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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

LAHammered 11:39 Thu Nov 1
Are we missing him?

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Lee Trundle 1:50 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Seems to be in and out of the team, Jasnik.

People who like Kouyate probably think Antonio is a decent player.

Jasnik 1:42 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
How is he doing at palace?

diehardhammer 1:41 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
no we're not

i actually rate sanchez higher than kouyate

just because he won a few headers and ran about a lot doesnt make him a vital player. he would be a bench warmer at best with everyone fit and would only play if everyone else was injured/suspended

crystal falace 1:37 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
It's a shame because he did have the attributes to be an absolute destroyer in defensive midfielder but he didn't have the discipline or football IQ to do the job properly

Bernie 1:36 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Pellegrini would have Kouyate at the bottom of the list of midfield options as he cannot pass or control the ball well, we have Rice at the base of the 3 to win the ball back. Pellegrini will demand of his midfield that they are all comfortable on the ball as the style he wants to play is possession based quick passing. Now it has been overly evident yet, just in flashes, but it's going to take time to transfer a David Moyes style to his own style.

It was the right choice to move Kouyate on as he couldn't even be bothered to put a shift in towards the end, something that he even admitted himself last season.

crystal falace 1:35 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Kouyate was just an athlete with no footballing brain or ability he'd charge 40 yards with the ball and then can't play a 4 yard pass at the end of it.

would want him nowhere near this side especially with the possession and passing based game that Pellegrini is trying to install,

Alex V 1:17 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
I'd have him second on crystal falace's rankings.

I think we miss him a lot because the mix is wrong without him. He used to get upfield to win headers from restarts. He used to run beyond the front players at times which is something that would be really useful with the current midfield three. He covered for Payet in a way that currently the team is struggling to do with Anderson. We've gone from one of the best set-piece sides in the league to one of the worst.

A bit similar to the Antonio discussions, I think supporters on this forum for some reason seem obsessed with first touch and unforced errors as a shorthand for rating all players. Kouyate brought a lot to the side imo. Even the top sides need a mix, and although maybe it was time in his career for Kouyate to go, if you just have an intake with non-physical non-athletic creative players then you end up with what we've got - a team with a worrying lack of backbone that completely lacks the attributes Kouyate brought to the side.

South Woodhammer 12:34 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
My mate goes to Palace games home and away and says he wasn't sure at first but on the evidence of the last few games he'd have Kouyate as the second name of the team sheet after Zaha...said he's been all over the pitch and far and away their best midfielder in the last few games . He was looking like a world beater with us for a while , I remember some people on here saying he was the best box to box midfielder in the Prem... and didnt look the same player last season..
Sell players by all means as long as they get replaced with someone better... Jack Wheelchair is made of fibreglass which we all knew , Sanchez was no upgrade and Noble's legs have gone. Another mystifying transfer decision to add to the list - we've been mugged off too many times when we've bought players , the Anderson fee to Lazio being the latest example but I'm struggling to think of the last time where we got overpaid for an outgoing transfer...£10m for Kouyate was bad business for the club , it should have been £15-20m in todays market.

Lee Trundle 12:01 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate

crystal falace 11:57 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Our best centre midfielders in order including Kouyate:


So yes with our current injury/suspension crisis it could be argued we're missing him but he would be lucky to make the bench if we had everyone fit.

Bernie 11:56 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
I can guarantee if we still had him, he would be the one getting the most abuse out of all of the current cunts we've got.

Russ of the BML 11:54 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
If we still had him and he was playing we would probably be bottom.

Lato 11:49 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
More of a goal threat than our current midfield....so yes!

Tall-Hammer 11:34 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
If we had a fully available midfield I'd say no, but due to the injuries of:

And the suspension of:

I'd say that at the moment, yes we do miss him

Vexed 4:17 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
He's not great but sadly better than our midfield is now.

J.Riddle 1:05 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
No, although unfortunately he is missing his jinxed wristband that he dropped and Anderson picked up.

master 12:51 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Not at all. If anything, we have far too many of his diseased mentally broken team mates from the past 4 years left in the squad, as shown yesterday. Clear the decks and bring in players with positive outlooks.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:33 Fri Nov 2
Re: Kouyate
Diame was better, if not as good as he thought he was.

Gavros 11:59 Thu Nov 1
Re: Kouyate
Not in the slightest no.

When he turned up he seemed great but then again we were pretty fucking shit.

Bernie 11:47 Thu Nov 1
Re: Kouyate
Hilariously not

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