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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

J.Riddle 3:04 Sat Oct 6
Ogbonna for LB please!
Posted this on the match thread, but it is a real problem position for us that needs sorting quick.

Positionally Masuaku and Cresswell both make the same mistakes tucking in with the CB's when the opposition are attacking leaving massive spaces out on the right wing empty for the opposition attackers to attack get to the byline and cut back where most goals come from. They should be both defending their wing to at least force the wingers inside normall on their worst foot instead of making it easy for them.

Pelle must have told Masuaku not to commit himself so much getting forward because he is worried about his defending, v Man Utd I was screaming at him to get down the wing when there was loads of space but he wouldn't and kept on checking back and inside. Pelle knows Cresswell is the same, so he should give Ogbonna a go until he can buy someone else.

If I'm an opposition manager I'm going to tell my players to attack down the right hand side as that is our weakness. Cresswell and Masuaku can't defend, both very decent going forward, but get caught out getting back when we lose possession.

Fredericks was similar on the other side until Zab came in.

I've been saying since Liverpool, given that we now have the CBs covered Pelle needs to bring Ogbonna in as LB v Spurs. Ogbonna can play LB and is left footed. Crap at going forward, but stability is what we need in that position and he cant be any worse than the other two options.

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BillyJenningsBoots 12:40 Mon Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
It's all utter rubbish....

Masuaka was in the middle close to Murray when the cross came in. Is someone going to explain why he appeared to drift away from him instead of Attacking the cross... It's school boy stuff!

As a full back wing back wing nut whatever he should know to tuck in when the cbs get sucked across field to cover..

It ain't rocket surgery!
Another mistake

Kaiser Zoso 11:10 Mon Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
I don’t get it that Masuaku gets all this negative shit

I also don’t get it that Angelo Ogbonna would in any way represent an improvement. He’s shit on the ball, his control and passing is an accident waiting to happen, as is his defending. Maybe heading at set pieces, I’ll give you that

I suppose it’s a relief no one is backing Cresswell though

LeroysBoots 11:04 Mon Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Murray was wide open where the CB's should have been, don't quite understand the Masuaka blame

Vexed 11:01 Mon Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
It wasn't Masuaku who should have been marking Murray. I really don't know how he can be blamed for a goal where about three or four mistakes had already happened. Zabaleta being totally out of position leading to the centre backs who should have been marking Murray getting pulled out of position. In my opinion of course.

Westham67 12:37 Mon Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
I just watched MOTD we did have more chance after 1 nil down than I though

Also Masuaku did just stopped running and was ball watching and then done his bollocks when they scored , so he obviously didn't know he had to mark Murray

chedylan 2 11:26 Sun Oct 7
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Arthur is a winger / wingback.

He's not a very good left back because he is shit at defending and rash in the tackle.

We all saw the massive improvement last season when moyes played him more advanced. He is pretty much playing out of position currently. Its a bit like putting marko back on wing.

Johnson 10:52 Sun Oct 7
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Masuaku over Yarmalenko?


White Pony 9:43 Sun Oct 7
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!


No thanks.

LeroysBoots 11:04 Sun Oct 7
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Cresswell LB
Masuaka LW
Anderson RW
Yarmolenko Subs bench

Just a thought !

Mex Martillo 12:03 Sun Oct 7
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Go on then Chigwell,
What side if the Atlantic are you on and explain that to me what the diference is between defence and defense.
I have never understood languages and spelling. Surprisingly I now speak two fluently even if not correctly. My UK school teachers would not believe it! I think my English teacher never forgave me for getting an O level after she predicted NO chance. It was not difficult just limit vocabulary to what I knew how to spell, dumb fucks.

eusebiovic 9:25 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Ogbonna at left-back would be suicidal...He more often than not gets outpaced or caught flat footed in the centre...

Chigwell 9:09 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
My comment on this is - the noun (at least on this side of the Atlantic) is DEFENCE, not DEFENSE.

Northern Sold 8:52 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Yup world class....

Mex Martillo 8:48 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Absolutely agree Sold, Masuaku is world class, his ball control is just excellent, lovely to watch and he has the left side well controlled. I do not understand some people on here, it is like they do not watch and just blindly repeat the same tune.

AKA ERNIE 8:13 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Anderson. ain't lazy

Jaan Kenbrovin 8:06 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Yeah funny how our two players with the most tackles are apparently, a defender who can’t defend, and a lazy lightweight winger.

It’s almost like it completely contradicts what people are saying.

Northern Sold 7:58 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Thing is with Oggy is that i'm not sure he can do that trap... drag back... and pass the ball 5 yards that Arthur is absolute world class at... be up there with the Cruyff turn soon

AKA ERNIE 7:25 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
masuaku is a terrible left back defensively the reason. he's constantly questioned was shown up last night.

As for most tackles Anderson has made as many according to the stats in today's paper

boleynkid 7:21 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
I would give Cresswell a start now and see if he improves in a team at least playing "better" than it was a little while ago.

ornchurch ammer 6:32 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Arthur can't defend. Hasn't got a clue. Full stop.

However if you want an attacking full back or wing back then he may give you 1 good game in 3.

How people rate him over Cresswell amazes me.

Stubbo 4:59 Sat Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna for LB please!
Im not advocating dropping Masuaku, let alone sticking Ogbonna there.

However he was culpable to some extent last night. When Diop leaves Murray he visibly points to and hands off Murray to Masuaku so he can pick up the free man in front of him.

Masuaku then watches as Murray strolls into the middle and scores.

As said it all starts when Yarma gets robbed in the middle, but as someone who has played fullback, when Diop hands off, Masuaku should have been busting a gut to get close to Murray. Simply, he didn't.

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