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Mr Anon 1:58 Mon Nov 5
Have to hand it to him.

Joined and expected to replace one of the best players we've had in recent years.

Played out of position.

Slated by the fans, many on here saying the worst player to ever wear the shirt.

Shipped off to Villa

slated by the owners in the press

Never complains,

Gets head down and starting to look like he was money well spent

really like him, grafter.

Anyone here admit to chowing down on humble pie?

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Boris the Beard 3:36 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Guest on the H&J show on Talksport today

Pub Bigot 3:30 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Pee Wee 2:17 Mon Nov 5

He never played under Moyse.

Pub Bigot 3:28 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
I'm eating tons of humble pie regarding Snodgrass. Mr Anon's assessment is bang on the money, and for Braveheart to be dragged through the mud and still come out fighting and playing for the shirt is a massive credit to him.

Oh flower of Jockland...

Bernie 3:24 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
The Payet replacement was Arnautovic.

Robson 3:11 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
I don't think anyone in their right mind saw him as a direct replacement for Payet. I assumed Lanzini was moving to replace Payet and Snodgrass was taking his place, or something. But I didn't think it was a bad signing at the time.

Unfortunately it was completely mishandled and as a result we lost out on about 18 months of him at what should have been the peak of his career.

Glad to see him doing well now.

Sarge 3:02 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Perhaps the reason we're seeing the best of him (and Noble for a few games this season) is that in a central midfield three, the space that's their's to cover isn't going to be as large and their lack of true pace not exposed?

Stuck out wide in front of Byram in his first stint was never going to see him at his best.

Sir Alf 2:55 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Yep he has edged ahead of Noble for the central birth. Looks stronger physically on the ball and runs his nuts off closing down/pressing the ball. Something we have sorely lacked. The added pace of Diagana also helping that midfield area where we struggled so painfully early this season and in previous seasons since we returned to the Prem.

** Doffs cap to Snoddy ** ( also worries about uncanny ability to give players the "kiss of death" )

Sarge 2:52 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Seems to be the only member of our squad with the ability to BEAT THE FIRST BLOODY MAN when taking a corner.

Worth his place in the team for that alone.

That he brings more than that to his current role
is a real bonus

Eerie Descent 2:35 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
Got to say, I'm an convert to TEAM SNODDERS.

You can see he is fucking proud to be wearing our shirt, he loves playing for us, he's the first one going mental celebrating when a teammate scores, he seems a great lad.

He's not for the flanks, much better centrally, and to be honest I'd start him over Noble now.

Alvin 2:30 Wed Nov 7
Re: Snodgrass
and the connection with Snoddy is...?

JustAFatKevinDavies 3:37 Tue Nov 6
Re: Snodgrass

stewie griffin 3:32 Tue Nov 6
Re: Snodgrass
It wasn't a rumour. He did fuck one of our PR team

Trevor B 3:24 Tue Nov 6
Re: Snodgrass

The original rumour about his affair with a woman from Liverpool ahead of the 2006 cup final was that she worked in PR for the scousers, but it turned out she was actually a singer. There were a few other rumours, one was that he managed to stop a newspaper printing a sexting scandal that involved someone that was connected with West Ham, so maybe that's her.


El Scorchio 6:14 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Wasn't there also some ALLEGED connection between Pardew and one of our press/PR staff?

Trevor B 6:06 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
It wasn't Fletcher's wife, although that was the rumour at the time. I think it was his sister, or his wife's sister, who was also married.

Far Cough 6:03 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Yeah, that rings a bell

Rossal 6:01 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Pardew was smashing his missus and i dont think he put the work in for the manager after that

Far Cough 5:50 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
remember that tackle well, what became of Carl Fletcher?

Trevor B 5:47 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Cheers stepney!

stepney hammer 5:46 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Carl Fletcher

Trevor B 5:02 Mon Nov 5
Re: Snodgrass
Who was it that came on and took Lampard out with a tackle a few years back, Lampsy apparently sarcastically asked him if that was for "that lot in the stands?"

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