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Any Old Iron 1:18 Sun Oct 7
Y**s big club myth
42000 there today. Yeah, yeah, I know they had a big game the other night and it was only Cardiff today, but surely this just shows they're not quite as big as they like to crow that they are.

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Russ of the BML 11:31 Tue Oct 9
Re: Y**s big club myth
Full Claret Jacket 12:17 Sun Oct 7

They may be miles away but they are above the pitch looking down. Not like me sitting on a cliff looking at the horizon.

Norman 8:44 Mon Oct 8
Re: Y**s big club myth
Agree their support has been shocking at times Over the last few years. They do think they have the best support going though. All these people who keep saying “at least there new ground will be a proper Football Stadium”. It will be a decent stadium but as said it’s in probably the worst area of London and will me a living nightmare to get in out off. The nearest tube is well over a mile away and the BR station are ofren closed for engineering works at weekends. The stadium comes out even further than before onto the High Road which will be gridlocked. Good luck with that

Hermit Road 5:23 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
I should have said an open sewer as to be fair, my strol along the sewer ank above the canal next to our ground is extremely pleasant.

Hermit Road 5:21 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
Their stadium might dish out 50 pound notes from gold-plated seats but there’s no escaping its in the absolute arsehole of London. I drove through there the other day and washed my tyres when I got home. It’s a sewer.

Hammer and Pickle 5:19 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
Tell us about a club that fills every seat it sells every home game week in, week out.

Or on second thoughts, just fuck off, you arsehole.

Johnson 5:03 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
No Lard, we do not.

We might sell every seat, however we do not fill every seat week in week out. This is a fact so don’t show yourself up arguing it.

Northern Sold 5:00 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
Yeah ours is miles better yeah MDE you mupp'.... turn it fucking in...

11MDE 4:52 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
Their new stadium is a real missed opportunity for them. Inside it looks just like every other boring, dull generic football stadium that gets built these days. They had the chance to do something really bold and brave, but now have a lopsided shaped greenhouse that looks like a toilet from above and without a proper roof. And it's still smaller than ours even with 62.062 seats.

Our's might not work for some, but at least it's original, holds the noise in well and we have the infrustructure to cope with large crowds.

Admiral Lard 4:50 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
WE fill every seat we are allowed to fill... the remainder are in dispute with LS185

Johnson 4:09 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
We don’t fill it, there’s on average 8k plus empty seats every week.

Admiral Lard 3:54 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
It shows what a fantastic job our owners have done in filling the LS week in week out regardless of results

eusebiovic 3:10 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
At least it's a purpose-built football stadium...

I'd like to think that it's not beyond the skill of an architect to one day come up with a stadium design which is based on a traditional box like design with steeper stands (at least behind the goals).

Like Cars, they all look so generic these days...

FC Basel stadium always looks good to me... it's like a modern smaller version of Boca Juniors Bombonera...

RM10 2:45 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
if they won the world cup and had the best stadium in the world they are still cu--s, so why bother mentioning them on this site unless we play them.

happygilmore 2:43 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth

Envy is not a good trait.

Pagey 2:28 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
They’ve just played Barcelona in the Champions League which I think we’d all happily take so the obsession needs to stop. It’s embarrassing.

They’ve been fortunate with Kane developing the way he has but they’ve also been shrewd with the signings of Alli (£5m) and Eriksen (£12m). We’re miles away from where they are right now.

Sven Roeder 1:23 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
From what I’ve seen it looks like another flat bowl like Wembley without the compactness to make a truly atmospheric stadium.
With a cheese tunnel and beigel bakery.
In the middle of a slum

Oh and full of cunts

Won’t be open this season though I expect

Full Claret Jacket 12:17 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y**s big club myth
Saw the pictures from their new stadium this week and some of the seats look miles from the pitch so spending 850 million doesn't guarantee a good view for everyone and they will charge obsene prices to go there. If they get small crowds maybe they will give away tickets and take away some of the Spurs day-trippers that turn up to our games at London Stadium.

Eerie Descent 11:18 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y-fronts big club myth?
Sad to say, but their new stadium looks the fucking nuts.

RM10 11:07 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y-fronts big club myth?
agreed leave it for match day.

Northern Sold 10:15 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y-fronts big club myth?
More threads about SPURS than us on here nowadays....proper obsessed ....

marty feldman 9:56 Sun Oct 7
Re: Y-fronts big club myth?
The stadium didn't have a restricted attendance there was clearly supporters in the upper tier .

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