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SDKFZ 222 7:11 Thu Nov 1
Dan Roan.
Apologies if this is also posted elsewhere.

Apparently, the BBC Sports Editor was recorded on a microphone outside the ground during a Sky broadcast, alleging that the former beauty queen, Nusara Suknamal, who also died in the crash, was the Leicester owner’s mistress.

Apparently, Leicester supporters have made formal complaints to the BBC about his comments.

Didn’t Roan give evidence against West Ham with regard to the Tevez case?

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goose 10:52 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
I’d fine him £30m

Sven Roeder 10:46 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
I was reading that Vegan Killer was a bit of liability and they were happy to sack him.
With Roan it’s funny how some comments gain momentum and get people the sack and others are a two day wonder and everyone moves on.

I’d sack him because he has a vendetta against West Ham

goose 10:33 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Agreed Sven but there’s a big difference between making a joke about Vegans & going to a memorial site and making snide comments about the dead that he knew wasn’t true.

Sven Roeder 8:46 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Firstly he is a cunt. A Sheff Utd cunt who is determined to do us down

But ... this is all part of the way the world is going.
Someone is overheard saying something so it’s recorded and leaked so that people can be offended.
Mourinho mumbles some words walking down the touch line so someone gets a lip reader in so that a previously oblivious public can be offended.
I see a bloke got the sack for making a jokey comment about vegans.

Imagine most people in the world are going to be doing that footballer thing of covering your mouth while talking 24/7 soon

goose 8:38 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Oh and the lady in question was a lesbian, but Roan already knew that.

goose 8:37 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
He was at a memorial site for those who died, if he can’t keep his comments to himself for a few hours then he deserves everything he gets.
He knows it’s offensive when he says it - doesn’t matter who can or can’t hear.

normannomates 5:32 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
this cunt is just your typical journo...

slippery fuckers

special breed journos...

RBshorty 5:15 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.

RBshorty 5:03 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Rich business man with bit on the side shocker. Not exactly “Watergate” is it.? But unfortunately it the standard of journalism we come to expect from the Beeb. The corporation that quickly judged Sir Cliff Richard. And to hid Jimmy Savile.

Dr Matt 12:17 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Team Sky get their revenge!

J.Riddle 12:10 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Funny as she was sadly Mrs Merton is also gone RIP.

Toe Rag 12:07 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Fat load of good it did her in the end eh?

Burned to a crisp.

Nurse Ratched 12:06 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
You can't say fairer than that.

gph 12:00 Fri Nov 2
Re: Dan Roan.
Any genuine gerontophile beauty queens who want to establish their credentials before moving in with an aged billionaire are welcome to spend six months with me beforehand...

Far Cough 11:50 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
Thanks for that, Mrs Merton

J.Riddle 11:44 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
But what would the 33 year old Beauty Queen see in the 60 year old BILLIONAIRE Mr Srivaddhanaprabha?

Nurse Ratched 11:35 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
I'll be honest, as soon as the news broke that his Thai ex beauty queen PA was on board, 'mistress' was my first thought. I bet there are hardly any people who didn't think exactly the same thing.

Fifth Column 11:27 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
Goose are you serious?

He was talking privately to his colleague, which someone else recorded and then published. He hasn't said any different to dozens of people on here and probably thousands around the country.

goose 10:45 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
He said he didn’t mean to cause any offence with his comments, I don’t see how they could be anything other than offensive.

Hopefully he’ll get the sack.

On The Ball 9:10 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
He did that Panorama that was wrong from start to finish about the OS, painting us in a bad light and as the villains. It was so wrong that he had to be doing it deliberately.

Man's a bitter cunt.

SDKFZ 222 8:16 Thu Nov 1
Re: Dan Roan.
Buster 7:24 Thu Nov 1

I mixed them up, sorry. However, I recalled that he had done something negative with regard to us.

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