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Steven P 10:57 Thu Nov 8
Fitness Thread 2018/19
I went back a few pages and couldn't see a thread for 2018 (maybe we don't need one!).

Im guessing there are people starting or in the process of their marathon training and people going to start in the gyms in Jan - this used to be a good site to get some good advice so lets see if this thread lasts!

Been off the booze and back in the gym for a month. First Crossfit session this morning at 5.30am. Its a killer but what I don't understand is why all the amateur crossfit people are so out of condition?

Aim is to get fit enough to do one last season of Saturday football next season before my 40th.

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Westham67 8:51 Sun Nov 25
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
If I'm doing dead lift or squats I do the calf ,thigh, hamstrings, adductors and gracilis

The learn the last 2 stretches when I stated Thai boxing

Mace66 8:37 Sun Nov 25
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
tle - I never stretch pre run (muscles are cold) pretty much straight out of bed, kit on and out the door. I do a bit post run though ( muscles are warmed) but not as much as
I should. I’m 52 and have managed to stay injury free with the exception of a
bout of plantar fasciitis a couple years back - podiatrist told me that if there’s one stretch that’s vital for a runner it’s calf stretching to avoid PF. So I get you on the calf stretches but not necessarily the timing of them

the last eastender 12:15 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
For anyone. Whenever I have calf injuries it's normally early runs that do it.

Westham67 12:13 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
If that for is me I live in Thailand and its 5-30pm here

the last eastender 12:10 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
If you are going to exercise straight after waking up make sure your muscles are stretched and warmed up.
This aplies especially if you are running as you are more likely to pull or tear a muscle especially your calves.

Westham67 11:46 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
40 minutes of free style (no net) badminton in front of our house about 8 our family joining nephews nieces

Had some decent rallies gets the heart going with continuous overhead shots

Mace66 8:41 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
I guess I should get I to the spirit

I’m training for London Marathon which will be my 5th marathon. Early mornings for me as well, get up and get it done, although in the new year there’ll be a few double days to get the mileage up

Westham67 7:38 Sat Nov 24
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Went Thursday and today Having to work harder on the bike to get my BPM up 140 getting fitter and ready for Veterans 7s football in KL early next year

tanman 3:32 Fri Nov 23
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Do my exercise in the morning too. I get up at 6am, out of the door around 6.20 back around 7am to get ready for work. Miles easier than doing it after work but it is harder to do it now when it is dark. In the summer I was doing it over the park and it was lovely.

scott_d 3:24 Fri Nov 23
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Early morning makes allot of sense.

By the end of the day, there are so many things that could have happened which you could use as an excuse for sacking the gym off.

If you get up at 5am and you've got that hour then your only excuse is usually laziness.

Great idea to start off in the morning if you lack motivation.

Westham67 12:03 Thu Nov 22
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
I used to do an early one when I was working in Malaysia 6am

mashed in maryland 7:28 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Been going gym at 5am 4 times a week lately.

Sounds ridiculous at first but it makes a lot of sense. Much less busy, keeps your evenings free, and all you've really gotta do is go to bed an hour earlier.

Also wakes you right up so while all your coworkers are still yawning you've already gone and done something with your morning and full of energy.

If you've got a 24hr gym anywhere near you, it's really worth a try.

Westham67 2:29 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
I go10 30am my time thats 3 30am UK time

scott_d 2:29 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Done some gym work in the past but the only thing that worked for me was running.

Not for everyone and you still have to sort your diet out as eating like a pig won't work whatever exercise you do.

Currently in pre-training for Geneva Marathon in May 2019. 6 days a week plus Cross Country racing until the new year then back onto the road for the proper training phase.

Westham67 2:27 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
10 minutes down the road only an hour

Northern Sold 2:25 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
Dunno how you find the time 67 son... with being on here all day??

Westham67 2:18 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
100 baht a session 1 pound 50

! hour only 30 minutes on a bike getting BPM up
140 or 5 2 minute rounds on a bag

Day 1 Chest all dumb bells Press, Incline press, pec curls, pullover bicep , chin-ups 7 only ,curls

Day 2 bar Squats x 5 sets and. Back, pull down.

Day shoulder all dumb bells, Military press, Lat raise, front raise upright row. Tricep dips

Day 4 only Dead lifts 6 sets

Bulking up a bit 5 8 14 stone 34 waist XXL chest

Steven P 1:29 Wed Nov 21
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
New fad (well the theory isn't new but open a gym specific for it is I guess....) opened near me.

Looks good and im all for people getting out there and doing stuff.

Anyone a member of an Orangetheory gym?


What is Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out. We make it simple to push yourself to be your personal best and give you more. MORE results. MORE confidence. MORE Life. Because you shouldn’t live to exercise. You should exercise to live.

Charoo 4:24 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
madeeasy 186cm -6"1

Gavros 4:17 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
i think he's talking about his BMI>?

madeeasy 4:16 Thu Nov 8
Re: Fitness Thread 2018/19
charoo how tall are you as 15 and a half is a heavy weight if you're 5 ft 8...!

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