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Q: 2019/20 Wolves (a)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, win
b.Wolves will be tougher than the rent boys but I think we can grind it out, draw
c. We rarely follow up a win with anything and Wednesday will be no different, lose
d.The poll's back and everything is rosy, I've missed you old friend
e. Well how's your luck this one is on Amazon Prime and I subscribe along with SKY, BT & Netflix I've got all bases covered, it may be cheaper to buy a ST but then I'd have to get out of the armchair, WHU through & through me

diehardhammer 11:46 Mon Nov 5
Current opinions on Pellegrini
Obviously west ham need to build upon the good dominant win against burnley but im keen to see what the general consesus of the boss at the moment

IMO I think he's doing a great job given change of football style, number of new players coming in, the injuries and hard run of games to start the season

hopefully in january he will sign more of his own choices and let go those he doesnt want

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, 3:17 Tue Nov 6
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Concurrent with new players taking time to both get used to the PL and to gel under a new manager with new tactics and formations the manager has also had to find his most effective starting eleven. I can’t help but think happenstance has played an important role insofar as injury to Wilshere has meant a midfield reshuffle and an upturn in our performances.

The manager has to make the most of his squad but the break up of the Noble/Wilshere partnership looks to have improved our fortunes.

gph 12:59 Tue Nov 6
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I liked what Bilic was trying do, but lost belief in his ability to do it.

I like what Pellegrini is trying to do, and his partial recovery from a poor start has given me confidence that he will complete the recovery and then some.

Although I called for a change from his defensive tactics because I didn't think we had the players for them, he's currently proving me wrong.

EastEndMade 12:35 Tue Nov 6
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Best manager I've seen at West ham in my lifetime. We're very fortunate to have someone of his calibre at our club. Plays the way I want to see West ham play and makes decisions that some of our previous managers wouldn't have done.

Thames Ironworks 12:26 Tue Nov 6
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Depends a lot on where our team goes and what influence he really has. We have a fair few journeymen and crocks who are not producing, but some who are looking bright.

Once the balance is in favour of building a good squad, we could if investment is right have the right manager to turn us around as a club.

It's our owners that worry me. One sniff of any success and the purse strings get pulled in favour of their own greed.

Peckham 12:25 Tue Nov 6
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
smartypants 3:03 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini

Agreed. I should have just read this. Summarises my book of a post.

Full Claret Jacket 11:55 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Poor start, suspect formation and too much faith in players who were not producing. That was until whether enforced or by accident we had a change in formation and personnel and started looking a better team.
It's clear the style we try and play is easy on the eye and needs technical players. Some of the signings are already showing really promising signs and young players like Rice and Diangana are thriving.

I really like the managers calm and respectful manner. Team spirit seems good too and that hasn't always been the case.
I think we'll be in a better place to judge next season after he's had a couple of windows to get some of the overpaid leeches out and more of his own players in.

Peckham 11:40 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
pdbis wrote...

Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
If we carry on getting injuries and Holland/Silva return to fitness I would like to see them have some game time as he rates them highly.

His Hatrick here against Yids U23s. Despite U23s the goal net is in the same place and his finish on all 3 are great.


He is also fucking fast.

I would love to see him break through like Grady, injuries or no injuries.

Peckham 11:29 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Can not help but to think the Jack Wilshere signing was a Sullivan or his kids whim of a purchase. A London boy - Arsenal prestige etc. West Ham supporter¿ Agents in the clique etc.

Certain MP will drop and replace. His lack of worth and contribution flys out the window with Grady and his performances. Like some unexpected consolation as with Rice.

Whatever JW cost and is costing us we all knew he was a risk apart from the board ( dodgy deal surely ),do not care , as long as Rice and Grady keep growing each game.

pdbis 11:21 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
If we carry on getting injuries and Holland/Silva return to fitness I would like to see them have some game time as he rates them highly.

Peckham 11:15 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Real Madrid job replaced by " The Special One" (who was highly rated in this era) also with I think MP having the highest win % over all Real Madrid managers in his short term there.
Man City he was succeeded by Pep Guardiola.
He has been trusted and had the ear of much more demanding,powerful,and wealthier owners than this board.

