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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

crystal falace 5:16 Thu Dec 6
Team for Palace
Assuming Cress won't be back for this one or he would obviously be starting.

Big decision is who to play alongside Hernandez, does Perez keep his place or do you go for someone more physical or even an extra midfielder?


The General



Adrian, Ogbonna, Obiang, Wilshere, Diang, Perez, Carroll

Think the strength of that bench even with our injuries shows we do have a very decent squad with the likes of Cresswell, Fredericks, Yarmolenko, Lanzini and Arnautovic all to come back in.

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fraser 10:40 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace

That's a good call, I wouldn't mind seeing that. Or even Anderson.

OneAll 9:46 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
you cant play antonio up front with chicha it just wouldn't work id play diangana up there with pea or perez

Westham67 8:10 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
True mate haha

Texas Iron 8:07 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Let's see what Pellegrini does...

He's better than all of us...


Westham67 7:54 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Thats what they play for its like a nut-meg. Anderson did the same. They are professional players do you think they do not train for for those 1 on 1s and then and fuck it up by hitting straight at the keeper on 2 occasions and get lucky ?

Wakey wakey

Texas Iron 7:53 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Surprised at you...a good analyst relying on old stats...15/16...16/17...

Texas Iron 7:50 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Agree with Ronald...
Perez got a bit lucky ...both times he just fired it at the goal...
Carroll is nowhere near the pace...also our game is now based on passing...much fewer crosses...Also Tomkins knows Carroll too well...few surprises...
So it's Antonio...Hernandez to start for me

Westham67 7:48 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Ooohh CAPS

Ronald_antly 7:38 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Based upon what I've seen of the two players, it's Hernandez ALL DAY LONG for me.

Let's compare the respective braces that they got in the last two games.
Both Hernadez goals were struck PAST the keeper.
Both Perez goals were struck STRAIGHT AT the keeper.
That's a measure of the difference in quality, IMCO.

Westham67 7:29 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
We are all Monday morning quarter backs on here Ron I doubt many posters have played the game professionally

I was responding to Tex that Chicharito is more consistent scorer than Perez.

At his best at Deportivo Perez was 1 goal in 2 games 2015/16

Arsenal benched him and then back to Deprotivo on loan

Chicarito had a similar rate a Bayer Leverkusen 2015/16 and 1 in 3 2016/17

Ronald_antly 7:00 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
The first chance (I assume you refer to) was hardly a 'sitter'.
The ball was driven at him, at pace, by Arnautovic, and he didn't have time to adjust his stride to take the ball cleanly.

He took a wrong option on the second one, admittedly, deciding to attempt a near post shot when it simply wasn't on.
He should have feinted that shot, and then slotted to the other side, which was completely open.

But when you're out there on the pitch, it's not always as easy as it is for the 'Monday morning quarterback'.

And anyway, is the measure of a good striker one that NEVER misses a chance?

The starting duo, for me, should be Hernandez and Carroll. Hernandez benefits from being paired with a big, strong partner that can control the ball. In the absence of Arnautovic, Carroll is next in line.
Antonio may be big and strong, but control of the ball is erratic at best. It sometimes looks like he's trying to dribble a rugby ball.

Unfortunately, Pellegrini seems to be leaning towards Carroll on the bench for now.

Westham67 6:23 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace

Westham67 6:10 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Not sure about that Tex Chich 2 sitters against Cardiff

Perez 2 Chances 2 goals. He scored a couple in a League cup game and i though he finished them both cleanly

daveyg 5:59 Sat Dec 8
Re: Team for Palace
Both Silva and Holland didn't play for the U23's last night v Chelsea .
One of them will be on the bench.

violator 6:06 Fri Dec 7
Re: Team for Palace
The Palace centre backs wont like Antonio's power and pace running direct at them, ok he may forget to take the ball with him, but it will ruffle feathers.

Eddie B 5:55 Fri Dec 7
Re: Team for Palace
Let's hope Antonio doesn't have another brain fart in the last minute, like he did last season against these wankers.

Texas Iron 5:46 Fri Dec 7
Re: Team for Palace
Hernandez is consistently a better finisher than Perez...
I'd have him and Antonio to start...
Perez later for Hernandez
Antonio's pace and strength needed vs their CBs...

Eddie B 5:42 Fri Dec 7
Re: Team for Palace
West Ham U23 striker Xande Silva is being considered by Manuel Pellegrini for a call-up to the first team squad for the Hammers' Premier League clash with Crystal Palace on Saturday, football.london understands.

The 21-year-old summer signing has only just returned from a hamstring injury that kept him out for ten weeks, making his first appearance since September last week in a 3-1 win over Blackburn Rovers. Silva joined in training with the first team on Thursday ahead of the meeting with the Eagles.

dealcanvey 12:31 Fri Dec 7
Re: Team for Palace
Dont think Hernandez and Perez together will work. Need someone that can be a bit more robust and put themselves about a bit.

Zabaleta Balbuena Diop Masuaku
Snodgrass Rice obiang anderson
Antonio Perez

Texas Iron 11:50 Thu Dec 6
Re: Team for Palace
On current display...
Tomkins will easily stop Carroll

SUM A DING WONG 11:28 Thu Dec 6
Re: Team for Palace
I think we should start with Hernandez and Perez or Antonio up front.

Hopefully (at the very least), they can give their defence the runaround.

Then bring Carroll on.

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