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Coffee 11:11 Fri Sep 7
LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, plus.

1. Does gay refer only to males? Can you be a lesbian and gay? (I thought you could.)

2. Does transgender refer to sexual preference? Or does it just mean that transgender people feel themselves to be the opposite gender of what they were born as? Can you be born a male, become transgender, but still be sexually attracted to women?

3. Queer. What's the difference between gay/lesbian and queer?

4. What does the plus thing mean?

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joe royal 9:24 Tue Sep 11
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
AIDS = arse injected death sentence .

Sven Roeder 9:13 Tue Sep 11
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I think that's a point that isn't grasped.
Its true that people who have transitioned or identify as something different to how they are born have never had more understanding and support.
But I think its reasonable for people to say (which I think Germaine Greer has and has been PILLIORIED) that people who have done that aren't 100% the 'new' sex.
I don't think its reasonable to say society HAS to accept that the transitioned person MUST be treated like a woman in every part of life. As said partly to protect the rights of everyone else.

The Australian rules footballer is a good example.
BRUCE was a huge hairy man and should have the good grace to acknowledge that calling himself BRUCETTE and losing his goolies doesn't give him the automatic right to knock over women half his/her size.
Needs to be compromise on both sides

Hermit Road 9:02 Tue Sep 11
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Just assume they’re all telling the truth. They’re not, but on an individual basis as you say, there’s no way of distinguishing. Treat them with the respect every human deserves by virtue of their humanity, but don’t fall into the modern trap of thinking that that means that their new-found ‘rights’ trump those rights of everyone else in society.

For example, the right of a massive, hairy geezer claiming he’s a woman to walk around in a girl’s changing room at the local swimming pool with his cock swinging about, doesn’t outweigh the rights of the women and girls in there to get changed sans big hairy geezer with cock swinging about. Likewise, the right of 5’2” women to play Aussie rules without fear of extreme physical harm from the 6’4”, 16 stone new-found ex-man, outweighs his right to throw them aside like a rag doll because he’s changed his name to Delilah.


Coffee 7:50 Tue Sep 11
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Worst Case Ontario 8:13 Sun Sep 9

Thoughtful, again.

I really don't know what to make of it all. On the one hand, I'm more than happy to try to be open to people who are *genuinely* transgender and give them the respect (a much overused word these days) they are surely due. On the other, I'm less inclined to indulge the whims and fantasies of those whose personal agenda appears to be seek attention as much as anything else.

The dilemma is, how to distinguish between the two?

I cannot think of anyone when I was growing up who gave any indication of being transgender. If today's celebration of transgenderism is the benchmark, there must have been some. More than some. Yes, there were those that you suspected might be gay and probably did turn out to be gay, and there were those you'd never have thought were gay and ended up gay, but that's a separate issue.

Bottom line is... I honestly don't know what is genuine, what's not or what to believe.

gph 8:46 Mon Sep 10
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I am with the Co-op Insurance Society, as it happens.

Nurse Ratched 8:41 Mon Sep 10
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
When you say male genitalia, do you mean cis male, or something else?

Hermit Road 8:41 Mon Sep 10
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Was it on the back of your coat when you HUNG it up?

gph 8:21 Mon Sep 10
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I saw my first "Women have no penises" sticker today.

In the shape of the male genitalia.

Fairly explicit, and where young children can see it. Slightly defeating the point (ahem) of the protest.

Hermit Road 8:02 Mon Sep 10
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)

This is Hannah mouncey. Hannah is 16 stone and 6’4”. Hannah used to be called Cullen which in Australia is a bloke’s name. Now he says he is a woman and plays Aussie rule, one of the most physical, brutal games in the world, against women.

Hannah is a bit mental, but not quite as mental as the society that enables him to play an ultra physical sport against women half his size.

DukeofDevo 11:58 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?

Well Hung!

I’m here all week!

