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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

penners28 11:54 Wed Sep 5
Pre-season and summer transfers
I have this argument with Woody most summers about this importance of pre-season and getting our business done early doors.

Along with all the reports coming out about our infrastructure being a shambles etc, doesn't the start of this season just prove how important pre-season is? It's plainly obvious Pellers has no idea what his best team is, but isn't that what pre-season is for? Experimenting and finding this out?

I read similar things from my Reading (spits) pals who kept banging on about how pre-season friendlies mean nothing after the next loss, and they are sitting on 2 pts after 6 odd games in the championship.

With the window closing early I'd have thought we'd have wanted the players in, training, and learning the system the manger wants to play. To me we are currently like a Sunday league team who doesn't know who is turning up each weekend but are expected to go out and fit the system.

I think it's painfully obvious we need a director of football. someone who knows the prem and knows how to run a football club.

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boleyn8420 6:34 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Doesn't matter who or when you bring them in when the manager can't make them or they won't run in a game. Never thought I would see so many players putting in the barest minimum in the last 4 games. Like I say some can't run Wilshere, Noble, Snodgrass and some won't Antonio, Chicarito, Arnie, Anderson and others as well in both camps. When that happens you cannot win matches and surprise, surprise we haven't. Against a hard running and motivated Everton side there will be only one winner I'm afraid

scott_d 3:57 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
If bringing in all transfers by the end of June and ready for pre-season was a realistic option, then why isn't every single professional football club doing it?

The reason is because it's pretty much impossible to plan for something like that with so many variables involved.

Sir Alf 2:34 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Its a combination of factors it always is. Media commentators and lots of fans try to say its one thing.

WHUDeano 12:58 Wed Sep 5 and Jaan cover 2 of the biggest factors IMO.

We did not strengthen the weakness of collective pace across the team and especially midfield and hence ability to press, deal with the counter attack ( home games where teams sit with 8 or 9 behind the ball ready to catch us out in the transition ). It was happening under Bilic , Moyes and Walrus too. Moyes opted to go onto the back foot and three at the back etc. to compensate.

Until January we work with what we have. Where Pellegrini can improve things is the idea a team "ethos" based on hard work and running by every player when they are not in possession. I do not see that. They call it "intensity" these days. The patient build up through passing to stretch teams is too slow and the running off the ball is not constant enough for many players. The same when we defend. I want to see Anderson. Yarmolenko and Antonio pressing and harrying the opposition as well as the central midfield.

Longer term the lack of "legs" and pace is the solution in midfield but the point is that the team have to work harder too.

In the shorter term, the main adjustment has to be Arthur as left side midfield and Anderson into the number 10 role. We then have to work out a combination from Sanchez, Rice, Obiang, Noble, Snodgrass and Wilshire to fill 2 possibly even 3 midfield births.

The problem is Pellegrini is into new territory and is proud of his record of achievement using a variation of 4-2-2-2 , 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 etc. and I cannot ever see him using 3 at the back now in the twilight of his career.

The season will be a write off again other than survival in 5 or 6 games time I suspect :-( Hope to see improvements against Everton but also think we need a huge slice of good fortune in a game like we did against Burnley a couple of seasons ago when the post won MOTM.

Trevor B 2:29 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Shit runs of form usually start to turnaround with a good old fashioned backs to the wall, defensive display. Clean sheet and a point, that's what we are in dire need of against Everton. If we manage to nick anything more than that I would be hugely surprised.

ooooh Morley Morley 2:22 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
This is all over the gaff....

Eerie Descent 2:08 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
I've seen more walking than running so far to be fair.

I do actually think we've got the players to play a better style of football and get results without resorting to a David Moyes 5-3-2 but so far this manager doesn't seem like he can get it out of them.

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:58 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
No not at all, I agree with you. However, playing a patient passing game trying to get the ball around the D of the opponents area, seems too rich a game plan for our squad.

That’s trying to run before you can walk.

Eerie Descent 1:43 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Jaan, do you honestly believe that 'playing the right way' and getting results are mutually exclusive?

I want us to play good, fast, attacking but organised football. We do have the players to do that. That we are playing slow, ponderous toothless football is down to the manager.

I hope he can turn it round quick.

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:35 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
I think the main reason we are struggling is we are vulnerable defensively and toothless in attack, magnified by a desire to ‘play the right way’ with passing football.

If we played 3 at the back and had Carroll fit to at least bring on as a plan B going direct, we’d be getting better results, but most want a better style of football so this is what we end up with.

Eerie Descent 1:19 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Barring injuries, Antonio and Snodgrass should not be starting. That much was obvious with Antonio especially, this manager was watching us a lot last season in preparation of taking over and the brainless chump should have been sold for whatever offer came in.