As posted before I think he is an asset to West Ham and we should be grateful compared to pàst appointments the philosophy of football of Fat Sam and days of Avram Grant FFS.

The joy he gave the underdogs in Spain , Villareal and Malaga, no easy thing in La Liga with little money in relation to Barca and Real M ,with all clubs with similar poor incomes but demanding supporters ( Valencia as an example ).

River Plate. Argentina. How much pressure from their loyal supporters. How much respect or knowledge MP has in South America is unprecedented for a West Ham Manager as is his Spanish contacts and network.

The icing on the cake ,he supports local grassroots and bringing through talent. 18 years as a central defender - one club - maybe in his heart and brain over those years in a poor league in Chile after 470 appearances witnessing homegrown players and youngsters get chances. Before the days of mega transfers.

As for a final pay off from China. Fuck off sincerely. No Zoltan I work with minor La Liga people and one client/student coaches the Atlético Madrid academia in China. They get treated like kings, just Kids coaches.

Make no mistake 10 million a year to work for cunts or already all mortgages paid be a king in China. He chose West Ham United. A place with his attacking minded philosophy, the underdogs like in Spain , yet with a potential and stadium of a big club like Man City or Real Madrid. With a pussy board ( Do not blame Manuel for negotiating 10 million ) compared to what he has had in the past, in terms of knowledge and organisation and wealth , like some of us ( very divided ) he can attract a big buyer with big money - Super rich to get to the next level - tongue in cheek or at least a wealthier more professional board. I could not see one take over where the new potential owners would not agree with his vision, style of football, experience and integrity.

He is Old School in the continental Old School Fashion not the Arry,Walrus,Warnock manner of Old School.

I like the cut of his jib.

Yep an old git. But our old git with footballing wisdom half of you lot and I could only dream of. As we would not be sat here now on WHO but winning football manager 2018 or whatever it is, winning the football pools weekly or even managing a team ourselves.

Fuck the first 4 games. Best also to zap Wolves ( destroyed my soul seeing the wandering and strolling of all ) from memory.

The fuck up now being forgotten, moulding a team of 9 new players , in a pre-season which goes too quick for a new manager. But I am a thick cunt - we seem now to be building a squad, not only getting the first 11 fixed up. But great players waiting for their chance.

So now my opinion has not changed from the day it was rumoured , knowing that Emery would go to Arsenal , also thinking Benitez although experienced , I was not so keen. 1. Working for that mess of a board and Ashley 2. Complains publicly of no support in market - to no effect 3. Seems to lack the cajones and too proud. 4. Most men of quality would have given them the finger in a gentlemanly manner if they were not receiving the support and shared vision.

From the day it was rumoured I was chuffed, after Moyes. Moyes was bland. His football was bland. Thank him for bringing Marko out of his shell and Rice the games but that is all I can remember. Slav gave many great memories with cant say his name that French cunt.

MP has without doubt first class knowledge of defending in football, which as they all say is the first step - not conceding. Work in progress - but how many defenders does Jose M praise FFS. Not quite like Pele talking about our Bobby. But fucking hell if Jose M said this at the height of his game when he was a winner and good tactician and spoke about the Monster Diop back then , his price would have doubled over night. Ask anyone re my boring SOS thread in inbox making conversation - Fabian Balbuena is the real deal and his price a steal. 2 captains. 2 internationals. 2 young central defenders. Fabian does not need to adjust he is the South American Alvin Martin with J Dicks passion. Diop big fuck off black cunt to scare attackers and to win the ball at all costs. Give them time. We have waited donkeys (with donkeys) another season can not destroy our soul anymore than the move from Upton park.

But without that bloody move and loss of heritage and the countries best ground many other teams disliked especially under the lights - without losing this - We would not have MP, the monster, Marko, etc etc. even Payet was enticed by the next level stadium.

Lanzini to return , Grady to grow , just seeing ginger Pele in the dugout area pleases me - his loyalty , Chicharito to push his way in and do some magic from bench or start and cause defences headaches. All is on the way.

