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Eggbert Nobacon 1:45 Thu Oct 4
Sky - Rice Chooses England

Declan Rice chooses to play for England over Republic of Ireland
Last Updated: 04/10/18 11:48am

Declan Rice has decided he wants to play for England in the future, even though he has featured in three senior friendly matches for the Republic of Ireland, Sky Sports News understands.

Rice has rejected a call-up to Martin O'Neill's squad for a second time to avoid playing in the UEFA Nations League, telling the Football Association of Ireland he needs time to consider his international future.

But, Sky Sports News understands plans are already in place to lodge the necessary paperwork with FIFA to amend his international registration so that he can play for England.

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Lertie Button 1:19 Sat Oct 6
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Will fit in very well along side Pickering, Maguire, Kane
In running for the ugliest team ever

Vexed 2:12 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England

boltkunt 11:38 Fri Oct 5

Think you'll find you just agreed with me. You thick cunt.

Eggbert Nobacon 1:12 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Vexed 11:24 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Eggbert Nobacon 11:17 Fri Oct 5

But realistically he isn't better than Eric Dier though is he?


collyrob 12:37 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
I’d 100% start rice over dier.

daveyg 12:10 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
This made me laugh especially the Dier is "plod" bid.


For a manager who has been accused of dawdling in the past merely because he talks as if Brian Clough were on the brink of clinching another Big Cup, Martin O’Neill has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to ensure history does not repeat itself. Back in March 1890, before even O’Neill’s formative years, a chancer called John Reynolds scored O’Ireland’s only goal in a 9-1 defeat by England before defecting to play for England on the convenient grounds he was born in Blackburn. Now there is a real possibility of Declan Rice becoming only the second man to play senior football for both O’Ireland and England, for whom he qualifies because he was born in London and Eric Dier is plod.

A former U-17 and U-19 Irish player of the year and holder of three senior caps, Rice has spent the last few months mulling over swapping a future under the orders of O’Neill and Roy Keane for many summers riding inflatable unicorns with mellow Gareth Southgate. The Irish management duo’s attempts to persuade him that this would be folly are being scrutinised with great interest and the self-styled “bad cop and bad, bad cop” combo will be judged on the success or otherwise of their lobbying. With Rice so far saying nothing publicly, Thursday’s press conference with O’Neill was eagerly anticipated. Inevitably, it turned out to be a good deal more entertaining than most of this team’s recent performances.
Asked whether he had been able to cajole Rice into continuing with O’Ireland, O’Neill chirped: “I’ve spoken to Declan and the family. They want a little bit more time to make up his mind. He hasn’t made a decision yet. I’m hopeful.” Fair enough. But then Sky Sports News started prodding the manager with a bright yellow ticker, announcing while O’Neill was still in the presence of hacks that Rice had in fact made up his mind and chosen to hook up with England. “Nothing surprises me in this life but I would be a bit surprised by that there particular story,” parped O’Neill before suggesting Sky’s information was “inaccurate”.

Meanwhile, whoever operates Rice’s account on Social Media Abomination Twitter clicked “like” on the FAI’s report that the player had asked for more time to consider his options. Which rather gave the impression that the 19-year-old is running the show with mischievous authority, demonstrating why both countries want him in their midfield. With no final decision yet forthcoming, O’Neill can continue hoping Rice’s flirtation with England is just part of a dressing-room prank on West Ham teammate Po’ Jack Wilshere.

Lee Trundle 12:01 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
I like HUGHTON. Comes across a decent man.

West Ham defensive midfielder Declan Rice is the only person who can decide his international future, says Brighton boss Chris Hughton.

London-born Rice, 19, has played three times for the Republic of Ireland but all were in friendly matches and he is considering switching to England.

"I would always sympathise with the situation," said 59-year-old Hughton, who won 53 caps for the Republic after being born in England to a Ghanaian father and Irish mother.

"There isn't anybody really that can make that decision for him."

In August, Martin O'Neill said England had approached Rice after the Republic boss left him out of the squad to face Wales.

Rice, who is eligible to play for the Republic because he has Irish grandparents, is also absent from the latest squad for their Uefa Nations League matches against Denmark and Wales this month.

