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Any Old Iron 7:21 Sun Nov 4
BBC2 6.25 tonight. Biopic of the great man. Required viewing.

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terry-h 10:25 Tue Nov 6
Re: 'Bobby'
Lampard senior probably came closest to the truth about Bob's failure in management. He was just too nice a bloke. He was made to become an ambassador for the FA though.

Any Old Iron 10:19 Tue Nov 6
Re: 'Bobby'
Bertie Lutton 8.36

My God, I ve read some shit on here over the years, but this takes the prize.

Yeah, ‘stagnated’ after ‘67 so much that he was widely acclaimed as the best defender at the 1970 world cup.

Call yourself West Ham? Fucking idiot

Too Much Too Young 9:24 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'

I think Gazza says he supported us as a kid (may have come down to see us play) as he idolised Mooro for his WC achievement.

He was also the first person he spoke to "properly" after the Germany game in 1990.

Sven Roeder 9:10 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
Gazza did say he wanted to join West Ham when he was 17
Had never heard that story that after the 1990 World Cup semi final he sought out Bobby who was there with radio to talk to. And sat next to him on the flight back

Lertie Button 8:36 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
If we're honest the best thing for both the man and the player would have been if we had accepted Man Utd's offer in 1967.
He totally stagnated as a player that and never won another trophy, we should have loved him enough to let him go

greenie1 7:30 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
Watched it last night, thought it was one of the best documentaries on Bobby. I think I watched one previously it went into detail about his divorce and that stuff isn't essential.

Had some clips and photos on there that I had not seen before.

We all know how WHU treated him at the end and I think in this day and age, he would certainly be part of the current set up.

When thinking about the likes of Moore, Hurst and Peters being in the team, why weren't we winning the league?

mashed in maryland 7:19 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
Did I hear wrong or did Gazza say he wanted to play for West Ham as a kid?

Dunno how much of him to take seriously, mind.

cholo 7:08 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
As an aside, this is what a Burnley fan recently wrote on a Burnley forum about the great one

"Bobby Moore wasnt even the best in his position. He was just the prettiest. But playing for media darlings West Ham got you selected. Jimmy Adamson was a great player but overlooked for England caps. Joe Shaw who played for Sheff Utd was the best centre back of his generation and was also overlooked by England selectors."- Woodleyclaret

Just made me laugh that's all.

Far Cough 1:16 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
It wasn't sanitised though was it, they mentioned the jewellery incident and the Blackpool farce

Alfs 1:13 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
Though I enjoyed the program I felt it was overly sanitised. I'd have preferred a warts and all version.

Eric Hitchmoe 12:29 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
"I don't think he ever went back. Absolutely unbelievable. I'll never forget it as long as I live."

That's rich coming from twitch. I wonder if Bonzo will forget how his so-called best mate once stabbed him in the back to get his job.

jfk 12:19 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'

jfk 12:17 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
Alfie 1:28 Mon Nov 5

Great post made.

easthammer 11:28 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
Back in the day I was getting regular treatment for a football injury from Rob Jenkins clinic - opposite the Boleyn Ground.

One Sunday morning I was taken over to the ground for a "new treatment" (ultrasound).

Bobby Moore was in doing some of his mentioned extra (post drinking) training lapping the pitch as mentioned in the programme.

Moore came into the treatment room for a rub down from Rob Jenkins. There were three treatment beds, I was on one, between Bobby Moore and John Cushley who was injured at the time.

I have always claimed that I was not the worst defender in the room that day :)

Percy Dalton 10:58 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
Bobby was a man's man and didn't really get on with Ron Greenwood who was very aloof.
There was a story at the time that after the '66 world cup and with Ken Brown over the hill,Bobby said to Greenwood that Maurice Setters would be a great centre half for us.
Greenwood dismissed the idea and bought John Cushley down from Scotland as he was very clever and had been to university.
Needless to say he was a disaster.

charleyfarley 9:33 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
The story of Bobby being ejected from the stands has mainly been stated by Harry Redknapp over the years, unfortunately when Harry has been selling his books, although his account does appear authentic, the steward - if it happened - according to Harry was acting on the instructions of the Club Secretary, below is the account Harry gave to the Daily Mail 6th Feb 2013:-

The 65-year-old then recalled the day Moore was EJECTED by a steward during a West Ham game - the last time the former Hammers captain ever attended Upton Park, according to Redknapp.

'I saw him get thrown out of the stands at West Ham,' he said.

'I think they were playing in Division Two at the time, I went and sat in the N block, sitting next to Frank Lampard's mum as Frank Snr was playing. I think I'd come back from America. The stand was half-empty but I heard somebody shout "Harry". I looked round and there was Bobby. He said, "I'll see you at half-time for a cup of tea".

'He used to come in through a little side door at Upton Park, 10 minutes after kick-off, the gatemen and everybody idolised him. He'd sit at the back of the stands. But on this day, a steward came up to him - a nice guy, not his fault - and said, "I'm sorry Bob but I've been told by the secretary that you're not allowed in without a ticket". At half-time, I looked round and Bobby had left.

'I don't think he ever went back. Absolutely unbelievable. I'll never forget it as long as I live.'

cholo 9:02 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby' I link iykk
Pele was of the same era and as far as I'm aware never struggled to find work. Beckenbauer was winning a world cup as manager of Germany while Moore was doing some punditry work for local radio.

I'm not saying Bobby should've by rights gone on to be a world class manager but it does seem he was cruelly forgotten about by club and country

Sven Roeder 8:03 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
There wasn’t also the same blanket media coverage of the game in those days which meant he ended up working with Jonathan Pearce and for the Dildoes.
These days all sorts of halfwits like Robbie Savage have high profile jobs with the bbc, Sky etc

joe royal 7:31 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
I’m guessing in his day he was ‘just’ a footballer and not a celebratory . No Facebook/twitter etc in those days , just strongly worded letters.

A few of you seem to forget that G&S gave him a job on the Sunday Sport .

Out of interest did any other famous footballers from the 60s/70s get a job for life with their respective FA’s or was it just generally , thank you and good buy by the time you hit 30?

World was a different place 30 years ago . We got on with stuff instead of tweeting and taking offence.

Westham67 7:11 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
1964 10:05 Sun Nov 4

I was thinking the same thing he didn't leave on good terms thats why Cearns and Greenwood did nothing for him

England have no excuse though

One of the greatest sportsman our country has ever produced on celebrity squares to make ends meet. I found that sad to watch

Alfs 3:27 Mon Nov 5
Re: 'Bobby'
Watching it now. Geoff Hurst's admission that his hat trick goal in the WC was a mishit is hilarious.

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