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dicksie3 4:41 Fri Oct 5
Anyone on here suffer from a form of anxiety? Crowds? Noise? Open spaces? Feeling of fear or impending doom for no fucking reason at all? The drink makes that one much, much worse.

What a cunt it is.

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SarfendWHU 10:26 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Sister suffered severe anxiety attacks to the extent she would be in such a state that she would be convinced she was having a heart attack, heart breaking to witness, doctors prescribed anti depressants which didn't help, she takes CBD oil drops now, and hasn't had an attack since, maybe worth a try fella, ?

Takashi Miike 10:26 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Nurse Ratched 8:59 Wed Oct 10m


simon.s 9:57 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
If only it worked like that, I’d watch Live Aid again, obviously with the sound down when that cunt Geldof was on.

BRANDED 9:13 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Go and see how the bottom billion people live.

Should help.

simon.s 9:10 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
I’ve managed to keep a lid on the panic attacks and to an extent the depression, but I guess the real kicker for me is anxiety. It always seems to be there, or lurking in the background. I think I just have to accept that modern life makes you anxious in one guise or another and try as best I can to live with it.

dicksie3 9:08 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Just 10mg. Yeah, I've heard of some shit side-effects of them!

I'm not going to give them any longer than a month. If there's no improvement in that time then that's it with medication for me. That's ample enough time to see some improvement.

Nurse Ratched 8:59 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
That's also a recognised side effect of dating me.

neco 8:57 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
dicksie3 7:24 Wed Oct 10

Have you started on 10 or 20mg?

When i took it the first month or so i had some real shit days, never started feeling better for it until a couple of months. After that it was OK & i did feel better in myself but was glad to eventually get off them.

Oh and just to warn you of one side effect, it's near on impossible to ejaculate.

Nurse Ratched 8:23 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Wish you luck.

Insist on proper CBT, though. Not their standard talky-talky nonsense.

dicksie3 8:15 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Yeah, if my low-dosage treatment does fuck-all for me in four weeks then I'm fucking the medication off. There should be some improvement in that time, even with low-dosage, otherwise I don't think that it's worth it.

I cannot be fucked to then increase the dosage or change medication again. I'd rather then just stick to therapy.

Nurse Ratched 7:29 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
The evidence that antidepressants work is extremely weak. Any benefit is likely to be placebo effect. That 'imbalance of brain chemistry' theory is unproven, too. Not only can drug companies not provide strong clinical evidence that ABs work, they can't even explain HOW they 'work'.

People often have horrible side effects and find coming off them difficult.

You'd be better off going for CBT (not standard 'counselling').

dicksie3 7:27 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
I'm fucking booze off for some time. I'm more of a binge-drinker than a regular drinker anyway but I'm fucking it off altogether for a while.

dicksie3 7:24 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Thanks a lot for the advice, all. Funnily enough, I've started on a low dosage of Citalopram today. I felt fucking horrendous 20 or 30 minutes later for a brief period but not too bad since then. I was very reluctant to take anything but I just thought that I'd give it a go in the end as they seem to help a lot of sufferers.

If it makes things worse after a month then I'll consider fucking off medication altogether and just stick to therapy.

I'm starting therapy sessions later this month. Hopefully, I can get a grip on things sooner than later.

FruityBoots. 7:18 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in the past, awful feelings and never in control of when they come on. I could be sitting in the front room watching tv with the missus and kids and within minutes it’s taken hold of you. I’d take myself away, have a bath or sit in the garage where I have a weights bench and force my mind away from it. I also use phenergan (promethazine)which helps calm (you can get over the counter or online)

simon.s 7:13 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Ditching the booze is massive part of alleviating the problem, as others have said. Ditching the booze in itself can be a bit of a problem though.

I’ve had a good five or six weeks or so of no booze (well two and a half pints in that period) and felt great, running a lot, sleeping better too. Went to Spain the weekend and got on it, so all the old problems have crept back over the last few days. Back on the wagon I guess.....

The Kronic 6:37 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
I reckon it's more down to the processed muck we eat nowadays than the booze.

Buster 6:08 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
tea, SON!

What works for some won't work for others. Citalopram gave me worse panic attacks than I'd ever had without meds. Went to Sertraline and it absolutely sorted me out. 100% my anxiety was caused by booze though.

Scared the shit out of me, to be honest.

neco 6:03 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Hopefully this thread has helped dicksie3, what it has done is show how many of us have suffered or are suffering with this shit.
Personally i think mindfulness & exercise are the way forward, i know medication helps a lot of people but i found Citalopram a real libido killer when i was on it.

By the way today is world mental health awareness day so it's good to talk.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 4:40 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Metazapine and quetiapine here. I’ve downed my dosage since running. Exercise is better than any pill in my opinion.

cup of tea 4:26 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
Buster SON

I am on Citalopram, works well for me and I tolerate it well. Ironically I started on Sertraline - gave me hallucinations. One morning I woke up and there was a dinosaur at the end of my bed then I realised it was the wife!

Buster 3:31 Wed Oct 10
Re: Anxiety
In all seriousness, CAPSIE, lay off the beer. And if you're having regular anxiety/panic attacks then go and see your doc and get some meds. Someone mentioned Citalopram - That fucked me up something rotten and I found that Sertraline was the one that worked. Just a case of seeing what works. No shame in it at the end of the day.

I wouldn't wish anxiety attacks on anyone. Fucking awful business. Almost ruined my last season at the BOLEYN.

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