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E12Hammer 4:45 Wed Sep 26
Jeremy Corbyn
Up to a few years ago I'd been an ardent Labour Party voter. He spent the run-up to the 2017 General Election making ridiculous promises to anyone who asked him a question. He basically knew he wasnt going to win the election, it was about damage limitation and getting as many votes as he could.

They lost the election, as we all know, but celebrated it like they'd won, having reduced the Tories majority enough for a hung parliament.

Now he's doing it again. Making promise after promise at the Labour conference, with no details on how anything will be achieved, or even paid for.

My personal belief is that he is now un-electable again. How anyone can take this man seriously is beyond me. Im nearly 50 years old and have never voted for anyone other than Labour, but wont be voting Labour anymore. They are just too far away from anything even remotely relating to sensibility.

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Sven Roeder 9:58 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Yes, Mike
Many 21 yo’s are as big as their Mothers
Still reckon they should be put down

Far Cough 9:53 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Fifth Column 8:39 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn

Not after the first trimester, I think in the UK?

13 Brentford Rd 9:50 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I think the conference will be the final nail in their coffin, was shocking to see!

Willtell 9:39 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
That's why most posters have realised you're a div Comma. No doubt fuelled by your Catholic God eh?

, 8:59 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
There are people who think any sort of pregnancy termination is a form of murder of a human so it does not matter how conception occurred abortion is morally wrong.

Fifth Column 8:39 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Just read through this thread, anyone who believes it's wrong for women to have abortions in case of rape is an absolute moron.

My personal view is that once a "baby" is able to function and grow into a healthy adult outside the womb given advances in medical technology then abortion should not be permitted. As I'm not a Dr I have no idea what the benchmark time period should be.

Nurse Ratched 7:44 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Free cheese. That would buy my vote. What about it, Jeremy? Nothing's too good for the working class.

Mike Oxsaw 7:20 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sven Roeder 10:24 Mon Oct 15

Kid will be as big as it's mum/long left the womb by then...

Willtell 11:19 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I'd only allow votes to net tax payers rather than those that receive those taxes...

Sven Roeder 10:24 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I’d allow abortions up to the age of 21

Gentile 9:27 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Labour will go down as the party that either destroyed the UK, or almost destroyed the UK - depending on whether the UK can elect a proper RW government to clean up their mess over the next five to ten years.

Blair should face a public execution in Trafalgar square for crimes against Queen and country.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:27 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn thinks that humans are bad and looks forward to the day they are all wiped out.

His words not mine. How’s that for human rights campaigning?

Boycie 12:39 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I dont think Labour will gain power again. It was an astonishing level of arrogance when they admitted they opened up the floodgates on immigration to displace voting in their favour. They had no mandate to do that and it was playing fast and loose with the country's resources. It wasn't impact assessed nor was it thought through.

Willtell 12:39 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I didn't Collyrob.

What I did see was latest polls on voting intentions and Corbin is 4% behind May! FMOB she's the worst PM since Brown and Major and Corbyn should be streets ahead.

I reckon the electorate are not ready for Marxism just yet....

collyrob 12:07 Mon Oct 15
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Did anyone see that diane Abbott interview saying general Mao done more good than bad😂😂

mashed in maryland 11:18 Sun Oct 14
Re: Jeremy Corbyn

Bit old, but worth a read.

Mike Oxsaw 7:24 Thu Oct 4
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:30 Thu Oct 4

I've absolutely no issue with the limit being dynamic and following medical advances. "God" has no place in this except in the minds of the weak-willed.

The decision should entirely be based on the medical professions expert advice in each case, with only the upper limiting factor set by law. Society then needs to be prepared to pick up any ongoing additional costs this creates over the lifetime of that new individual.

What I do see coming though, is medical advancement being able to PREVENT (many) spontaneous self-abortions - that is those where the mother's body has decided that the zygote/foetus is not viable and gets rid of it naturally.

Then we'll end up with a whole bunch of zealots trying to force "preventive medication" on every girl/woman who could possibly be pregnant.

Nurse Ratched 5:35 Thu Oct 4
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
I'm not religious so god's skill set and duties are not something I give any thought to.

The cells have potential to be a life, yes. But the zygote stage cannot be bypassed, so I expect JRM would argue your point is somewhat squishy and life is life at the point of conception. If viability is the criterion, at what point do you feel uncomfortable with abortion? 38 weeks? 32 weeks? 28 weeks? 24 weeks? 23 weeks?

Again, I'm happy to admit I can't stand my ground here on moral grounds, either. I'm fully aware of the hypocrisy of my preferences.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:35 Thu Oct 4
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
And, by the way, JRM doesn't agree with Mike, and that's his right, too.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:34 Thu Oct 4
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Darlo Debs 5:26 Thu Oct 4

'No Christian of any persuasion should be agreeing with Capital Punishment including JRM i would hope. Its up to.God to punish our sins surely?'

What utter nonsense. You are suggesting that people should be allowed to go around murdering people and that justice should be left up to God.

And Mike is not saying that at all, he's carefully qualified it by saying, 'up to a certain point'.

As far as I can see, the only opinion that is truly evil here is one that gives no consideration whatsoever to a foetus's right to life. That would be yours, it seems.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:30 Thu Oct 4
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Mike Oxsaw 5:17 Thu Oct 4

I agree on all points.

However, premature babies are now being delivered as early as 20 weeks and surviving. How does this stack up against a legal time limit for abortion of 24 weeks.

According to the most recent survey I can find (2005, so old) 68% of the public think the limit should be lowered:

2% said it should be permitted throughout pregnancy
25% support maintaining the current limit of 24 weeks
30% would back a measure to reduce the legal limit for abortion to 20 weeks
19% support a limit of 12 weeks
9% support a limit of fewer than 12 weeks
6% responded that abortion should never be allowed

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