WHUDeano 1:16 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Iron2010 1:01 Wed Sep 5

fair point that, combine the midfield and forward lines that finished last season and are starting this (forgive the creative licence on Masuaku, obviously he was a wing back):


Zabaleta Noble Kouyate Masuaku

Mario Lanzini



Wilshere Sanchez

Snodgrass Anderson Antonio


Obviously with have the Ukranian lad to come in sooner rather than later, but that still means one of Antonio or Snodgrass will be playing & most importantly we are currently playing with a weaker starting 11 than what we finished last season with.

I'd say either we revert to a back 3....as lots have been saying it plays to our strengths: Fredericks & Masuaku would make fantastic wing backs, and gives an extra body to support Balbuena & Diop as they settle into the Prem (remember Harry played Rio in a back three while he settled).

Or, we stick with the 4-2-3-1 but accept Wilshere is a liability in front of the defence and move him forward or as part of a more defence middle three, either way push Anderson back out onto the wing and start Yarmelenko:

Sanchez Rice


Yarmelenko Anderson


And until the defence is working solidly Anderson and Yarmelenko would be expected to drop back and help the full backs when necessary.

, 1:16 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
ED, why did you leave out the rest of my suggestion?

penners28 1:13 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Didn't even realise we had a DOF. I suppose that's how closely I follow us now.

As you were

Steven P 1:07 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Buster 12:22 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers

Yeah I didn't get that bit

Eerie Descent 1:04 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
"the reason we look bad in comparison with our opposition is mainly because firstly we are trying to integrate too many new boys at once"

That is the biggest load of cliched bollocks that's churned out by people that listen to two bob pundits.

Iron2010 1:01 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
Mario and Lanzini were playing really well towards the end of the season. They are a combined 60 million worth of player that we are now without meaning the squad is not 100 million richer in quality.

With the remaining money we failed to address our mobility problem.

It’s as simple as that really.

Russ of the BML 12:59 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
And what makes it worse is that everyone in the media has a hard-on for West Ham because like or not we are different to other clubs.

The media don't really care if a lot of other clubs were in trouble. But West Ham is different. Everyone has their opinion and puts it forward. Each day we read this or that and / or hear this or that and it is getting everyone on edge.

We just need to support MP and the team and I am sure we will pull it round.

WHUDeano 12:58 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
The main issue has been that we didn't strengthen in the blatantly necessary areas. We needed pace, power and creativity in central midfield and we needed a striker (probably to replace Hernandez).

Also, to take a negative approach when looking at our line up:

Fabianski - relegated last season
Fredericks - No prem experience
Creswell - been shit for 2yrs
Balbuena - signed for £3.5m, no European football experience
Diop - signed from mid table French side, raw

Wilshere - free transfer, only chased by teams in bottom 6.

Sanchez - free transfer, Villa reject.

Snodgrass - no prem team wanted him

Antonio - been our of form and lazy for more than a year.

Anderson - nowhere near the level of strength and fitness needed to thrive in the prem.

Arnautevic - A winger converted to a number 9

Obviously I'm being overly critical at times, Fabianski has been our best player, Diop looks like he could be fantastic, Balbuena has been fairly solid, Arnie should be playing for a top 6 team etc

The issues lie in the fact we have two free transfers playing in arguably the most important position on the pitch, and one of them in particular (Wilshere) doesn't have the legs or energy needed for the role.

Russ of the BML 12:56 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
penners28 12:19 Wed Sep 5

Yes but your pointing out the fucking obvious.

Pre-season is important. We know that. But its fuck all to do with out current situation.

Its just ridiculous. As I said, lose and the world is falling in. Win and all is rosy. Go on a run of losses and everyone is pulling the club to pieces. Apparently some cunt of a journo states the club has a poor infrastructure because that lazy over paid cunt Sahko left his Lambo in the car park.

People need to stop pulling the club to pieces and dissecting everything.

The bottom line is we have a new manager and a massive over-haul and on top of that the players aren't playing well and it looks like they don't like or won't play the system. MP has a huge task ahead but its got fuck all to do with anything other than the team.

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:43 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
A manager should know what his best side is before a ball is kicked - How else does he decide what players to bring in?

No amount of pre-season games can fully prepare you for anything other than fitness, and I don’t think we looked too bad in the couple of games I saw either. If the players don’t do it on the day, or the manager isn’t getting his tactics right when it matters, it doesn’t matter how many friendlies the club look good in.

, 12:36 Wed Sep 5
Re: Pre-season and summer transfers
The last two pre seasons under Bilic we definitely started the season in a half arsed manner. This time we got most of the business done early but the reason we look bad in comparison with our opposition is mainly because firstly we are trying to integrate too many new boys at once [ new to the EPL that is ] and secondly the coach is using an unfamiliar formation which even the pre existing squad players seem unused to.

It is a perfect storm right now and with hindsight it might have been better to go for bringing in fewer but higher quality players in and then introducing them gradually.

Still our bed has been made and we must lie on it.

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