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steveiron64 11:50 Sat Sep 15
Work Rate

It is stunning that, so frequently, we have to hear that our professional football team lack work rate. What the hell is going on down there if these players 'lack work rate'? The rest of us wouldn't last 5 minutes in our jobs.

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DukeofDevo 1:23 Thu Sep 20
Re: Work Rate
All the top teams work very hard off of the ball! As well as being very skilful and quick to break when they have the ball.

We’re going to have to work hard on Sunday

4ever-blowin-bubbles 10:04 Wed Sep 19
Re: Work Rate
most important thing for a team is work rate

gph 3:03 Mon Sep 17
Re: Work Rate
A mediocre team without a good workrate is in trouble.

If you've got a team that can pass it around opponents, you can probably physically work less hard and win.

LeroysBoots 2:56 Mon Sep 17
Re: Work Rate
EVERY professional footballer should have the basics

The special players have all of that plus the talent that sets them apart form the rest.

If we have players who don't have the basics then we are well and truly F**ked

4ever-blowin-bubbles 2:54 Mon Sep 17
Re: Work Rate
work rate is the most important thing you can ask of a player
us the crowd see good work rate and we know we are at least making an effort

Capitol Man 1:59 Sun Sep 16
Re: Work Rate
It’s appalling isn’t it. It’s the basis from which everything else is built. I can’t beleive that isn’t the first thing on the task list.

tnb 1:28 Sun Sep 16
Re: Work Rate

I used to know someone who was on the Stoke board (both parts of that are now previous, as I no longer know him and he left to go to Bristol City) and he used to tell a story he had heard from Hughes that when Arnautovic was substituted in one of if not his first games over here, Arnautovic asked him 'why do I have to run so much, boss?'. Hughes allegedly simply replied 'welcome to the Premier League, son'.

So he's got that in him. I think we all hoped that the improvement in attitude under Moyes was going to be permanent, and I'm not ready to say it hasn't been just yet. Against Wolves he was wandering a lot and looking quite lost and fed up but I saw that more as going looking for the ball, he seems like one of those players that clicks into high gear when he senses a chance but equally is somewhat easily discouraged. Seeing the shit around him at present I don't entirely blame him for getting demotivated but it's a worrying trend as it feels as if the longer it goes on the harder it is going to be for him to snap back into 'all action' mode when needed.

I think he really misses Lanzini. He didn't seem happy with the time that the likes of Wilshere were taking on the ball, never mind the way Antonio was randomly appearing in his space now and then and leaving glaring gaps elsewhere. To his credit Arnie often sacrificed himself by going out wide to cover those gaps, but that was to the detriment of the team. And he didn't look happy doing it, for all that it was admirable to an extent.

I'm not sure he's captain material, as whilst he clearly demands high standards from those around him his default reaction to the lack of those standards being met seems to be to go into himself as opposed to giving them a bollocking. I hate to say it but we need to find a place for Noble right now as despite his limitations he is the only personality capable of doing so.

wanstead_hammer 11:14 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Shirk Rate.

J.Riddle 11:09 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Arnie obviously didnt bother putting a shift in for Bilic. Came across as Billy big bollocks new record signing. Moyes could see that and realised he needed a kick up the arse so pulled him to one side and told him that unless he ran he wouldn't play, said much the same to the others and got a response of sorts to save us from certain relegation, particularly Arnie who's goals saved us. Punished Antonio for being late by dropping him as well.

Big bird seems all to cuddly to me comes in and undoes all Moyes good work by putting top scorer Arnie straight up on a pedestal by making him captain and penalty taker in Nobles absence?

TeVaz 11:03 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
I don’t know why but the whole demeanour around the club seems too unprofessional. Pellegrini doesn’t come across as the sort of manager to be hopping around if the players aren’t putting in the effort on the training ground or in matches . Maybe we should get the whole club watching the Man City documentary on Amazon, see how a proper club is run !

pdbis 10:55 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
They play as individuals instead of a team, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Can't see MP turning this round.

Takashi Miike 3:13 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
i may be wrong but im not sure arnie gets on with a certain other player who was subbed in that game

Sven Roeder 3:10 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Against Wolves they didn’t seem to know what they should be doing and didn’t believe in what instructions they had.
Probably wondering why we were playing with a back four with 2 wing backs and had enormous gaps everywhere.
Said on the day that they looked like they’d been introduced in the tunnel as they didn’t seem to know each other’s game at all.

We appear to have managed to make our midfield worse than last season. When it was utter dogshit

RBshorty 3:08 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Yeah. That’s what we need a team of Charlton Palmer’s.

Full Claret Jacket 3:05 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Running around on your own like a headless chicken is pointless, all you do is leave gaps. The whole team needs to work together to win the ball back and they aren't.

We also lack leadership. Everyone is too nice to each other. Maybe half of them can't even understand each other.

Northern Sold 3:02 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
What amazed me was Arnie v Wolves... literally did not get a trot on for 80 mins... then had a shot and after that ran around like a fucking demented idiot... so what about the first 80 odd mins?? It was that type of performance that got Bilic the tin... disgraceful... I'd hate to play in a team with him he'd drive me fucking mad

Jim C 2:59 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Fully agree. One of my pet hates when discussing a player is when someone says "oh well they work hard", as if that is a positive. So they fucking should, that is below the bare minimum I expect.

How many of you got complimented at work this week for "working hard"?

wanstead_hammer 2:41 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Minimum's about 7-odd quid an hour nowadays.

Takashi Miike 2:23 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
most firms have lazy, useless cunts that refuse to pull their weight and make colleagues lives more difficult. arnie witnessed a lot of that last season

Hermit Road 2:18 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate
Work rate, lost most things in most institutions are set from the top. For example, if your line manager doesn't make effort, most people he manages are unlikely to give much of a shit. To be specific, if your manager swans off for his second trans-continental holiday after only a few weeks into a new job, you might be inclined to treat your job with the same lack of intensity.

mallard 1:10 Sat Sep 15
Re: Work Rate

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