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Steven P 10:57 Thu Nov 8
Fitness Thread 2018/19
I went back a few pages and couldn't see a thread for 2018 (maybe we don't need one!).

Im guessing there are people starting or in the process of their marathon training and people going to start in the gyms in Jan - this used to be a good site to get some good advice so lets see if this thread lasts!

Been off the booze and back in the gym for a month. First Crossfit session this morning at 5.30am. Its a killer but what I don't understand is why all the amateur crossfit people are so out of condition?

Aim is to get fit enough to do one last season of Saturday football next season before my 40th.

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Charoo 4:24 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
madeeasy 186cm -6"1

Gavros 4:17 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
i think he's talking about his BMI>?

madeeasy 4:16 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
charoo how tall are you as 15 and a half is a heavy weight if you're 5 ft 8...!

Charoo 3:58 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
I've been loving training again the last year.

I've been going to the gym and doing sport on and off since I was 14, so I have decent muscle memory and always have a reasonable shape, although can put a little timber on at times.

I think the key for me is keeping it fresh.

I do strength phases, fitness phases, circuits.

I like to box, at 38 I still play 90 mins in centre mid of a Saturday - I like to box, and always do some form of cardio every session -thats the key for me, cardio helps with the lifting too imo.

I sit anywhere between 15.4 and 16.10 depending on how i'm training but its the diet that is all important - as i'm getting older I find more like 15.7 is right for me and the fitness work is more important - also I think I look better with shape rather than just bulk.

As the years creep on it's easier to hold fat where you once were lean, so its being wise to how you are changing as a person in type and shape and adjusting diet and training accordingly.

I find that morning is better for me now, I'm now find training fasted good where once I would have been struggling with that.

I eat pretty well but I still am prone to overeating, even with clean foods. I'm not worried about ripping up to single digit BF anymore but I like to stay around 12-20% as then never too far off being in ok shape in a shortish space of time.

Ultimately its eating the right foods, in the right portions and finding what keeps you interested, then when you're in the gym actually train, forget using it as a social, take that time for yourself, get lost in what you're doing and when you leave make sure you know you made it count.

Thats my take on it.

Gavros 3:55 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
and a lot of pints.

goose 3:52 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
That's a lot of 1 (one) egg omelettes.

Gavros 3:50 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
i can confirm i do not have a 28 inch waist.

in truth i havent since the age of 17.

goose 3:48 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
you fat fuck.

guess you've had to bin the skinny jeans?

Gavros 3:47 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
actually i'd be fairly please if i came in under 14 1/2 stone at the mo.

goose 3:45 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
ladies cruiserweight right?

9 stone is (mens) featherweight??

Gavros 3:42 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Yeah...i believe i currently qualify as cruiserweight?

goose 3:36 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
you sure did Mr P............... think i replied.

Gavlar, boxing is a weight governed sport - is there a lower limit you can contest in?? maybe womens boxing might be for you?

i did a fair bit of training with a fella called Mark Reefer, he was an ex commenwealth champ. his gym was right next to Finsbury park station until they knocked it down.

madeeasy 3:17 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Steve P

I thought it was worth it as i was paying a lot of money and i did exactly what he said i see the results. I was quite fit before but he taught me how to shift fat and eat properly which to me was a massive help.

It was very much a body sculpting thing for me and how to change shape.

If you want to just get fit then go for a run eahc day and go a little faster or longer each day and do some fartlek running for good measure.

However i wanted change and i got it. so for me yes it was worth it as even now a few years on i know that if i want to shift a bit of beer belly then i can do it in a couple of weeks.


The supplements weren't that much money and he gives you a code for a discount for what he recommends but it is a simple discount code not a special code that he gets a kick back.

But the extra 50 or 100 quid i spent helped, if it stopped a craving and filled me up and helped a bit then im pleased i did it as it all came together for me

neco 3:15 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
If I get out of shape i just hit the T25 for a few months, with a good low carb diet it soon comes back.
Punch bag in the garage most days also helps.

I have the video set of T25 in my Box cloud if anyone needs it.

Steven P 3:10 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
goose - I think I messaged you the other day on here.

Gavros 3:09 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
*cross into Goose's solar plexus*

He goes down!

cup of tea 3:03 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
I'm pretty good at boxing, I am moving house in 2 weeks so have had plenty of practice

goose 2:59 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Gavlar boxing!! mega lolz.

having said that i'm now doing Pilates once a week to help with the herniated discs.
gym work is seriously limited at the moment - squats & deadlifts are out for the forseeable............ maybe for good.

Buster 2:51 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
£195 plus all the hundreds he'll want you to spend on food and supplements.

Steven P 2:49 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Looks like the bloke one is £195 (or £65 over 3 months) for a 12 week programme or £100 an hour up in Mayfair for personal training.

Did you do the 12 week course? Is £195 justified? Is it all about how the body looks as opposed to getting fit?

The Kronic 2:40 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Incidentally, hiking poles ease the stress on the joints whilst simultaneously giving you a full body workout. You can also pretend you're an Olympic Cross Country Skier.

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