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Sarge 11:09 Sun Dec 16
Going away
How much more fun is it to go away?

Yesterday was my first for a few years - took sarge jr. Was in the neutral bit but that was nearly all us and everything was so positive.

Non stop singing.
A much more varied play list
None of the hand clapping bollocks that seems to be our favourite at home
Being 30 rows back be still really close to the pitch

Got Southampton tickets in the ballot. Can't wait


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boltkunt 6:35 Tue Dec 18
Re: Going away
Was really hoping this was going to be ANOTHER WHOicide.

Lato 8:04 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
Reading this thread has made me realise I havent been to an away game for over SIX YEARS! Norwich September 2012

B.ferguson1980 7:36 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
Enjoyed the away games when we were playing in the Championship last time.

mashed in maryland 3:45 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
Tuesday nights in the pissing rain and freezing cold in shitholes like Burnley and Coventry are what make a football fan.

SDKFZ 222 3:03 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
It’s always lots of fun going away, especially when on an unbeaten run and when feeling invincible. However, it’s less so when on a losing streak or when being thrashed 5-0 on a cold Wednesday night in January up at Newcastle.

The past couple of seasons have been problematic with regard to the ‘points’ system, especially now with reduced away prices and more season ticket holders wanting to go away, but I still manage to go to about 3/4’s of the away games. I had to miss Fulham at the weekend because of this, but I have tickets for Southampton and Burnley during Christmas week, so all is well.

Northern Sold 2:46 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
No one used to sit in the home end either where I was.... that was the BML and the CR... don't know what the Cesspit is like now for standing /Non standing... and to be honest I'm not fussed

VirginiaHam 2:16 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
Northern Sold 12:07 Mon Dec 17

Americans arrive to watch their children play with armchairs, coolers and other massive quantities of shit. I tried sitting once (not in an armchair) and it was impossible.

No-one sits in the away end.

Northern Sold 12:07 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
`All were brilliant fun......persistant standing. haha`.

I don't think I ever sat down in the vast... vast majority of the games either at Upton Park or away.... football ain't for sitting

Pub Bigot 12:03 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
I've not been away this season as I can't afford to at the moment, but next season I'll have more capacity and I may try my luck with an away season ticket.

BetterthanKaka 10:24 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
Saturday was absolutely superb, atmosphere in the second half was top drawer

VirginiaHam 3:59 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
The lad and I have been to 3 away games in the last 2 seasons; Southampton, Brighton and Arsenal.

All were brilliant fun......persistant standing. haha.

jfk 2:45 Mon Dec 17
Re: Going away
I'm 51,going away years ago always had an edge to it being West Ham.
Myself and a good few from Ronford/Dagenham travelled to loads of away games which started when we were 13/14sh (home games early secondary school 11 year olds )gave us a huge sence of pride knowing we were untouchable. Had a half tidy side at times too back then.
The games changed beyond Recognition to the old days that have long gone. Our support remains as good as there is regardless of at times perilous league status.
I've always admired us lots ability to take the piss out of ourselves a bit which sets apart.
West Ham are my team and my kids and thier forefathers I wouldn't have it any other way.

mallard 7:46 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
Don’t go to many, but far better than home games, especially at the Cess-hole

charleyfarley 5:40 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
Difference is the passion, nobody on their phones no early leavers
no prawn sandwichers

jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to see west ham win away
Liverpool, Newcastle, Huddersfield all good days out

Gavros 4:10 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
I thought this was going to be another suicidal thread.

*stands down*

RM10 4:09 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
You lot sound like newbies, always better away especially when you are winning....

OccupyGreenStreet 3:21 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
Was a very good away day yesterday despite the conditions. Noisy support and everyone up for it and in a positive mood.

BRANDED 2:43 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
Going away is MUCH more fun than home.

w4hammer 2:40 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
non stop singing yesterday- was fucking brilliant

Crassus 2:18 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away

When I saw the 'Going Away' title. I opened it expecting to hear tales of capture and impending porridge

But on the matter in hand, yes, cant beat it, rather go away than home

Admiral Lard 2:15 Sun Dec 16
Re: Going away
I'm right with you Sarge... I get to one or two away games a year.
With club membership it nigh impossible to get a London away game so made do with brilliant away days at Newcastle (4,500) Sunderland, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Wigan, Burnley and Portsmouth to name a few.

Hope you have a great day on the south coast mate!

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