing said in the build up to Everton and we will be the butt of every joke.

El Scorchio 12:24 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Master 11.07

Disagree. It’s not the players- well not just. We had


All brand new players. They have nothing to do with previous managers or goings on at the club. This should have been enough to ensure we play differently or at least better. They all just seem clueless as to what to do. I can’t understand how there’s all this change in management and playing staff yet no change at all in our directionless, aimless, static, slow motion, inept attacking play, and ponderous, hesitant indecisive slow, disorganised defending. How is that even possible?

Coffee 12:19 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic

On the contrary, the pressure is enormous. And confidence is leaking. Woe is us.

JayeMPee 12:09 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Hope the next three games bring the best out of us. We are not expected to win so the pressure is not so great, with a break next weekend Pell must work on fitness and team spirit. Haven't given up yet but more performances like yesterday may look like marvellous opportunity (ie c£100m spend) has been blown away.

Sven Roeder 11:56 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Been saying since the start of the season we need 3 at the back with Rice in the middle.
Anderson showed something as a number 10 behind Arnautovic at Arsenal so a week later is put back on the left where he spends the entire match dribbling infield.

SOME of our solutions seem quite simple. But then again I’m not the one who managed Real and Man City.

OLD GEEZER 11:51 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Shearer spot on.
Fabianski- best of the summer recruits
Fredericks -Good going forward poor at the back.
Drop- a top player in a couple of years. Not there yet though
Balbuena- ok but not better than an ageing Collins
Sanchez- I'll take Rice thanks
Wiltshire- very dissapointing. Arsenal knew what they were doing
Anderson- Flashes of class but needs to understand that this is a tough league and you need to work mucharder
Yarmolenko- compare with Traore and make sure your own mind up
Lucas- ditto Wilshere

Sven Roeder 11:37 Sun Sep 2
Re: Embarrassing, hopeless, pathetic
Just watched the replay of MOTD and the editing made us appear more in the game than we were.
Totally agree with Shearers comments though and the examples he showed of players strolling.
We were half hearted and incompetent and deserved nothing from the game.
With this lack of effort we will struggle in EVERY game

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