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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Queens Fish Bar 5:21 Sun Nov 11
Political Correctness
Lots of people saying PC madness this and that, PC gone mad etc.

Whats your definition of political correctness?

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Peckham 11:20 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Westham67 9:57 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness


Any Old Iron 11:14 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Peckham 10:35 Sun Nov 11

Thank fuck for that, and long may it continue.

And it's why I've stuck with WHO since it began and have avoided KUMB and Mrs Dales diary for years.

Nurse Ratched 7:09 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
They do a variety. Including nicer stuff. Not just utilitarian stuff for matrons.

lowermarshhammer 2:47 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Nurse Ratched 0954

I am fairly shocked that :-

a) you are still in the market for 'silly little knickers' - good for you if you are

b) you consider M&S for the purchase of said items, I believed M&S generally specialised in big momma bloomers and the procurement of slk's was best undertaken in more specialised stores.

Golden Oldie 2:42 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
There was a German bloke who spoke about this at length, he tried to stop all this but alas the crown of zion had other plans for the goy.


arsene york-hunt 2:31 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Golden Oldie 1:41 Thu Nov 22

Oh, and who do YOU think is doing it?

Golden Oldie 1:41 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism by it's own rules and definition

However I don't think it's the muslims that are trying to turn our men into queers and trannie perverts and women into either lesbians or soulless whores

Mike Oxsaw 10:23 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
I've got no time for these "MY priorities MUST be your priorities" types.

And I agree with you 100% on the stewardesses bit.

If I make my choice of airline based on the quality of tottie serving me, that's MY choice and MY choice alone. FUCK what anybody else thinks I should be making MY choice on.

If an airline packs it's cabin staff with trolls & gremlins, that, too, is it's choice and I've absolutely no issue with them doing so. Just don't expect, on the back of that decision, any of MY money to end up in THEIR bank account any time soon.

What YOU do with YOUR money is YOUR affair. I've no time, let alone any inclination to give it a second thought.

Sydney_Iron 10:12 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
I caused a bit of rage and got some grief from a few PC types, threat of a ban and my post was deleted recently on a Forum here in Australia, were someone had asked about which airline was best to fly to Europe with.

All I did was post that the Asian Airlines were far better due to the quality of Air stewardess on show, unlike most UK/European carriers who often had well over the hill, fat grumpy old bags, they were more often than not in there 20,s good looking and service orientated.

Not only did I get grief and people offended for what they believed to be sexist and insulting comments but also the fact I called them Stewardess’s rather than flight attendants!

I felt quite pleased with myself…….

Westham67 9:57 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Mxndarines are banned from Marks & Sparks food

Westham67 9:55 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Y fronts and a vest might appease the PC posse

Nurse Ratched 9:54 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
To be fair, if I go into M&S clothing dept the first thing I make a beeline for is the silly little knickers and bras. It's what they're known for. What's the problem?

Sven Roeder 9:20 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
They have contacted M&S and requested a response
Its done via social media so other people see it
M&S can respond in their own good time and believe they HAVE responded
And said that in another part of the campaign David Gandy is washing up in a M&S suit so its all ok

Mike Oxsaw 9:08 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
Sven Roeder 8:55 Thu Nov 22

Can't they then wait for M&S to investigate then respond? Do they expect M&S to drop absolutely EVERYTHING they do to give 100% attention to this matter?

That's the mindset of some uneducated peasant from the 3rd world - and I can say that because that's who I've been working with for the last 18 months. Basically, Caucasians on the project "get it" - that what is "top priority" important to them is not necessarily "top priority" important to me - or the project.

The others bowl up to my desk with their problem and expect me to drop whatever it is I'm doing and solve their problem "this very instant" otherwise they "can't complete their assigned task". I've got through to abut 20% of the people - in 18 months. It's cultural and deeply entrenched.

Even if I repeatedly explain to them there are other, more pressing tasks to which I have to attend, and why this is so, their eyes glaze over and they just say "Yeah. but THIS is IMPORTANT!".

THAT is exactly how these professional offence takers think. Like uneducated 3rd world (yes, I KNOW) peasants.

Sven Roeder 8:55 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
I understood the organisations/people complaining HAVE contacted M&S through social media and the papers/tv have reported it

You could say … if you don't like reading about people complaining tell the newspaper. Or read something else

ps The window display DOES look like its been parachuted in from 1985
You'd think a company like M&S would be a bit less tone deaf in the current world

Mike Oxsaw 8:37 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
It really is "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!"

If you don't like some aspect that a business projects then simply don't use them. If walking past THEIR shop display offends you, either don't look or find another way to get where you want.

If that particular shop display STOPS you fro using OTHER shops, tell THEM, don't tell US.

Where the fuck did people get the notion that if they think something might offend (somebody else), then we should ALL be offended by it?

Westham67 3:51 Thu Nov 22
Re: Political Correctness
I'm not shouting the caps is from the headline



stepney hammer 9:27 Mon Nov 12
Re: Political Correctness
See a lot of it in TV ads. The majority of adverts nowadays that are presenting a family for instance generally have a white parent, black parent and two mixed race children, one a boy and the other a girl.

If the advert calls for the dad to be stupid, thoughtless or cowardly in some way, the male will be white. If the advert requires the dad to be helpful, intelligent or heroic, the male will be derived from an ethnic minority group.

Away from family based ads you also get the guff from Nationwide or Smirnoff's 'Labels are for bottles' cringe fest featuring a whole myriad of weirdos, attention seekers and deviants presented as something to be 'celebrated.'

yngwies Cat 9:07 Mon Nov 12
Re: Political Correctness
*Opens thread and raises jazz hannds*

goose 1:29 Mon Nov 12
Re: Political Correctness
there was an advert on the radio this morning and the basic idea is that a guy is watching his kid play football and its cold so he puts the heating on in his home using his phone.

problem is they make a point of him watching his daughter play football. you just know they were shit scared of having him watch his son play football in case they were accused of sexism.

BRANDED 1:23 Mon Nov 12
Re: Political Correctness
Its my favourite bit of fun in the USA to ask women where the toilet or the shitter is and to watch them squirm.

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