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Razzle 12:35 Tue Sep 25
Plantar fasciitis
Has anyone suffered with this? Got through it? I have tried the usual wiping knob on screen but not even that helped...

Its ruled me out of doing anything for the last 6 months.
Had 7 courses of physio ESWT on it. tried all the conservative methods and stretching etc next is for cortisone....Which is from what i understand is only a temporary fix

I know I am not a spring chicken anymore but have always kept myself fit and have bounced back from multiple surgically correct sports injuries. But this little fucker is persistent and at worst excruciating painful.

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The Human Stain 2:30 Thu Sep 27
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Had it over the last 6 months but thankfully it has pretty much entirely sunsided. I'm almost 59 and still playing football, boxing and other stuff so I have to expect...

Brother a podiatrist and he was guiding me through. Basically keep moving, rotating, stretching throughout the day but in my case I needed to stop the strenuous activity to allow recovery. And of course, RICE. Binding and insoles help with normal activity.

He has a machine (shockwave?) that he said is very effective from moving it from an awful stage to a point where it can heal itself but that treatment is expensive and more painful than the PF (if thats possible). Fortunately it didn't come to that.

I sympathise because its very debilitating but there's light at end of the tunnel.

Mace66 8:41 Thu Sep 27
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I had it a couple years ago, I’m a runner and got it basically from that and not stretching enough / properly

After trying to run through it with no luck I went
to a podiatrist after about 4 months who gave me some exercises to do, showed me how to stretch my calves properly and sold me an insole. He told me if I followed his advice I wouldn’t need to go back to him and sure enough within a month it had cleared up. Well worth £53.

Alex Bunbury 11:14 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I had it a couple of years ago, came on while I was walking down the road, really painful and struggled to walk with it. I just got some basic foot supports to go inside my shoes and it just seemed to ease off after a month or so.

REALGSA 10:52 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Change your shoes to Cole Haan, fantastic and helped me very fast.


northbankboy68 10:51 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Have had it on and off for 3 years after I increased my exercise. Custom made orthotics cured it, but costly. It returned when the cushioning on the orthotics wore off and they had to be refurbed. After a 5 month layoff I'm now running 4 times per week with the refurbed orthotics.

Chip Shop Charlie 9:10 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
What Sydney said but I used a golf ball..hurts like a cunt to start with but helps. I did this for about 3 months and im now back to normal.

Rio or Anton or Les 6:30 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I`m 52 and have had it on and off for about two years. Mainly caused in my case by playing 7-a-side on astroturf for 25 years.

Usually comes on at night when sleeping and waking up in excruciating pain!

Some great advice on here , including insoles in shoes and getting supportive trainers , not Adidas gazelle!.

The winner for me was though going to an osteopath and she gives the whole body structure a "once over" and sorts out the Planta as well.

-[Rasta]- 10:54 Wed Sep 26
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Got this at the mo, landed on my heal playing footy full force and damaged it then finished it off with a 5k run, doing lots of stretching, rolling, inserts hoping that will do, still playing but can be painful might try taping cheers ..

stewey 8:27 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I had bastard pain changed footwear and it disappeared as soon as it came,while i had it i tried a pair of adidas torsion trainers with the added stiffner along the sole put them on tried walking and the torsion bar was right on the pain ,nearly hit the fucking roof.

. . 5:58 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Had this for a bit now, Tried all sorts. Best (most cost effective) was just to tape it up I found it eased pain in one leg and a half insole eased pain in the other (neither worked on both) But Tape is less than a fiver a roll so not a lot to lose


Geoffrey Pike 5:49 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I’ve had this bastard, at its worst the second your foot touches the floor in the morning. I used a cushioned support sock during the day as I’m on my feet all day at work. It eased the pain walking , but I couldn’t run. It lasted about 9 months and seemed to go almost as quick as it came on. Still get the odd stabbing pain in my heel, but been back playing football regularly for 3 years without it reoccurring. No spring chicken either. I’m 51. And still got all me own teeth.

Last Gasp 4:02 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis

J.Riddle 3:44 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Thought this was going to be another Percy Thrower type thread, Plantar fasciitis must be Latin for plant pot or similar?

scott_d 3:42 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Running is generally good for you.

Of course, you can get an injury and cause damage if you don't do things properly and sometimes through sheer bad luck.

But there is a risk in everything you do.

If you do not want to take any risks, just stay in doors and don't answer the door to anyone.

scott_d 3:30 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
If there is no improvement after 6 months then change physios or consider a podiatrist - I know a podiatrist in the city (London) that is good. Also, it helps allot if your physio is also a runner.

Something is not working and if you are doing everything you are being asked to do then I would seek a second opinion.

Also, there could be a multitude of answers, some of which a physio doesn't specialise in such as your diet which affects your ability to heal.

arsegrapes 3:30 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Heel strike may cause this. Barefoot may be the answer as no heel, tried most, Vibrams are best by a country mile in my humble.

Cheezey Bell-End 3:26 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I've had it. It's horrible. I started wearing FitFlop shoes and it got better and hasn't come back for about 2.5 years.

Trevor B 3:06 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis

You're kidding, right? Been plenty of threads about it ever since that waste of space Andy Carroll had it ;-)

Kidders 2:51 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
I self diagnosed this a few months back and can honestly say never thought I would see it on here as a thread.
I just couldn’t understand why I was getting this pain in my heel, researched it and basically I do the calf stretches and it has eased up somewhat, most painful when the foot has rested for a while and then you start to walk.

Northern Sold 2:01 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Razzle 1:25 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
it was caused when i was 10 miles into a run

Yeah that's your problem.... just drive... far more better for you (well unless you have a head on crash and are decapitated)... but honestly running ain't good for people !!!

Westham67 1:54 Tue Sep 25
Re: Plantar fasciitis
Get proper ice bag/pad normally in a pharmacy its filled with gel and put itin the freezer. In your case put a sock on (Don't put is straight onto your skin)put the ice bag/pad on your heel and put a sock over it to hold it in place ,should ice for 15 to 20 minutes

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