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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

jayjones 12:34 Tue Oct 23
Changing energy supplier
Mods please remove if need be, just switched to Octopus Energy, seems pretty good so far, if anyone wants £50 credit on their account when you switch then please use my referral code; https://share.octopus.energy/calm-cub-445

If you dont ask then you dont get.

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jayjones 10:43 Fri Dec 7
Re: Changing energy supplier
Thanks to those who used my referral to sign up, turns out im still around 100 away from the top so unless over 100 of you decide to sign up before the end of today looks like I will miss out. Looks like some people have really put alot of effort in to win the Tesla or Jag!

Rab 2:16 Fri Nov 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
Without meaning to steal your thunder jj, I signed up to these guys a couple of months ago after they were on dragons den https://lookaftermybills.com

I takes all of 2 minutes to sign up. I got an email out of the blue this week telling me my supplier was going to be changed to someone else and it'll save me over £100.

jayjones 2:02 Fri Nov 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
I have been informed that I am 1 more referral away from a guaranteed prize, top three are a different car and I need two more to move into 1st so if anyone is still thinking of changing then have a look at Octopus, I changed from Sainsburys and Octopus are much cheaper and the customer service has been spot on over the last few months, plus we each get £50 credit on the account;


The Kronic 10:53 Thu Nov 22
Re: Changing energy supplier
Amazing but true - no cunt seems to know who supplies my gas - so i don't pay for it.

Thank you incompetence as a direct result of privatisation.

Syd Puddefoot 10:48 Thu Nov 22
Re: Changing energy supplier
diehardhammer 10:45 Wed Nov 21

What he said.

Changed twice in two years now, very easy saving lots in the process, and a shout out for Peoples Energy who were the cheapest and when I had a problem (with the people I had switched from not turning off the Direct Debit) they answered the phone within seconds, and with a real person as well.

To be fair to the previous mob (Arva Energy) i had also had no problems up to then and they also answered pronto and have promised to sort it out.

jayjones 1:32 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
Dan, iv had no issues with Octopus at all but when I have had to contact them to ask general questions they have replied within hours and am very impressed with them. They have also been given another companies customers when that company went bust.

Dan M 12:28 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
From my limited research it seems the cheaper they are the more cuntier they are if you ever have a problem with them. If you're confident there will never be a time you have to interact with the company then go for the cheapest. Bulb and Spark seem to be the worst of these.

Of course the expensive ones have the capacity to be cunts as well.

I switch most years, but have stayed with PFP this year as they've given me a decent cheap/service combo so far. Sainsburys were pretty good when I used them. First Utility were definitely in the cunthouse.

Don't forget to switch via a cashback site rather than a comparison site.

diehardhammer 10:45 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
just join the moneysavingexpert energy club, they literally do the hard work finding cheaper suppliers for you

fraser 9:04 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
Do you still get a discount if it's first account and not switching?

JAC 8:45 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
I switch every year...mad/lazy not to...decent savings...Im with Bulb...never heard of tghem before but a lot cheaper than the big boys.

jayjones 2:00 Wed Nov 21
Re: Changing energy supplier
Octopus are running a comp to win one of three cars for anyone who refers someone tonswigch provider so if no one minds I’ll stick this up again and we both get a £50 credit if you use my referral https://share.octopus.energy/calm-cub-445‬

jayjones 8:48 Wed Oct 24
Re: Changing energy supplier
Fair enough Mace, Iv had nothing but a good experience as has anyone else I have spoken with and their feedback is one of the best out there at the moment and that’s the same with their price.

Mace66 3:39 Wed Oct 24
Re: Changing energy supplier
Octopus are fucking cack !!

I agreed with them to change my gas and electric to smart meters in February. They coped ok with the Electric but somebody fucked the paperwork up for the gas and the fitter didn't do it so i had to get them back later to do the switch.

8 months later and they still haven't managed to get the new meter on their system.

jayjones 11:21 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
Yeah I saw that Buster, don’t think that will happen with Octopus though as they have been given thousands of customers by ofgem earlier this year when another one went bush and they are also the only ones recommended by which and keep winning loads of awards, they are the cheapest for me at the moment anyway and their response time with queries is top notch

Buster 6:49 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
I'm with TONIK.

Was dubious at first as I'd never heard of them, but it's the first time I've never switched suppliers after a year.

defjam 6:40 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
I did this about a year ago, the firm went bust last week.

USIO energy!


The_Phantom 5:16 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
I finally got around to doing this about a month ago and am saving £35-40 per month

ted fenton 4:59 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier

cup of tea 2:53 Tue Oct 23
Re: Changing energy supplier
Changing SPLATT suppliers ....

Anyway, why more people do not change is beyond me - loads to be saved. I switched from EON (utter cunts) to Spark Energy and my annual bill has reduced by 23%.

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