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claret on my shirt 2:35 Sun Sep 23
Souness on Arnie
He just said he doubts Arnie's attitude, because if he is as good as people think he is Souness says why does he play for West Ham.

Seriously what a c-nt, so basically any top player has to play for a top 6 club or they have a bad attitude, this cock just basically slagged off so many premiership players in one statement. What a piece of shit this man is.

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Russ of the BML 4:34 Tue Sep 25
Re: Souness on Arnie
I find Souness annoying these days. He used to be worth listening to but something happened and he is just a sour old goat now.

He needs putting out of his misery the soppy old cunt.

Eggbert Nobacon 4:18 Tue Sep 25
Re: Souness on Arnie
Darby_ 2:55 Sun Sep 23
Re: Souness on Arnie
Sounds like he's getting senile. Good players can play at average sized clubs. Didn't Payet, Rio, Di Canio, Tevez, Carlton, etc play for West Ham?

at least 3 of those did indeed have attitude problems though

scott_d 3:07 Tue Sep 25
Re: Souness on Arnie
I dont mind Sounness.

It's not like he's got a vendetta against West Ham, or he's constantly criticising us.

He's just expressing an opinion.

El Scorchio 8:34 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie

Chris Smalling
Phil Jones
Tom Cleverly


Get a move to Man U and you’re IN. Happened a lot under Capello.

Far Cough 6:34 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
MikeHammer 3:02 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie

ag ag

ludo21 6:18 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
If a half decent player from a run of the mill PL side joins a top six side you can pretty much guarantee they will be in the England squad within a couple of months... are they a better player, unlikely.

It's all just modern football bollocks.

(to be fair to Southgate he does seem to have his own mind but the above still applies).

El Scorchio 3:59 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
I don't think that's necessarily true.

When Mane was at Saints, Mahrez or Kante at Leicester etc. etc. I don't think anyone doubted their quality or attitude.

Arnie has been good as gold for us anyway. Sure there's a bit of remonstrating and body language at times when team mates let him down, but even the likes of Ronaldo do that when things aren't going their way.

JustAFatKevinDavies 3:52 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
lets be honest, pretty much everyone on here would have agreed while he was at stoke. Him signing for us only changes our opinion of him, most wont have changed.

El Scorchio 3:40 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
They both had their moments for sure when Shearer was there, (because of him, you'd argue) but I think we know Souness really means unless you play for Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea or City.

Le Tiss as someone else said is a great example too.

What does he then think about Bobby Moore for example? Bad attitude because he never played for Liverpool or Man U?

Trevor B 3:30 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Thanks 67, your valuable input is always appreciated....

Westham67 3:28 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Blackburn and Newcastle

Trevor B 3:25 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Shearer played for two of the top teams at the time he was at his best though?

El Scorchio 3:21 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Souness can just fuck off.

So was Shearer no good then, by his logic?

This whole 'if you don't play for a top team then you're no good' attitude spouted in the media is one of the things killing football. It gets into all the young players heads so they think they are better off in the reserves or on loan from Chelsea rather than playing week in week out for a West Ham, Newcastle or Everton. i actually think it's detrimental. Loftus Cheek, for example will never be a Chelsea regular. But they won't sell him for a price that anyone can afford. he'll just be loaned out and never have the career he could/should because he'll never get the chance now.

There's a litany of English players who's career has been ruined similarly by thinking they MUST be at a top club as soon as they are old enough to shave.

Rant over.

Sven Roeder 3:05 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
They should have had Matt LeTissier sitting next to him and see if he would say the same thing.
One of the shit things of modern football is the expectation that every player should play for the so called big teams or they are nothing.

Obviously a few Liverpool wins have got him out of his box with the old Scouse arrogance.
Hopefully they choke again.
And his pea heart gives out again

E12Hammer 3:03 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
I dont know why all the vitriol against Souness. The bloke is entitled to his opinion, as we all are. Not everyone likes West Ham, for a whole plethora of reasons.

Just accept thats his opinion, and move on. Cant please everyone.

MikeHammer 3:02 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Was chatting after game to someone who clearly was a Spurs fan and said he would leave if a big club came calling as he was big fish in a small pool. I simply replied - a bit like Harry Kane then !

chim chim cha boo 2:49 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Arnie has been an exemplary character bar the first few months with us and gives everything he's got in more or less every game. Most times it works out for him, sometimes it doesn't. He's our best player and rightfully our captain.

Souness is basing his lazy, drunken assessment on the younger Arnie when he was at Stoke because he can't bring himself to watch a team in a lower position than fifth.

He's another washed-up old Scotch cunt nicking a living because he played for Liverpool in the 1980s. Proven shit manager and yet another reason I have never had SKY TV.

Swiss. 2:33 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
..;a joke of a manager.

He only got away with his style because Liverpoool were the refs favourites. Still are.

Why the fuck is he a pundit.

Swiss. 2:32 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Souness might know how to hack people down in the midfeild but

SnarestoneIron 1:35 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
claret on my shirt 3:05 Sun Sep 23

Get your facts right, he won the FA Cup with Liverpool and the League Cup with Blackburn.

Northern Sold 12:13 Mon Sep 24
Re: Souness on Arnie
Arnie to me seems a very complicated and strange individual with untold talent.... bit like Di Canio... he was pretty disgraceful against Wolves with a lack of effort that would put Fred Kanoute on ramadam week to shame... and yet a week or so later later v Everton.. absolutely superb... I'm not sure a top top club would put up with that...

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