Finally as for Felipe - bored as said so many times - MP will not play a 40 mil player to appease the board. Felipe needs confidence and the sooner he actually listens to the cheers the crap players get chasing balls down or seeing how much we loved CFC even though he fell over every minute he was a trier. When it sparks that West Ham love a fighter and if you are not scoring but fighting for the team and us, maybe his game will improve. Regardless of PL or not - you do not play for Brazil if you have 1.No talent 2. No potential. Maybe Lazio stitched us up. Maybe another slick goal like the Man U one against Arsenal or a top 4 side will keep his stock high in today's crazy prices for players. However I hope he stays , proves the doubters wrong and him and MP are smiling at the end of the season with many more to come.

I am going to repeat this link in case anybody has missed it. Any coaches should find it interesting.


Take this back to the era of Ron Greenwood and colleagues in the cafe Cassettari's replace tokens with salt and pepper shakers.

He explains tactics so simply but without thinking. A natural. This would take most of our past managers 25 takes and a days filming. This was one take.

And no disrespect anyone who claims their old dear, or Nan could manage Man City or his past teams. Seriously. Ridiculous this could be said about any manager of a top club with history. Choose the starting 11 yes. But FFS there is so much more. Now MP is getting his starting 11 nearly together , the future is bright.

And like another poster posted ,he also looks like my dear departed Nan or the worlds slickest Scarecrow.

Current opinion is - Pellegrinis Claret and Blue Army is on the horizon.

Far Cough 10:52 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Steady on Vexed

Vexed 10:50 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I like the football we're playing, I like that he's unearthed Diangana and has given him game time. Some of his signings were good.

On the other hand, the defence is still quite leaky, centre midfield is proper shit and should have been sorted. Wilshere is an especially tragic signing and an obvious terrible signing too. Couple of injuries and we look crap again. Lost some games we rely ought not have.

Overall I rather like him. Needs some dough in Jan though.

Stevethehammer 9:58 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I think we have a very good mix of youth and experience in the side. Imagine us having a dinosaur such as Moyes or Allardyce in charge, Diangana would never have got a chance and Rice would have done well to start as many games as he has.
I think pellegrini has been majorly unlucky with injuries especially the one to Lanzini as I think he would have loved him but we play a good style of football, defensively we can ve shaky, but going forward we do look a danger and that is refreshing to see.

moorethanjustananon 9:57 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
Even when we’re up against it, we get the ball down and we play. Just look at that 10/15 minutes when Burnley started to get some momentum on Saturday, we knocked it about even when the player on the ball was in a tight spot - it’s a delight to watch (although I’m not used to us being able to pull it off so the old heart rate is sky high expecting us to fuck up!)

Of course with the players we have we’re bound to be on the end of another couple of thrashings ourselves, we’re bound to dish a few out - even if we finish in the same position as last season it’ll be far better than last.

The man is a class act, his pedigree is unquestionable and his struck upon a winning formula after a tough set of opening fixtures (11 points is probably about par, albeit we maybe should have 2 or 3 more on the board)

Hopefully with all the changes in playing staff in the summer it’ll be a case of tweaks from here on out. I look forward to him continuing in the same vein*

*of course he’ll be hounded out for not having a plan b and being to attacking towards the end of his time here!

Hammer and Pickle 9:33 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
He’s certainly a better coach than Fergie.

selecta 9:27 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I like the way he says he wants them to have a big team/club mentality.

Hammer and Pickle 9:23 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
He’s growing on me as El Pel.

bruuuno 9:20 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini

franksfat&slow&wank 3:03 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini

Bit noncy franks son!

Grumpster 9:13 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I've never been one to think a result is the be all and end all, as when I'm paying good money to go over there, watching football dished up by allardyce and moyes was painful 95% of the time, especially in away games where they had literally no intention of going there to win.

Playing some superb stuff this season and hopefully the stability and consistency will come.

Still a few adjusting to the pace over here.

Capitol Man 3:19 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
I like him. We looked like a disaster in the first few games, but we seem to be slowly getting better, and doing somr]without resorting to negative football. Long may it continue.

easthammer 3:07 Mon Nov 5
Re: Current opinions on Pellegrini
So far so good. We are playing a good style of football. Making progress, and this is inspite of the injuries the squad has suffered.

His biggest achievement so far is getting the owners to keep quiet!

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