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madeeasy 4:23 Mon Oct 8
Kids football
Took Mrs little one to his kids football yesterday.

The 3g pitch and set up they played at was amazing. It's only under 9's but the way it is all set up compared to how it was when we were kids playing is something else.

Some parents though scream instructions at their kids and confuse the life out of them. Crazy.

He scored the winner in a one nil win in the cup for those that are interested.

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Fifth Column 2:05 Fri Oct 12
Re: Kids football
Dr Matt

I was one of those coaches who would run around and shout like Klopp on speed at U7s match.

I've since calmed down. Having said that, I never shouted anything negative at the kids or at the refs. I would just shout constant instructions. I stopped doing that after a couple of years.

Fifth Column 1:24 Fri Oct 12
Re: Kids football
Northern you're right... Much less kick around football in the park now. My own kids all play in teams but rarely go for a kick about with their mates

Northern Sold 9:49 Thu Oct 11
Re: Kids football
I don't know what the standard is now at kids football but one thing I do notice is basically the lack of kids actually playing the game... I mean any bit of greenery we had as a kid we would play on it... if no green then we'd play on concrete... every lunch break at school the ball would come out... now?? Over parks the only kids I see now are ones that might mug you... not a football in sight... well apart from on their X Box that is

Iron2010 9:14 Wed Oct 10
Re: Kids football
It’s very hard not to get carried away because you so badly want to see the kids do well as it means so much to them.

A lot of self control is needed.

Dr Matt 7:31 Wed Oct 10
Re: Kids football
Law of averages suggests some of the martyrs on this thread are bull shitting and probably run around like Jurgen Klopp on amphetamines at an under 7’s match!

FruityBoots. 7:02 Wed Oct 10
Re: Kids football
Both my boys play and I’ve run the line for about 8 years in total between them and it’s become harder and harder with the abuse being hurled. The arguments about how some parents and coaches regard off side are ridiculous even some of the so called referees who get £20-30 a game don’t have a clue. It’s not every team but it’s not far off that.

Fifth Column 12:24 Wed Oct 10
Re: Kids football
W4 Hammer

Yeah the subs thing. People looking at it as free childcare. Usually the same people driving massive 4x4 cars and pleading poverty. Cunts the lot of them.

Fifth Column 12:22 Wed Oct 10
Re: Kids football
W4 Hammer

If it was 9 a side it would have been U11 or U12

Upton Park Mark 7:09 Tue Oct 9
Re: Kids football
The set up may be different but the parents are just the same, if not worse these days. Most kids don't care less if they win or lose.

I've been involved with coaching youth football for 7 years. In my mind there are two types of parent/player 1. Core and 2. Circuit

Core will stick with you through thick and thin, these are your priority players. Whereas circuit are obsessed with academies, scouts, and the Eastern Junior Alliance league (the elite league in East of England) and will leave the team if they think the grass is greener. Circuits won't admit it, but they will never give up on the hope that their son/daughter will become a professional.

At ages 20/21 Core and 99.99% of Circuit all join up to go through the door that leads on to civvy street, and those weekends that circuit parent has spent in the car driving son to academy matches amounts to nothing.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 12:02 Tue Oct 9
Re: Kids football
use to take my son when he was young
and some of the parents from the other teams would scream and shout abuse at a young ref if he make a decision they didn't like

1964 7:48 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football
Done 8 years of managing kids football/

Nearly packed it in when one drunk Dad came up to me at training and said: "We pay the subs so he should be in the team"


-[Rasta]- 6:39 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football
I coach at under 11 and my other boy is at under 9, depends what club your at if its decent the coach wont stand for anything but encouragement from the sidelines from the parents, you do get some orrible parents/coaches from other teams, yesterday we has the opposition coach screaming at the ref (who looked about 12) for a throw in he thought went the wrong way lol

w4hammer 6:17 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football
Russ of the BML 5:20 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football

Pretty much like my experience - I quit on a number of occasions however got back into it again- the number of parents who you had to end up saying- you owe three months subs and if you dont pay he doesnt play- same cunst every year- they had the money just saw us a free babysitting / care service.

Russ of the BML 5:20 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football
w4hammer 4:45 Mon Oct 8

Too many people go to kids football who haven't got a clue how to talk to / coach kids. Haven't even got a clue about football full stop.

My mate manages a team and he always says the parents before games "Please encourage. But don't criticise and don't shout instructions".

All the parents stick to this rule and they get on fine. Had a few barney's with some proper extreme and aggressive managers / parents from opposing sides last season. He almost packed it up but carried on after being talked round.

There are some true maniacs out there.

w4hammer 4:45 Mon Oct 8
Re: Kids football
good stuff- my days of doing this for my lad are over- had a fantastic 10 years although some mornings were a bit of a grind, in hindsight

walked across the park yesterday and saw a local match - im guessing they were under nine/ ten it was nine per side i think i counted - the pitch size and goal size is good now!?

some decent football and at that age its easy to spot the best players...one kid beat three and then curled in the top corner.., real quality

Parents/coaches tho (sigh) speakjing as an parent/ex manager/kit man etc i know that on occasions i was quilty of some direct "encouragement" however there was a bloke yesterday who was ( inadvertently) telling each player every time they got the ball what he thought they should do = they got rid of the ball as soon as they could. I very nearly walked up to him and had a word however its not my business- dofeel for the poor kids tho

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