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Blunders 11:55 Wed Nov 7
Marlon Martin?
Someone tell me I haven't just completely made this up but i can't find any evidence of the story online....

I think it was quite a while after he left us, but Marlon Harewood posed as a painter and decorator called Marlon Martin because he was having an affair with some bit and he didn't want her finding out he was a semi-famous footballer. And it made the red tops.

This did happen didn't it?!

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Jim79 4:50 Mon Dec 17
Re: Marlon Martin?
I would have thought being a footballer would be the only thing that would get that Bubba Gump looking cunt any skirt.

LeroysBoots 4:32 Mon Dec 17
Re: Marlon Martin?
Yes it did happen

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:43 Mon Dec 17
Re: Marlon Martin?
Stan Collymore tried it on with my missus a few years back.

She knew exactly who he was but didn’t let on. He introduced himself as Stanley and said that he was unemployed and looked for a job in London.

Apparently he was reasonably charming but a bit slimy. She had a lucky escape I guess as when she come home she only got a medium beating from me for daring to leave the house.

Northern Sold 11:54 Mon Dec 17
Re: Marlon Martin?
One thick cunt but absolute first class entertainment.... loved his interview after the goal at Villa Park

"Where was you in the first half... you never turned up"

* looks quizical *

"Eh.... I been here all day...."

Absolute Bubba Gump

Eddie B 11:37 Mon Dec 17
Re: Marlon Martin?
He was in the away end on Saturday. Legend for that goal against Boro.

isca hammer 1:30 Thu Nov 8
Re: Marlon Martin?
DOH bruv

Johnson 12:55 Thu Nov 8
Re: Marlon Martin?
Marlon HAREWOOD wasn’t caught out cheating on his bird with another woman who believed his name was Marlon MARTIN and he was an interior decorator.

When it came out we sang “One Marlon Martin” and the even better “He’ll paint your bedroom yellow” for a few weeks.

Happy days.

1chop 12:48 Thu Nov 8
Re: Marlon Martin?
Yep it did happen, think it was when he was still with us too.

imagine actually having a job that slags drop their drawers for in an instant then coming out with the lie that you are the black Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and it actually working.

Sven Roeder 11:58 Wed Nov 7
Re: Marlon Martin?
Painter & decorator?
It wasn’t some Essex SLAG

Marlon Martin , Interior Designer

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