"What can happen is that close people around you, your family, the club, can try and guide him but everybody has different situations," said Hughton.

"It's only him who can make those decisions and I'm sure that whatever he does will be the right decision for him."

Northern Sold 11:49 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Dier a couple of years back was a pretty decent player.... Dier the past 12 months is on par with John Pantsil... totally lost the plot me thinks

Passerby66 11:42 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Vexed 11:21 Fri Oct 5


Hermit Road 11:42 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
He is already a much better player than that box-headed cart-horse.

boltkunt 11:38 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
But realistically he isn't better than Eric Dier though is he?

Of course he fucking isn't, Rice has only been in the PL for 2 years. Dier has a lot more experience.

What an utterly redonkuless comparison to make. Not surprised it's Vexed though.

The thick cunt.

Takashi Miike 11:36 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
he's by far, our best defensive midfielder, please stop talking shite

Vexed 11:24 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Eggbert Nobacon 11:17 Fri Oct 5

But realistically he isn't better than Eric Dier though is he? He's had maybe three good performances for us. It's a promising start but too early to talk about bumper contracts and ludicrously early to talk about England caps. Hes not even our best midfielder! And our midfield is shit!

You lot need to calm down.

Vexed 11:21 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
"Now his carer has taken off "

Poached by Texas Iron no doubt.

Eggbert Nobacon 11:17 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Vexed 8:56 Thu Oct 4
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Hope he does get an England cap but its a fucking long shot.

Better than Eric fucking Dier right now let alone in a couple of year times

Passerby66 11:15 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
In all seriousness, I totally understand that the Irish are pissed off and I think that they have every right to be pissed off too. Although Declan Rice is English he did play for Ireland and he really should have stayed there.

That said,, I can understand why Rice did it. He was until very recently a player that did not look like he would ever have a chance at England level and so he accepted the opportunity to play for a country where he would likely get international game time.

Now his carer has taken off and he looks like he has the chance to play for England internationally it makes perfect sense that he wants to play for his own country on what will likely be a much bigger stage. It will also help his earnings.

I think it is a bit unfair to castigate the kid for a decision that he made when he was 16 to first play for Ireland. I do not know, but am willing to bet that it was the FAI who approached him to play for them and not the other way round. They picked an English kid and got him to play for them based on ancestry for their own benefit not his. As long as the rules allow it (and they do) I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed to change his mind and play for his country instead of his grandparents country.

In all honesty nobody comes out of this with any great credit. Declan should not have kissed the Irish badge. The FAI should not have been trying to lock in young English kids to play for their country. The FA should have spotted his potential earlier and capped him at U16 themselves. That said, everybody has just been looking after their own interests so it is a bit unfair to blame each other for doing the same.

I love Ireland and I love the Irish. I consider myself English but I also have Irish ancestry just like Declan Rice and I have great affection for the country.

Northern Sold 9:19 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
So he wasn't concentrating on club football when he got called up for the Micks then?

Sven Roeder 8:11 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Jadon Sancho and Mason Mount in the England squad so Rice not quite such a long shot.
One of the reports I read said he had decided that he will declare for England but has asked for more time to concentrate on club football for now.
Given the other selections plus Maddison who has played half a dozen Prem games I expect he would have been in this squad otherwise

normannomates 1:40 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
hermit rd 11.04

ornchurch ammer 1:27 Fri Oct 5
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
It’s hardly like trying to get in the Argentinian team ahead of Messi and Aguero.

Or the West Ham team ahead of Hayden Mullins.

Gavros 11:44 Thu Oct 4
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
Portugal and France are pretty blase about pulling in players from their former empires.

Maybe if we had been more on top of the football and less on the cricket and rugby we'd have won the world cup a few more times ourselves.

Norman 11:42 Thu Oct 4
Re: Sky - Rice Chooses England
They’re the rules of nationality so would be hard to change. Irish use the Grandparents, Parent rule as they don’t have the players. You have to try to compete when teams like Italy, Spain etc pick Brazilians who have no links to their country for example Diego Costa

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