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Peckham 7:29 Fri Dec 21
Stepney E1
When visit old dear in Queens Romford love seeing all and sundry in claret and blue. Being raised Old Kent Road around the Pikeys I'd stick out like a sore thumb.

Been Stepney for a week , heart of East End and haven't seen one claret and blue flag or car freshener with crossed hammers.

Any East Londoners please can you tell me the best most lively gaff to watch West Ham games in the Stepney area? Ideally a pub with proper supporters and good vibes.

Thanks in advance.


5 out of 5 wins , got no doubt on this one.

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Peckham 10:02 Thu Dec 27
Re: Stepney E1
The Little Driver. Perfect. My new winter local. Hasn't been gastrofied or gentrified. Good screens and cheap Jack Daniels..
Thanks Gavsir and all.

Stepney.Ammer 3:35 Sun Dec 23
Re: Stepney E1
The Peacock was my local when I lived in Stepney. Occasionally still pop in there when I go back to the area, although the last time was good 3-4 years ago now. Glad to hear reading this thread that it’s still going.

The prefab I grew up in until I was 8 literally sat behind the jug house...that used to get proper lively outside there on a weekend, for sure.

As mentioned already, the Bangladeshi influx into the area and migration away of the Englishman over the 35 odd years is why it has gone from a boozer on every corner to the last handful that there are now.

Peckham 4:43 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
No gutted. LD doesn't show Saturday games they say. Can't get hold of Bow Bells number . And missed a whomail of a ticket. Triple gutter.
But a win will make things all good.

factory seconds 12:18 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
will LD have it if its not on sky/BT?

Peckham 6:57 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Know the snooker club well Chevy. 24 hours used to be . I worked for the owners, they had pretty much a 24 hour snooker and pool hall in each borough. Own the Scala and Kings cross one. Packed with Chinese gambling away at King's X. Stepney Jesus . When used to visit there , I always expected to come out to see my car on bricks or Windows smashed by the loitering gangs. Thank fuck they sold it,the club .
The Streets Mike Skinner , filmed one of his videos there .
Back in the day the club's were called new world snooker . They've changed to hurricane rooms now. Shame my mate was only 44 and the Director of all the club's and Scala and died leaving wife and 4 kids. He was far from a club nightlife hustler. Had headaches went Docter ended up with brain tumuours and died within 3 weeks.Proper family man who genuinely loved his snooker. We set up Lazerdrone Innersense Peckham with the same mob who cleaned up and took over all the snooker halls . Good days. But dodgy. Teaching is a lot safer.
Every one of those 24 hour snooker clubs has some stories and some characters. Wandsworth a terrible murder. Tooting a proper little battle booting out the rudeboy locals and keeping the Asian gangs locked out.
We ,well ,the firm wanted to bring back snooker to snooker lovers, old school gents and families , and pool in safe environments. Bring the run down places up to date and a nice place for people to spend longer and socialise q community place. This wasn't possible with how run down and how they were so controlled by little plastic gangsters.
Kings Cross 24 hour I helped with the refurb. Always handy if up town and want one more drink and chill out. Or a bit of poker. Membership is hardly anything and it's clean and safe and cheap. Obviously not a place to take the Mrs. More of place with old school prices , have a flutter and gamble and one more drink on the way home at any hour.
If in London and need or after a 24 hour drink or pool. Tooting hurricane rooms and East Acton rooms are nice places now.

I'll tòss a coin for driver or bow bells. Just want the noisiest atmosphere which is proper unusual for me as prefer to concentrate on the game in peace when on TV. But 9 years haven't experienced a pub game in the UK. Hence asking you WHO.

lincslink 1:13 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
The Duchess I used loads of times early doors before Saturday games, decent crowd Friday nights and real local characters Sunday Lunch. Kingy and his Mrs always blurry eyed Saturday mornings.

JAC 12:34 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Welcome to third world East London....its a shithole however you try to dress it up.

charleyfarley 12:22 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
The Black Boy Stepney, when i used to go in there Anita Dobbs (Angie eastenders) was the barmaid

Dwight Van Mann 12:20 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Little driver is much better than the bells

chevy chase 12:17 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Grew up in Senrab St. peacock was the closest pub and is still going. There were so many. Uncle owned the Mercers. Duchess was a good one but sadly gone. If anyone remembers stepney snooker club it was on a tiny pebble side road behind st dunstans church but you had 2 pubs opposite each other. Colet arms, prince regent etc etc.

Gavros 12:10 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Oh and mate, Little Driver is much better than the BoW Bells. Much cheaper as well.

Gavros 12:09 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
"Wonder what happened to that proper fruit loop the black Duchess. Pure nuttiness"

Last thing i heard someone on my street took her to court and rinsed her.

Hermit Road 12:07 Sat Dec 22
Re: Stepney E1
Stepney is for middle class millennials and Bangladeshis.

Peckham 10:44 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
Bow Bells it is. Can't get more East End than that.
Unless Normans reading and I'll be in the Little Driver.
Thank you fellas.
The Duchess comment made me smile.
Don Gavros , that jumper and the Duchess shenanigans will haunt you forever.
Wonder what happened to that proper fruit loop the black Duchess. Pure nuttiness.


Enjoy and embrace the stadium if you are going. There's fuck all else you can do but embrace it and get behind the team like the away claret and blue do.

stepney hammer 10:44 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
The Peacock was my local when I lived round there, still pop in occasionally when I'm in the area. Nice pub.

As others have said it's one of only a few pubs that still remain. Not much call for them in the Bangladeshi community it would seem.

wanstead_hammer 10:05 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
Oh and by the way, the Black Boy is now a chicken shop and the Globe is a Ladbrokes.

wanstead_hammer 9:20 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
You'll be lucky nowadays.
As already said , you'd be better off in the little driver/bow bells.
(though the Wentworth Arms, behind Mile End stn is still proper West Ham. Prob show the games).

o1bb - Duchess is flats now. Surprise surprise. Think he got 3 and half mil for it.

FC - used to get me nans bottles of guiness in there. (Was it jimmy Walker?who had it).
Loads of family lived in flats next to it. (It was like the Waltons!)

Good to hear all the boozers mentioned. Our pub was the Astric Lodge (Ace of Hearts/Ship on the green).

There were untold pubs round there.
2 of the favourites were The Black Boy and the Old Globe. (used to live behind the globe and knocked about with 2 of the brothers).

Gavros 8:50 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
Yeah Fridays and Saturday nights. Three piece if I recall

lincslink 8:40 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
I sometimes stop over in Stepney and drink in the Peacock as it is just around the corner from me Aunties house. I would do as the others have said Little Driver or Bow Bells.

OccupyGreenStreet 8:38 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
Been in the Palm a few years back, didn’t know about the jazz - ta!

Gavros 8:06 Fri Dec 21
Re: Stepney E1
Very nice THAI in Bow Wharf.

If you like a bit of live jazz, go to the Palm on the canal there.

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