Mike Oxsaw 10:34 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Nurse Ratched 9:37 Sun Sep 9

This might just all be down to the fact that celebrity lists and reality TV shows simply don't fill the gap in people's lives caused by the loss of organised religion.

gph 10:01 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Hormones are complicated things.

For example, women with lower levels of testosterone than the female average tend to suffer from loss of libido.

The right level for women is most definitely not zero.

Nurse Ratched 9:37 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I can sort of see where WCO is going with this. Hormones are an interesting thing. My ring fingers are longer than my index fingers, and in women it's usually the other way round, or they're the same length. This is because at a critical point in my development as a foetus I received a surge of maternal testosterone. According to research this has implications for development and cognitive skills.

For example, women with longer ring fingers are more likely to be lesbians. Men with significantly longer ring fingers relative to index tend to be more aggressive. These are just examples. But I don't think hormones in utero are the cause of this LGBTFJSQ+ load of old arse. I think it's a warped phase we're going through in the West, driven by trivial stuff like identity politics, social media (inadequates suddenly finding a huge community of fellow inadequates to quack at in a noisy and bumptious echo chamber) and society indulging the weak minded and mentally ill. The number of genuine cases of people being 'born the wrong sex' is probably extremely small, and most are likely band wagon jumpers and opportunists. I'm all heart, me. Blame my digit ratio.

Nurse Ratched 9:03 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Unfortunately I am cis skint.

mashed in maryland 9:00 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I identify as transrich.

mashed in maryland 8:56 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
"In my approach, one would "become" transsexual when they have a subjective belief they should have been born the opposite sex"

I should have been born an heir to the Sultan of Brunei.

Gimme billions of dollars or you're oppressing me, bigot.

Worst Case Ontario 8:13 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Coffee -

I'm not entirely sure what knots you see in my theory; could you say more?

I don't know that I would make the leap that hormones are solely determine a person's gender identity, though I do agree they may have a significant effect. It might therefore be some hormonal aberration which causes (some) people to "become" transsexual or transgender. I imagine these would be much more likely be the people who "discovered" this aspect about themselves later in life, and not the people who well before puberty were expressing transsexual ideation.

I also agree that cultural factors influence one's gender identity. A girl playing with toy guns and such is certainly defying the expectations, or at least generalities, of her gender.

But you're right, as you say, that girl is not necessarily transgender.

That is why my proposed approach is to treat transgenderism and transsexualism as different, albeit perhaps related. In my approach, one would "become" transsexual when they have a subjective belief they should have been born the opposite sex, and that would be the only criteria (that I can think of right now).

By contrast, "transgenderism" is the identification to and appropriation of modes of behaviour more commonly associated with the opposite gender, without necessarily wanting to be of the opposite sex. So someone like, say, David Bowie, wearing a dress and makeup, would be engaging in transgender behaviour but would not necessarily be a transsexual. Whether such acts are "genuine" (and by that I take you to mean, lasting) and which are merely passing affectations, well, I don't have an answer to that, but wonder if such an answer is even necessary.

gph 7:40 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
40 in a million men have no Y chromosome.

36 out of these 40 have an SRY (Sex-determining Region Y) gene which has somehow become attached to one of their X chromosomes. Many of these will be normally functioning men apart from being infertile.

The remaining 4 are somewhat mysteriously male (most will have recognisably male, although deformed genitals).

But they are a counter-example to the simplistic idea that humans are by default female.

Hermit Road 7:28 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)

It’s very difficult to have a proper discussion on this subject when evidence that runs contrary to the acceptable view is suppressed. At the moment, the tail is wagging the dog with the evidence only being allowed if it confirms the hypothesis.

Worst Case Ontario 7:14 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
Ohh dear.

I regret you aren't able to engage in a discussion, and so quickly resort to personal attacks.

Have a good day.

Far Cough 7:12 Sun Sep 9
Re: LGBTQ+ questions (serious)
I always thought all embryos were male and it was the mans sperm that changed it to female?

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