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Coffee 10:23 Sat Nov 3
Saturday football
There’s a banana skin here, but the team risking a slip are the hosts. Times, they are a changin, as a recent Nobel Laureate would say. A win could see the Cherries move into the top four. Pedigree still counts, though, and with Jose Mourinho fighting for his managerial career we could be in for a hard, competitive encounter at the Vitality. An intriguing start to the weekend’s action. Draw.

This is the sort of fixture that would typically find us as the home side. Bad luck for Cardiff that it’s them. Leicester will be utterly determined and Cardiff will do well to withstand what will be an onslaught of emotion and grief. No more will Suvharnabhumi’s Leicester shop be merely the object of an occasional curious glance, business will thrive as players arrive on Sunday. Away win, if it matters. Which it does.

Chris Hughton’s side have shown themselves as a doggedly stubborn opposition and even with Everton’s recent upturn in form, the Toffees may struggle to break down a defence that has kept three consecutive clean sheets. Both managers have worked hard on their respective defences, so a high-scoring game does not look likely here. Draw.

The poor old barcodes remain ensconced in the bottom three, while Watford continue to breathe the rarefied air of the top seven. Desperate times call for desperate measures and few are better than Rafa Benitez at implementing them. Draw.

It’s not been eight months since we last hosted Burnley. It was a rollercoaster leading up to that game, and it’s been a rollercoaster since. Someone recently asked how David Moyes would have managed the players now at the manager’s disposal, a question that exercises the brain’s speculative capacities. Burnley have started to pick up after an uncharacteristically woeful start to the season, but still look fragile and vulnerable. It’s time that Felipe Anderson shows what he can do over 90 minutes and puts in a truly match-winning display – both for his own confidence and for ours in him. A humdinger from 20 yards into the top corner would be a start. Let us hope Joe Hart can reproduce his performance the last time these sides met. May corner flags remain in their corners and may we come away with maximum points. This game should be ours for the taking. Home win.

Apart from Burnley’s fixture, this is the day’s stand-out game. Arsenal’s shaky start to the Emery era has given way to a solid climb up the table. Liverpool’s exceptional start to the season shows no sign of abating as they seek to leapfrog Man City once again into top spot. This could be and should be a feast of football. Draw.

It will not have escaped Wolves’ notice that this is Spurs’ fifth competitive game in a fortnight. On paper this is an away win, but a late injection of power and strength to the home attack could take advantage of tiring limbs. Draw.

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Sven Roeder 7:34 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
I have Maguire as well and don’t quite understand 1 for a clean sheet as a defender.
Thought you got 2 for stepping onto the pitch

Luckily captain Aguero and Richarlison have done the business

Iron Duke 7:30 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
I changed my Fantasy Football captain from Hazard to Arnautovic, but must have forgotten to save. I also have Maguire and Lascelles, who got one point each even though their teams got a clean sheet. Not hsppy.

Sven Roeder 7:14 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Thompkins has been very ordinary
A couple of complete miskicks and bypassed pretty easily

AKA ERNIE 7:12 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
ag good point or should that be oint

Iron Duke 7:09 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Maybe he was taking a p.

AKA ERNIE 7:07 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
fuck knows what Tompkins was doing on that goal

Sven Roeder 7:07 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Hazard on for a minute
2-1 Chelsea

, 7:04 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Palace playing with more confidence since equalising.

Sven Roeder 7:03 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
They have been good at selling their stars (to Liverpool) and finding another gem.
I don’t care who you are that’s a hard model to sustain , finding good players again and again.
Would happily see Mark Hughes relegated.

Chelsea struggling without Hazard to break down Palace.

, 6:47 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Southampton look like a club that sold the family silver and replaced it with spelter.

Recent seasons held by some as a club doing things the right way and now they look like a husk of their former selves.

geoffpikey 6:43 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football


Iron Duke 6:43 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
I wonder who Mark Hughes will blame this time, the fraud.

geoffpikey 6:42 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Oh, I see. On the basis of a 6-1 dribbling by a team who beat us 0-5, 1-4 etc? Bad day for them Vs the blue Mancs, but they are not alone!

gph 6:42 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Difficult to predict successive relegations - a totally crap side might buy decent players on going down.

, 6:35 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Nope down this season and straight through to the bottom of the Championship.

geoffpikey 5:54 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Were they relegated last year then?

, 5:32 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Southampton look like a side heading for consecutive relegations on this performance.

terry-h 5:30 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
DIRTY Leeds back at the top of the Championship while Dave Whelan waves goodbye to the Wigan faithful. His wife is busy counting his updated bank balance and trying to figure out the perfect murder plot without being caught by Jessica Fletcher.

VirginiaHam 5:03 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
3 after 18 minutes. Southampton have scored 6 all season, MC haven't conceded for 7 games.

Double figures, anyone?

The Hammers 4:50 Sun Nov 4
Re: Saturday football
Manchester City 1 up

Sven Roeder 11:50 Sat Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
The @BBCMOTD running order: Ars/Liv, Car/Lei, WHU/Bur, Wol/Tot, Bou/ManU, Eve/Bri, New/Wat.

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