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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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only1billybonds 9:32 Sat Nov 3
For D.Baker fans.
New football based podcast available from Nov 7th.

Co hosting with Gary Linekar.

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chim chim cha boo 9:35 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Here's the link if you have to hunt around a bit for the podcast like I did.


only1billybonds 9:17 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.

Read his autobiographies mate. Some of the stories in 'Cradle' are fucking hilarious in print.

Lertie Button 8:34 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Still hoping From the cradle to the grave comes back again, fucking loved it

Bouncing Ludo 5:24 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Just listened to the first two - reminds me of the early 606 years, think Lineker comes across well too.

torino hammer 1:17 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Dan M
Good points
I will try and find the podcast when I am back in a few weeks

Dan M 1:14 Fri Nov 9
Re: For D.Baker fans.
It's very enjoyable. Definitely has legs.

What I particularly like and think will be interesting to listen to as it goes on, is Lineker's insulation from what football means to fans as opposed to players. You can hear his defensive comments, little arrogant big-ups to himself and attempted dismissals of what Danny Baker is saying.

For instance near the beginning of the first one the question was what moment has made you most happy/excited? Baker talked about a 3rd Division match between Millwall and QPR. Lineker could not understand how anyone could get excited about such a match. How it could genuinely be a great celebrated moment. How surely the lower quality MUST diminish the excitement. He piped up with comments about it only being Div 3, about scoring in a World Cup semi. To him football is ONLY relevant if it's at the very very top.

I remember Baker appearing on a World Cup MOTD as a guest many years ago. As you'd expect he gave a more honest and funny version of England's chances than the pundits but Alan Hansen didn't have the capacity to understand or engage with it. Just laughed, turned away and starting asking "who's this guy?" There's such a huge disconnect from those in football and those to whom football means a huge amount.

Danny Baker is good at batting away such comments without sounding like he's batting them away. I think that if this podcast continues it will be an ongoing education for Lineker.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 11:43 Thu Nov 8
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Listened to both too. Very good.

Also was very surprised at how Peter crouch comes across in his podcasts. An intelligent and funny bloke which I wasn't expecting

Leonard Hatred 9:51 Thu Nov 8
Re: For D.Baker fans.
I just listened to the first 2 podcasts.


Very entertaining.

Boycie 9:26 Thu Nov 8
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Egg read what I said about Baker. I didn’t listen and guess what the sky didn’t fall in. Lineker what does he know about football apart from “the top four”

only1billybonds 8:33 Thu Nov 8
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Heard the first two epsodes earlièr.

Baker is (obviously) the star and Linekar was ok. I know he (GL) is mu h maligned on here by some but if you can put any anti Linekar bias to one side then he is more than sufferable. Baker wss superb as always,all in all a very good podcast.

Russ of the BML 11:24 Mon Nov 5
Re: For D.Baker fans.
I was excited until you mentioned the jug eared twat.

ribs 10:35 Mon Nov 5
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Had a beer with Baker when he interviewed a few of us back in the day for the six o'clock show.

When he was told who we were he was nice and polite

Funny working class guy just looking to earn a living.

Bit of a luvvy but no gripes from me.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:23 Mon Nov 5
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Boycie 8:06 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Lineker the West Ham hating jughead? I think I will give that a swerve

reasonably sure Millwall fan that was once shot at by West ham fans Danny Baker isn't our biggest fan either

Boycie 11:53 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
only1 no it doesnt bother me. Even less when I choose not to listen to him. Baker I can tolerate as he is a true fan of his pikey club but Lineker is snidey. Got it?

only1billybonds 11:44 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Any old iron.

I think it'll be interesting as they are complete opposites. Linekar is establishment while Baker dont give a shit who he upsets. I'll be listening either way.

Any Old Iron 10:47 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
I'm a big fan of Danny Baker and have been listening to him on radio since he began on GLR. The tragedy is that he's so underused now.
But I cannot for the life of me see how a tie-up with old jug ears is going to work. Lineker is just not in Bakers league as a broadcaster (who is?) and knows fuck all about radio.

nerd 10:31 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Danny baker is a legend and his support for us during the bond scheme was outstanding. Millwall he might be but he understands the plight of the fan, more than any broadcaster, we may support different teams but our shit we all put up with is similar as fans.

only1billybonds 10:16 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.

Does it really bother you that much that some people 'hate' our club?

Perfectly acceptable for us to 'hate' Millwall,Tottenham, Chelsea etc.

Bit of an odd lot us football fans

Boycie 8:06 Sun Nov 4
Re: For D.Baker fans.
Lineker the West Ham hating jughead? I think I will give that a swerve

Crassus 11:07 Sat Nov 3
Re: For D.Baker fans.

He created the format that became Talksport the station, and as I have had subsequent opportunity to remind him, it was my phone in call about our being so poney at Goodison that by HT, 3 or 4 nil down and that flip flacking winger cunt taking liberties, we had eaten the snack bar out of waggon wheels, last seen in my school tuck shop in 74 - The waggon wheel reference being a subsequent observation by Aspel when interviewing him

only1billybonds 10:41 Sat Nov 3
Re: For D.Baker fans.

I sae him (Baker) last month,fantastic show and his 3 biographies are a great read. Absolutely criminal that he only broadcasts for 2 hours a week. I still lusten to some of the old Bbc London radio shows he used to do and he is the best broadcaster i have ever heard. Quite outrageous that he got sacked from BBC at the time,that was essential listening.

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