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cornish 6:10 Wed Oct 3
Steve Bruce has been sacked I see.

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Russ of the BML 11:41 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
You have to give Bruce credit for making a career and shit loads of money for being 'not all that good' at what he does.

Remarkable achievement.

Northern Sold 11:39 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
I Love the flying feathered fucks..... on number 4 now... 1st was Mr Pecky... he lived for 20 years... next was Lilo who snuffed it in my hands (she was 6 months old) after having a seizure ... and Sheila .... who we thought had got over her respiritory infection only to chirp like a good un and then drop stone dead from her perch... toying with getting another one in to keep Bruce company...

Darlo Debs 11:31 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
northern ....I am.terrified of budgies and other caged birds..however R.I.P to your ex budgie.

Sven Roeder 7:48 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
Shit club with a European Cup?

normannomates 2:18 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
always regarding them as a shit club thh..

yes they have won the league and have a good stadium...but..i dont know...just never took em seriously.

at least brum support had some something about em.

normannomates 2:08 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
i have racing pigeons ..got into it a few yrs ago

normannomates 2:06 Fri Oct 5
Re: Bruce
the geezer is a cock
typical arrogant manc from that era

Swiss. 7:35 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
Fuck me do people still keep budgies?

Northern Sold 11:19 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
Bruce is the name of my surviving Budgie.... Sheila popped her clogs last week... RIP Sheila :-(

Darlo Debs 1:52 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
The villa fans obviously have beef with him

wanstead_hammer 1:38 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
Or Rob Greens?

zebthecat 1:32 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
If they want an ex Villa man as manager does Stan Cauliflower have his coaching badges?

Takashi Miike 1:29 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
not sure if it was the fan that threw it but a local reporter said one of the villa fans said..... "Im surprised he knew it was a cabbage, the size of the fat bastard"

Darlo Debs 1:23 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
i wonder if he has been Sprouting the same old crap about the refs, like he did when he was managing in the Prem.

eusebiovic 1:17 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
He'd been carrying a lot of emotional cabbage lately...

Darlo Debs 1:08 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
haha i SLAW that coming

wanstead_hammer 1:03 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
Leaf it out.
He's not a patch on the previous manager.

Darlo Debs 12:53 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
geep.given the rivalry between those two sides, wasn't it more like Millwall hiring our very own agent Lomas?

gank 12:42 Thu Oct 4
Re: Bruce
Dead man walking for what he did in his youth.

gph 9:06 Wed Oct 3
Re: Bruce
Odd appointment, anyway.

With his Birmingham City connections, it was like us appointing one of Tottenham's more mediocre ex-managers.

mallard 9:02 Wed Oct 3
Re: Bruce
The night we beat Birmingham 3-0, after his relegation comments, my mate tried getting a potato sack through the turnstiles to throw at him.

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