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Gavros 12:50 Wed Oct 24
McCann's statement analysis
Very long (in fact you can miss out the first fourty minutes which is an introduction of statement analysis. What follows is a remarkable analysis of an interview with the McCanns.


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Lertie Button 10:20 Sun Nov 18
Re: McCann's statement analysis
So what's the theory as far as the McCanns, who done it?

Can't be arsed reading all this but the Ma's got to be guilty cause she's Scottish and a woman

Feed Me Chicken 10:10 Sun Nov 18
Re: McCann's statement analysis
A simple harmless video taken by one of the party at the time.......Please watch and notice the body language of Gerry and the fact he’s happy to swear like that in front of not only his own kids but others aswell.

Quite telling of what kind of man he is imo.


Pee Wee 9:10 Sun Nov 18
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Saw it on Twitter earlier and made me titter

Pee Wee 9:10 Sun Nov 18
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Pogba £89,000,000

Maddie £13,000,000

Pogba gone missing 50 times

Maddie gone missing 1 time.

She's a bargain

kirok1 8:07 Sun Nov 18
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Mad Dog 9:37 Sat Nov 17
Unless there is a genuine attempt, due to founded suspicion, but insufficient evidence, to get someone.
Trouble is, this is highly unlikely.

Lily Hammer 9:43 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
The undisputed fact that human blood and, more importantly, cadavarine were detected in the car and apartment, is a screaming coincidence, at the very least.

I thought it was in the police detective's bible that coincidence has to be treated as suspicious until they are satisfied it is purely coincidence.

Can't say that attitude has been shown by the british police at any point so far. I may be wrong, as I don't follow every twist and turn of this morbid story.

Mad Dog 9:37 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
I haven't had time to look through the whole thread, however I assume someone has clarified if all missing children get this much financial backing,?

BRANDED 8:45 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
All the evidence screams of Tory peaco ring.

southbankbornnbred 8:32 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Very briefly, the fact that the couple were made suspects by the Portuguese police is also controversial and needs proper examination.

Of course, the Portuguese may have more evidence than has ever been publicly made available - I'm not of the lazy view that the local/national police on the Med were incompetent.

But the decision to re-register the case locally from a Misper to a possible homicide was taken on the back of a highly controversial DNA examination which has subsequently been considered unsafe. The Portuguese moved quickly to re-define the case on the back of the discovery of DNA in the boot of the car. But the expert (and he really is one) at the Forensic Science Service had informed people that the results of the test (which is a particular low-bar test made when the samples are poor) was 'too complex for meaningful interpretation'.

That should start anybody's alarm bells ringing.

Like I say, I'm not an expert on this case. But I can absolutely see why there have been no arrests or charges. There simply doesn't appear to be definitive evidence one way or another.

I actually think that it's high time the UK moved on from it. It's a horrible case, and I feel for the poor girl. But £12m spent in the UK alone sounds like desperation at this point - unless there is something the police have not mentioned.

southbankbornnbred 8:16 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
But there is a very big difference between a version of events not adding up, and definitive evidence.

I've been involved in cases in which there were numerous accounts provided by different innocent parties - none of which turned out to be definitively true: even when somebody was later found guilty of the particular crime.

The one thing you quickly learn in complex cases is to keep an open mind - and follow the evidence. I'm not saying there is not evidence in this case, but I am saying that it is not yet definitive one way or another. Whether you like it or not, that is simply a fact.

Pee Wee 4:29 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
"I'd say that the evidence (such that it exists) is far from definitive or indicative either way."

Then I'd suggest you read more as one thing is certain, and that is that their version of events did not happen.

That alone should make them prime suspects.

mashed in maryland 3:15 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
British police have made it very clear that when it comes to high profile cases involving child abuse they're not to be trusted. Don't see how this case is any different.

Gavros 3:10 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
But it wasn't missed, was it. The Portuguese police had them down as prime suspects, and the British police have been *told* that they can't make them suspects, otherwise they clearly would.

southbankbornnbred 2:53 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
But here's something to think about...

