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Son of Sam 9:22 Tue Dec 4
Pink Floyd :Memories
Today I was listening to Pink Floyd's Wish you were here and it took me back to an idyllic holiday in 1983 in Paros, in t shirt and shorts blemming around the island on a rented Yamaha Enduro 175 with the then love of my life both of completely toked up. What memories do associate with them?

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Bungo 10:14 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
PF are one of many bands I have loved for over 40 years.

Thing is, a lot of them I rarely listen to any more as I've mentally worn their stuff out by listening to it hundreds and maybe thousands of times.

Floyd are different. For some reason I don't get tired of Floyd.

Proper X Factor.

COOL HAND LUKE 9:49 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Incidentally, I lived one street down from Barrett in Cambridge for a good few years. Strange guy, quite reclusive. A mates (RIP Lance) big sister also was the bands secretary in the early days, and was Sid's girlfriend through the formative years (Gaila Pinion).

COOL HAND LUKE 9:45 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Unfortunately / Fortunately (depends where you're looking at it from, then or now), I was totally away with the fairies when I saw the actual band at Knebworth, but I'd say the Oz Pk Flyd are far and away the best tribute / copy band. These were the guys that Gilmour had at his 50th birthday bash; he has said they are 'almost closer to the original than the original' which is some accolade.
They did three 'versions' of Pigs at Ipswich, and the range of the female vocalist on Great Gig put the hairs up on your neck.
Fantastic Sax too... that wonderful sleazy intro on Us & Them off to a tee. At times there were ten people on stage to autheticate the sound. Touring UK at present - blag a ticket if you can possibly - this their '30 years' tour, so they are cherry picking right through the catalogue. Good stuff.

Far Cough 8:42 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Saw them live in the Metrodome, Minneapolis

4ever-blowin-bubbles 8:31 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
saw pink floyd at earls court playing the wall long long time ago with all the effects

Takashi Miike 6:24 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Brit Floyd performing side one of Animals at Red Rocks


Far Cough 6:23 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Everyone likes 'Bike' shirley?

mallard 6:21 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Personally, I don’t think there’s enough decent tracks on DSotM to put it in my top 3 Floyd albums.
Meddle, Animals and Wish you were Here are better in my opinion.
Never fully enjoyed the Syd Barrett stuff with the exception of Relics which contains, a couple of classics, Julia Dream and See Emily play

oioi 6:10 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Saw them at Waltham Forest Technical College in 1969. Ummagumma had just been released. Me & my mate used to help out in the student union office and were given the job of printing the tickets for the gig. Needless to say we printed the 800 we were meant to print and then stayed behind to 'tidy up'. Quickly printed another load and flogged them to mates and on the door for 10 bob each. Spent most of the profit buying rounds at the bar. Happy days!

gph 1:12 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Loads of songs about misbehaving in various ways.

Mack the Knife is obviously responsible for knife crime.

Ban music for a better world.

UNIHAMMERED 1:07 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
I was 14 when DSOTM came out. Everybody I knew had bought it and loved it. I absolutely loathed it, sold it about 3 weeks later. In the meantime I'd put the stickers that came with the record on my acoustic guitar, which I came to regret. Not for long, as a couple of years later my brother nicked my guitar and took it off to Germany with him, where he was stationed. Never saw the guitar again.

weststandboy 12:25 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Relive those memories this very Friday here:


Iron Duke 9:45 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
When I was 15, I sat in a deckchair in the back garden listening to The Wall on my walkman. I fell asleep and got really bad sunburn.

Great band though. I saw Gilmour as a special guest for Bombay Bicycle Club at the last ever gig at Earls Court. They did Wish You Were Here together.

Nurse Ratched 9:36 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories

I don't think anybody who's inclined to take seriously anything a musician says is that bright anyway.

Northern Sold 9:32 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
.....oh and missed out on smokes roll ups

Northern Sold 9:31 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
People who love Pink Floyd think they are well educated....musically.... have long greasy (now bald) hair...have long dirty finger nails... drink pints of double diamond....that's your typical Floyd fan...

Mr Kenzo 8:38 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
Truly Awful Group

fraser 8:16 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
I saw the wall twice in Melbourne, Roger Waters.

Fucking ridiculous thing to say about a song, calling it idiotic because of the lyrics.

Westham67 7:26 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
I read about it but I haven't seen it I''l have look now cheers

Coffee 7:07 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories
If you've got a spare hour, this is a great documentary about Wish You Were Here. There's one poignant moment when the band is working in the studio and some bloke walks in. None of the band recognise him, then realise it's Sid Barrett.


sanfrancis-co-uk 3:47 Wed Dec 5
Re: Pink Floyd :Memories

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