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TIME 9:40 Sat Dec 1
Jingle bells

When the third goal goe's in...'and now there singing jingle bells' made me laugh...

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Bouncing Ludo 2:57 Mon Dec 3
Re: Jingle bells
2:33 That bloke over his right shoulder has got some rosy cheeks !

bruuuno 11:34 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells

Mike Oxsaw 11:28 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells
I tend to agree - at least 7 days too early for Jingle Bells. Not heard Slade, yet.

Jim C 11:16 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells
Did anyone else notice that he thought it was shocking?

Syd Puddefoot 10:05 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells
Can anyone honestly say if that guy (or his equivalent) was making his programme during the game sat next to you he would not end up with his phone and selfie stick shoved up his arse. Win lose or draw. Fucking modern generation.

JLAP 9:55 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells
ā€œIā€™m a Newcaslle fan, get me out of heeeeeeere..!!!ā€

*holds on to rope and leans backwards*

cockney hammer 9:51 Sat Dec 1
Re: Jingle bells
does it come with translation or sub titles

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