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Coffee 8:48 Sat Dec 1
George HW Bush dies
Whatever you may have thought of him, compare him to the current incumbent.

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Westham67 7:35 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies
Claret Badger 2:22 Mon Dec 3

Second paragraph.Looking from the perspective of the Cold War. The Soviet Union were tying to get their own satellite countries in the vicinity of the of the US Central America and the US opposed that by backing the right wing Juntas. If the Soviets had won maybe there would have been an even bigger influx of refugees into the US like Cuba for example

Depleted uranium bullets are harder like armour piercing and kill more civilians and foes is that worse than killing civilians by bombing. ?

The 1st Gulf War was UN backed. I don't see how the money spent on the War is comparable with people who unfortunately have HIV. Liberating a country and millions of people is a bit different to maybe 10, 000 people with HIV

retro 3:07 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies
Scherff/Bush was brought to the US under Operation Paperclip with the other Nazis and assumed the name Bush.

He was born in Germany making him ineligable to ever be president.

gph 2:21 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies
That raises more questions than it gives answers.

Who was George's Mum, Josef or Martin?

For a start.

Westham67 2:17 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies

Nurse Ratched 12:51 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies

retro 12:50 Tue Dec 4
Re: George HW Bush dies
Bush whose name was Scherff with Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann and real parents.


The kids he later had sex with and killed were called 'Bush Babies'

and the world honours these evil fuckwits

MikeHammer 6:36 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
As ever ... odd Tweet from Trump “looking forward to spending time with the Bush family” ! Odd way to show respect ahead of a funeral !

Claret Badger 5:30 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
Northern Sold 4:28 Mon Dec 3

Bill Hicks nailed it with his "Wimp President" tirade


Northern Sold 4:28 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
`A war-mongerer`.

We talking about the 1990 Kuwait invasion?? I thought ol' Thatch' was behind it with taunting Bush about `Not going all wobbly'....

I thought and still think he was a decent President... the major problem he had was when he said he would not raise taxes... and he ended up doing just that... you will never win a election after that...

C&P on Beeb obituary sums him up for me...

As president, he proved himself an efficient chief executive - more of a manager than inspiring leader. His public image suffered because of his Ivy League background and many voters saw him as lacking a common touch.
His foreign policy was successful in the handling of the invasion of Kuwait and the fall of communism. His domestic agenda will be less well applauded - with critics complaining he came across as a somewhat confused president with a shaky grasp of economics.
And personally, George Herbert Walker Bush will be remembered as, essentially, a cultured family man, uncomfortable with the rough and tumble of politics.
"Because you run against each other that doesn't mean you're enemies," he once said. "Politics doesn't have to be uncivil and nasty."

twoleftfeet 4:14 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
Nathan Leigh is the type of male I detest these days, he so wants to be PC.

Fuck off.

BRANDED 3:58 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies

Claret Badger 2:22 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies

Russ of the BML 3:38 Mon Dec 3
George HW Bush dies
Basically a war criminal. A war-mongerer. Used the company that his son was heavily linked to provide arms to the US for the Gulf War. A true American Hero.

Isn't it unreal how the world has changed. In the States Bush Senior will probably be given a heroes send off. Yet Trump says some nasty stuff and isn't PCN yet he is hated.


arsegrapes 3:18 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
I expect he will bump into Saddam Hussein up there, what goes around....

Claret Badger 2:22 Mon Dec 3
Re: George HW Bush dies
This obituary by my friend Nathan Leigh in response to the canonization of Bush Snr.

George Herbert Walker Bush's father, Prescott Bush worked to finance Hitler's rise to power as part of his work with the firm Brown Brothers Harriman. His company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Bush's mother's family, the Walker family from whom he took his middle name, ran a successful slave trading business.

During his long career in politics, Bush helped finance the rise of authoritarian dictators in Central and South America, setting the stage for the political violence that continues to drive South Americans north. In his business dealings, he helped fund the Bin Laden family in the 80's in support of their outspoken opposition and military resistance to Russian interference in Afghanistan. During the first Gulf War, Bush allowed the use of depleted uranium weapons, drastically increasing civilian casualties. Bush spent a billion dollars per day on the Gulf War while at the same time saying the government had no further funds for HIV relief.

Though Bush's PEPFAR initiative is rightly praised for its role in eventually curbing the AIDS epidemic, Bush spent a decade in positions of significant power before taking any action on AIDS / HIV. During which time, 156,143 people died. Act Up organizer Jay Blotcher noted in response to a 1991 protest that Bush "expressed more compassion for the merchants whose holiday weekend business we had disrupted."

In 1989, he oversaw the creation of The Office of National Drug Control Policy. The office of the so-called "drug czar" oversaw the War on Drugs which led to the incarceration of millions of Americans, disproportionately black and brown, for non-violent offenses. In a September 5th speech, Bush laid out the "zero tolerance" policies calling for more jails, more prisons, more courts and more prosecutors.

Bush had a long history of groping young women during photo ops. Most notably, a friend of mine, actress Heather Lind, to whom he tepidly apologized in 2017 through a spokesperson, saying "he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind."

He is survived by his children, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy and George W. Bush, a war criminal. But he was well-spoken, and other than his disregard for human life, seemed like a nice enough guy.

ironsofcanada 6:27 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
My progressive friends used to hate him but after his son and Trump, they don't consider him that bad.

Funny how circumstances and time changes perspective.

Westham67 6:01 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
So you think I was being serious. I have No idea about monkey proteins ?

gph 4:19 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
67, I think you've got your timings wrong.

Our ancestors 200 millennia ago were certainly all in the genus Homo, and may (partially dependent on whether you accept species between erectus and sapiens, and partly on the errors caused by an incomplete fossil record and incomplete understanding of our own DNA) have been already mostly sapiens.

Monkeys emerged as a primate group much earlier.

The Monkees, despite appearances, emerged as a pop group much later...

Northern Sold 1:19 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
Top man was G HW B.... war hero to boot... flew an incredible number of missions off the US flat tops... named his plane Barbara

Westham67 3:04 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
gph I was referring to the forming of the first monkey proteins 200 odd millennia ago

HairyHammer 2:55 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies
David Icke wrote about Lizard people and he made old Bush one of the leaders of the gang, I have to admit I never liked him he was slippery and sly and the Iraq war and sanctions killed many thousands of innocent people .

For me he was one of the rulers who was never with the people only the system.

zebthecat 2:03 Sun Dec 2
Re: George HW Bush dies

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