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WHUDeano 1:19 Tue Dec 11
Racism & Raheem
Apologies for starting a thread that is quite controversial in nature, but I'm interested in other peoples interest in this story.

From my perspective, I'm in my mid 30s, my dad first took me to a game when I was 4yrs old, and I had my first season ticket from when I was 7 (the Billy Bonds promotion season / Forest semi final). I was unaware of the Paul Ince Man Utd shirt incident, but I was present in his first return to Upton Park...I clearly remember the deafening monkey sounds and bananas thrown....I remember being confused intrigued, even amused by it all. Looking back, it was bad, even shocking - to think that something like that could happen in the early 90s shows just how far we have come as a nation...which brings me to my next point....

There's no doubting at all in my mind that when players, pundits and new fans refer to it now being just like the 'bad old days' in terms of racism, they are talking absolutely nonsense. My feelings on this Sterling incident is that some old school blokes shouted out something they thought would annoy Sterling more than anything else. It's wrong of course, but being called a 'black cunt' is in this circumstance is no different to being called a 'fat cunt', 'ginger cunt', dog eating cunt', 'jock cunt', 'sheep shagging cunt', 'yank cunt' etc etc I could go on and on...

The entire issue of Sterling being disliked for England stems from him playing 100% better for his club than his country. John Barnes being interviewed today on ITV about it being a race issue only reminded me of his England career. Even as a child, I can remember that he was generally much more effective for Liverpool than he was for England, anyone who didn't support Liverpool felt a bit let down and got the hump with him being constantly selected.

I just don't believe that racism in 2018 can be compared to the past, this country no longer seems to notice colour - only attitudes, and maybe at times class/culture, but certainly not colour.

What do the great minds of WHO think?

It's been covered here have a read


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Razzle 11:33 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
I remember Scott Minto being called a cunt repeatedly. I dont know him as a person but the "cunt" is you are a poor footballer. I think cunt is just easier to say....

ornchurch ammer 11:32 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Even Scott Minto on his debut was a better left back than Arthur.

Vexed 11:25 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
If you've never seen worse than Masuaku then you've got a short memory.

ornchurch ammer 11:24 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Given the vast number of players of non white race playing now any abuse shouted at players runs the risk of being labelled racist.

We see it now at West Ham. Any abuse and criticism of Creswell is fine but the same comments at Masuaku are because he is black, not because he is quite possibly the worst left back I have seen play forever us.

Vexed 11:20 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Racism is bad and wrong and all that stuff. This is known. But would Sterling be getting such abuse if he wasn't such a little cunt? Of course not. People don't like cunts and they will say anything to get under their skin. Some people cross the line. It just happens that Sterling is a cunt that happens to be black which makes this newsworthy. He could help himself by being less of a cunt.

Compare this to the abuse a cunt like James McClean gets, every bit as bad but not newsworthy because he's a massive honky. You don't get a load of similarly white and Irish people trapping off in the media about the abuse the criminally pasty get do you? Not newsworthy enough.

It's cuntism not racism. The likes of John Barnes should shut his fat mouth about the game today, it's nothing like when he was nicking a living, the overrated cunt.

Professional footballers fucking whining over bad words. Get a grip.

HairyHammer 11:09 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem

I was a lot lighter back then, a man hole could have swallowed me.

southwoodford 11:09 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
there are no mitigating circumstances. The club have the photo evidence and probably more besides, not least the testimony of the player. The club should simply refer what they have to the police and impose a lifetime ban on the individuals involved. That's the only thing that sends a message - nothing less. I would hope that our club would do the same in this situation.

Razzle 11:07 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
is it that when anger gets in the mix we default to tribal tendencies that identify the victim? Black, white, GINGER, FAT, Sexuality.....

Willtell 11:06 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
I agree - good job I'm 6 feet and 14 stone then....

BRANDED 11:03 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem

The only thing worse than a fat cunt is an ex pat French fat cunt.

Crassus 11:00 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Gingers smell of piss - well known fact

Crassus 11:00 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem

Fuck me, would have needed to be a big hole

Willtell 10:59 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Isn't that fatist though BRANDED? Generalisms of all kinds are toxic unless said in jest....sorry all you green eyed, red haired evil bastards...

BRANDED 10:46 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Just fat cunts.
Fat cunts are thick, useless, incompetant, weak willed, bitter and jealous of us fit slim people.

HairyHammer 10:44 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
I was once in a pub/club in East London and there were several West ham mates ribbing each other when one of the white ones turned to a black in my opinion quarter black mixed race gentleman and shouted at the top of his voice "you Faccking black bastard", when I am kidding you not Frank Bruno was one meter behind them just entering the place, the atmosphere which was jovial went slightly dead this was in 2003-5 now they were mates and the mixed race bloke did not give a shit he was laughing about it, but I swear If the ground could have swallowed me I would happily have disappeared for a bit, and it had fuck all to do with me.

Willtell 10:40 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Green eyes and red hair are evil - no doubts about that...

The Kronic 10:36 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
And it's a universal fact that all gingers are inherently bad. Even evil. No offence to my niece.

HairyHammer 10:34 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem

What about just cunts or would that be difficult for you?.

Nagel 10:33 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
This thing of being called a 'black cunt' being no different to being called a 'fat cunt', 'ginger cunt' etc. is why it is actually racist and not just descriptive as some like to pretend. It's basically saying that being black is something intrinsically bad, just as being fat, ginger or a sheep shagger is.

The Kronic 10:31 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
Northern Sold 2:46

Definitely this. The NF and its ilk didn't get a sniff in comparison to Chelsea etc.

BRANDED 10:27 Tue Dec 11
Re: Racism & Raheem
No white player has ever played better for their club than England. FACT.

Racism is essentially having a superior attitude over other races or diminishing other races by words or actions. Due to laws and rules this is now done either subtly or annonamously or but complete knuckleheads.

However, I do think that the same kinds of behaviours exist with other minorities or weak people or women or famous people or politicians or anyone who sticks their head above the parapet. Death threats or threats of rape are common place now. Or threats against family. Associating the actions of a few individuals is associated with entire races or religious groups for no other reason than that one thing that can easily identify them.

Like I said on tbe other thread. I think fat cunts should be singled out for the maximum vile abuse.

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