It is, of course, quite possible that one reason why the Met has not closed the case, and keeps funding extensions to it, is that they (and possibly the police in Portugal) are aware of evidence or claims that they know about - but which is/are not admissible in a court.

Either that, or the fear of adverse media publicity, could be the driving force behind the Met's decision to keep extending the investigation.

This is purely speculation, but I do know that existing inadmissible evidence has often been a driver in these sorts of cases in the past.

And, just to be balanced about this, I should also make it clear that this sort of inadmissible evidence could indicate actions by any number of ppl - not just the parents, or friends etc. One common example would be an informed prison cell confession made to other inmates etc. It could be phone tap evidence - it could be any number of things.

southbankbornnbred 2:45 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
That may well be the case - or, perhaps, not.

But if you have some insight that appears to have been missed by 60-odd trained and professional detectives (here and in Portugal), with a total budget of £12m allowing them to speak in detail with every major individual who was present at the time...then do go to the cops and let them know.

I'm being flippant, of course, and I certainly don't mean to pick on your post. But the serious point is that the evidence - and we can only focus on the evidence - is far from definitive. For every inconsistency in various witness statements, there are potential explanations or plausible alternatives which cannot be ruled out.

Many ppl, for example, continue to repeat the cadaver dog evidence. Which is fine. But many of the very same ppl don't seem to realise that the hire care was rented days after Madeleine went missing - leaving open many possibilities as to why the dogs responded how they did.

The reality is that few people anywhere in the world can say definitively what happened. Which is truly sad. I genuinely hope that the case is resolved eventually. But in the absence of any new information, my personal view is that they should put the investigation on ice.

mashed in maryland 2:45 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
I think it was their paedo chef mate.

Gavros 2:35 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Sometimes things are complex.

Sometimes they are quite simple .

They did it.

southbankbornnbred 2:23 Sat Nov 17
Re: McCann's statement analysis

Quite. I find it odd that people are so definitive in their view - one way or another. Like I say, I'm not an expert on the case at all. But from what I do know of it, and I have read over some of the official documents and witness statements, I'd say that the evidence (such that it exists) is far from definitive or indicative either way. Hence, as you say, the case has not be resolved despite a, frankly, outrageous outlay of £12m in the UK alone (remarkable considering that the crime, whatever that crime is, was committed in Portugal).

Generally speaking, ppl like binary narratives or definitive outcomes - and, naturally, there is always psychological discomfort with uncertainty. That predisposes many of us (me included at times) to reach for explanations - and that's where the majority of 'definitive' explanations come from, even when ppl on all sides of the debate are reading the same evidence/docs etc.

Many things feed into the pro/anti McCann agendas - from class bias to cod psychology and irrationality. These issues are magnified when children are involved, too, because they become so much more emotive.

Personally, I think it's high time the Met eased down it's investigation - unless, that is, there is something that detectives are aware of which has been kept well away from public consumption. In the absence of any new information, surely putting the investigation on ice and re-diverting scarce resources is the tough-but-sensible thing to do?

It's interesting. The Met took a lot of criticism over something like Operation Midland, despite having to investigate serious claims made in that case. Yet that cost £2m. The McCann case, which took place abroad, has cost six times that so far - in the UK alone.

Full Claret Jacket 7:22 Fri Nov 16
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Its not hatred towards them either. Most people want answers and believe they have them but for whatever reason choose to not provide them and peddle a story with too many inconsistences for it to be true.
I dont like money keep being thrown at this when there are hundreds of other families who have missing kids and relatives that dont get this level of support.

The Kronic 6:46 Fri Nov 16
Re: McCann's statement analysis
It's the lack of outcry that they're immune from investigation which is the most bizarre.

penners28 6:37 Fri Nov 16
Re: McCann's statement analysis
Regarding the timeline I have mentioned this before, but wasn't she last seen at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. From then until when they reported her "missing" was a huge window...

It actually amazes me that anyone could read up about the case and NOT think they were involved somehow..

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