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normannomates 3:03 Fri Oct 12
John 'biffo' Bindon
what a life this bod led.


shagged anything that moved ..including royalty


MASSIVE appendage

film star

minder for led zeppelin..went bandy..but still

mad as fuck knife fight in a yacht club


all in 50 yrs...fair play

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J.Riddle 6:32 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
Didn't Kriss Akabusi have a similar party trick?

Takashi Miike 5:47 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon

Eerie Descent 5:46 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
What, so you can watch another man stick it over his cock when you've finished it?

Northern Sold 5:17 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
After a few pints (how many is unknown), he would perform his favourite party trick, a routine used many time in pubs across the world over the next 40 years: "I'd hang five half-pint beer glasses on me manhood. Everyone would ask how it's done beforehand so I'd put them out of their misery and thread my old chap through the handles of the glasses." It is a fact, attested to by the many who saw it, that John Bindon had a large penis.

Now you all know why I drink half pints...

Northern Sold 1:16 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
I bought some Purple Hearts from him once... they were shit so I smashed up his Jag...

Russ of the BML 1:10 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
"he draped his cock across the table, stuck a fork in it and said, "can I have this lightly grilled, darling?"

Made me laugh.

Oh dear 9:33 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
A friend of mine had a flower stall in Fulham in the late 70’s – early 80’s. He also used John Bindon to collect his debts.

Surprisingly this loose association with a known enforcer actually attracted customers, it also helped with the cash flow.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:06 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
Why is the former Scotland manager writing about our young Portuguese player from the 90s comments about this blokes chopper?

Sven Roeder 7:52 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
Mysteriously got off a murder charge because he was bending one up Princess Margaret.
Also read that he was given an award for saving someone from drowning in the Thames.

Apparently he had thrown the bloke in and was happy to watch him drown until a policeman wandered by.

westhammerer 3:41 Fri Oct 12
Re: John 'biffo' Bindon
Fascinating charater.

Read about him in Craig Brown's (Private Eye) biography of Princess Margaret. I think he might have died of cancer, however, and there is some dispute as to whether he actually slept with PM.

Here's a quote from the Internet:

More though than his acting and his thuggery, Bindon was famous for the size of his cock. And he would love showing it off and to everyone. He could grasp it with two large hands and still have plenty left over to swing in a circle. Dani called it, in a French accent, Le pink elicoptere. It was like a hose. His party trick in pubs was to put empty pint glasses on it, and put his penis through the handles. I believe he could do ten at one time, or something ridiculous. I was having lunch with him in the Great American Disaster one day, when the waitress came to take our order, without lifting his haunches, he draped his cock across the table, stuck a fork in it and said, can I have this lightly grilled, darling? Yes, that was John Bindon, the thug with the giant one.

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